Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hidden Secrets ~ Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You! by Jannine Gallant

NOVEMBER 27TH is a big day--for me, anyway. HIDDEN SECRETS releases! This is the final book in my Siren Cove series and the last chance to see one of my books on the shelves of bookstores across the country. And in Walmart! Maybe sometime in the future I'll get another mass market contract. Maybe not. Just in case this is it, I'm hoping all of you will take a photo in a store with my book (yes, I want to see you in the picture, too). After the big day, I'll put something up on Facebook where you can post them. I mean, you'll be out there Christmas shopping, anyway, right? So mosey over to the romance books, find my baby, and snap a picture. There just may be a prize in it for you! And if you want to buy the book while you're there, even better. LOL

HIDDEN SECRETS is actually getting nothing but great reviews (knock on wood) on NetGalley. Since I've had some bad experiences with trolls there, this is pretty remarkable. Or maybe my book is just that wonderful! (I'm joking! Sort of...) Here's one I particularly liked from Kim V.

"You know it's coming, there's nothing you can do about it though. Yelling at the book doesn't help either. Ugh! Hidden Secrets, is such a great book. Many suspects kept me guessing."

That's the kind of visceral response you want from a reader! Here's a short excerpt from my villain's point of view, so you can see what got the reviewer so worked up.

With the wind flapping the tarp, he spread the square of plastic out beside the dead woman and rolled her body into the center. Long, brown hair tangled across her face, which was as white as her dress had once been. Now, the clinging material was caked with damp sand and stained a dark red.
This time, he’d used a knife to slice across the throat. He wasn’t particular about his weapons. Any sharp object that would get the job done, or a blunt one for that matter, was acceptable. Whatever was handy. The satisfaction came in watching the life force fade away, not in the method he used.
A psychiatrist would probably have a field day analyzing him.
He rolled up the bundle and secured it with a rope, then hauled away more of the sand that had been stained beneath her body. It was pushing seven before he finally finished. Gathering up the cleaning materials, shovel, and buckets, he shoved them in his pack with the flashlight and took a long look around. Nothing but pristine beach for as far as he could see. Except for the bulky package. After shrugging on the pack, he heaved the tarp-wrapped body over his shoulder and thanked God she was light. He’d ditch the last of the evidence somewhere a rushing creek wouldn’t expose bare bones in the future. He was too smart to make the same mistake twice.
In an hour, the job would be finished . . . until the next time.

If you're wondering what happened to the romance in this book, don't worry. There's a really sweet friends to lovers trope that plays out over the course of the book. In fact, here's a sample.

Why the hell did he kiss me?
After quietly closing the door behind her, she leaned against it and simply breathed. The kiss was no big deal. A spur of the moment impulse. It wasn’t like a single random kiss—even if it involved tongue—was going to ruin their friendship and make things awkward between them.
Was it?
She stripped off her clothes and dropped them into the hamper, then put on a pair of soft cotton shorts and a tank top, along with her fleece robe. She’d scurried into the bathroom and was scrubbing the enamel off her teeth when a knock sounded on the door.
“What?” she yelled through a mouthful of toothpaste.
“Are you okay?”
She spat in the sink. “Of course.”
“Can I come in?”
She thought about it for a moment. “Sure. Join the party.”
He pushed open the door and gave her a cautious smile. “You left abruptly.”
“You were on the phone.” Maybe if she didn’t mention the kiss that had rocked her world, he wouldn’t either.
“It was Blaze. That woman doesn’t give up. She wants to come down here.”
“And?” Paige rinsed out her mouth.
“What do you mean, and? I told her no way. I tried to be nice . . .”
“Maybe that’s the problem. Nice is overrated.”
“So, I shouldn’t be nice and apologize for losing my mind and kissing you?”
There it is. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone.
She decided to go for the direct approach. “Why did you?”
“You literally fell in my lap. Gut reflex when confronted with soft lips and even softer curves. I’m only human, and you were sitting on my—”
“Stop!” She held up a hand. “I’m taking my soft everything and going to bed. Feel free to shower. Cold is to the right.”
He laid a hand on her arm as she brushed past. “It was an excellent kiss.”
“I do most things well. Good night, Quentin.”
“Night, Paige.”
Minutes later, she lay in bed, not even close to sleep, while the water ran in the bathroom. Maybe he was taking a cold shower. Maybe the kiss had been all about hormones and the fact that Quentin currently wasn’t getting any.
They’d been friends their entire lives. Best friends. She didn’t want to screw that up with sex. Knowing Quentin’s track record in excruciating detail, a romantic relationship between them wouldn’t last since he obviously didn’t want anything long term. She wouldn’t let herself even think about the possibility. Instead, they would go back to what they’d always cherished. Friendship, pure and simple.
And maybe a little lonely.

Hopefully, you're intrigued by now. If you want the digital version instead of waiting for that trip to your local Barnes & Noble or Walmart, pre-order your copy on Amazon. We'll be deep into the first of our Christmas stories on release day (that's Nov. 27th folks!), and I hope you'll all join us for a month of terrific free reads. Visit my WEBSITE for future updates on my writing career, or follow me on Facebook. Happy reading!


remullins said...

I will certainly keep an eye out for your book. It sounds awesome. I hope the murderer ends up the same way as his victims.

Not to one up you here but 11/27 is going to be a big day for me too. I've two 5 month female kittens and an 8 month male pup that are all going to the vet to be spayed and neutered. :)

Rolynn Anderson said...

Yay, you on the Net Galley reviews! I've heard horror stories. I'm looking forward to reading the ARC, Jannine. I've just finished Lost Innocence and will post a review of it today. Happy release day!

Jannine Gallant said...

Robin, it sounds like a bigger day for the kittens and pup than for you! LOL Yep, keep your eye out for HS. I'd love to know which stores carry it.

Jannine Gallant said...

Rolynn, you're awesome! Thank you! I'll put the ARC in the mail on Monday.

Alison Henderson said...

I'm really looking forward to reading this, even more so knowing you're winning over those tough NetGalley reviewers. I'm afraid I can't go to a bookstore for a selfie with it, since we don't have a Barnes & Noble for 75 miles. (Sorry, I love you, but I'm not driving to San Jose for a photo, lol.) I hope this one is a bang-up success that sends your publisher into a funk of regret for not signing the next series.

Jannine Gallant said...

I'll forgive you for not driving 75 miles, Alison. I have to figure having it in bookstores during Christmas shopping season will be a big benefit. I guess we'll see!

Margo Hoornstra said...

Yep. I definitely agree with Alison. This Cove series just keeps getting better and better. Eat your heart know who. I’ll be on the lookout for this one too. Not sure I can get myself in the picture, but, as always, will send you one of the book and its surrounding neighbors. Maybe a prize huh? Something you’ve baked yourself? (Sometimes I really crack myself up ;0

Jannine Gallant said...

You can get in the picture and make Ron take it, Margo! I could bake something...

Leah St. James said...

Congratulations, Jannine! Can't wait to check it out at my local Walmart...okay, that's a lie, but to see your book on an actual shelf, I will! :-) I of course have already pre-ordered my Kindle copy. Maybe I'll wait a few days after release so I can read it, then go flag down shoppers to tell them how great it is! :-)

Jannine Gallant said...

Ha! That would be awesome, Leah. My mom did that in her Walmart (with my last book) when a lady was standing in the book aisle.