Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poems Come From Life by JoAnne Myers

Please welcome today's guest to The Roses of Prose, JoAnne Myers.

Thank you for having me. My newly released poetry collection, "Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between" is a poetry collection that provides a glimpse into my heart, mind and soul. The book is a heartwarming read, written with love and respect for others. Some poems were written in times of sorrow, while other poems were written in times of joyous celebration. Life is like that.

Here are two poems from my book.

I was afraid to grow up.
Afraid of life.
I worried myself to death.
It was hard to breathe.
Like a fish out of water.
Like having asthma.
High school was hell-crazy wild.
My only plan.
Just get up and go.
Cant be like mom.
She always had a plan.
Living her life without any man.
Cant think that far.
Felt out of place.
Like dust floating in space.
Scared out of my mind.
Of what I might or might not find.
Cant hack relationships.
More drama.
Why waste the time.
Still confused, but still craving knowledge.
I need to do what I want-for myself.
Even if its just me who cares.
Even if no ones there.
It was a long hard road.
To get my act together.
All bad choices, solely I sowed.
Working for nickels and dimes.
Like a newborn.
Taking one step at a time.

A new wife and mother.
Scared of life.
Scared to grow up.
Worry myself sick.
Never thought of a plan.
Didn't want to be like the others.
Living my life according to my mother.
My life seemed over, before it began.
Cant think or feel.
Cant plan ahead.
Like a foolish child wanting to be a woman.
Some days to hard, just cant deal.
To confused to understand.
That growing up comes with demands.
Married badly, blamed myself.
Got out fast, and never looked back.
I covered myself in chaos.
All out of faith, money, and time.
Need to step back and take deep breaths,
and take one step at a time.
I cornered myself in chaos,
in false love, self loathing and lies.
Writing my future off as a loss.
Nothing left but sorrow, despair and good-byes.
Feeling helpless, lost and alone,
I felt I could accomplish nothing on my own.
I retreated to a place called the dark.
To contemplate my choices,
before my life’s journey embarked.
My only failures were the ones I created.
My bad choices were thorns all around.
It took years to find happiness and evolve.
My will to succeed is my solid ground.

About JoAnne:
I hail from the famous Hocking Hills region of southeastern Ohio. I have worked in the blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my belt, I also canvass paint. 

When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dogs Jasmine and Scooter, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member of the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. I believe in family values and following your dreams.

“Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between,” is available at

My upcoming novels from Melange Books are:
“MURDER MOST FOUL,” a crime/detective book due out July 2013
"WICKED INTENTIONS" a paranormal/mystery anthology due out September 2013
"LOVES', MYTHS' AND MONSTERS'," a fantasy anthology due out January 2014
“FLAGITIOUS,” a crime and paranormal novella collection
Other books soon available:
"THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY," a biography true-crime
"TWISTED LOVE," a true-crime anthology

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


By Diane Burton

The problem with being the blogger at the end of the month is that the posters who have gone before have taken all the good stuff. <g> Since this month’s theme(s) have all begun with the letter F, I wracked my brain trying to come up with something new, different, but appropriate. Then it hit me. The reason for this blogsite: fellowship.

I tend to view the word fellowship in connection with church membership. But when I checked the definition, fellowship also refers to a community of interest. One of its synonyms is camaraderie. And that’s what I’ve found in writers’ groups. We come from all over the world. We are of different social, marital, and economic status. We’re young, middle-aged, retired. (Notice, I didn't say old.)  Despite our differences, we have a common interest—writing. And that draws us together.

Writing is a solitary occupation. Yet, as humans, we crave interaction with others. We may closet ourselves when the writing is flowing or when we're on deadline and only come out of our caves for food, drink, or potty breaks. Think of the scene in Romancing the Stone after Joan Wilder types “The End” and goes looking for a tissue only to find sticky notes everywhere reminding her to buy tissues and t.p. Yep, that’s what it’s like.

When we emerge from our caves (aka office, converted bedroom, basement), we desperately need to talk to someone. Our spouses/children/BFFs, as supportive as they are, do not get our thrill of a great day’s/week’s writing the way another writer does. Or the satisfaction of completing a 100,000 word novel. Thank goodness for email and social media where we can post at two in the morning that “we did it.” As much as they love us, even our best friends don’t like celebratory phone calls in the middle of the night.

In the twenty years I’ve been seriously writing, I have met so many wonderful people through writers’ groups--foremost, Romance Writers of America and its affiliated chapters. My local chapter, Mid-Michigan RWA, inspires, bemoans our rejections, and celebrates our successes. And, when needed, kicks our butts when we're discouraged. The online community does the same—and we don’t have to wait for an entire month to get together.

Of all the benefits the writing community offers, the one I saved for last is the most important—friendship. The song “You’ve Got a Friend” certainly applies to writers’ groups in general and the group that makes up The Roses of Prose. I feel very fortunate to have made such good friends with some of the Roses and look forward to becoming friends with the others.

I blog here on the 8th and 30th of each month. On Mondays, I “muse” about life, writing, and whatever strikes my fancy on my blog: You can read excerpts from my books and other information on my website

See you again on August 8th.