Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the old, and in with ... what?

It's that time of year. Resolution time.

For years, I've chosen a "Word of the Year", one word that sums up what I want to learn or do or aspire to in the coming year. This year was "Accepting": there are some things you just can't change, so I needed to learn to gracefully accept them. Previous years have an "Explore" and "Experiment" and "Vibrant".

Choosing a word helps me focus on my goals for the upcoming year. In 2015, for the first time in 7 years, I won't have a book coming out. I have 6 books written and will be looking for a publisher for that series. Plus I have 20+ books on my back list, so I'll be promoting those.

That led me to my word of the year. I need to focus on promotion in 2015, and I dread the P thing. So what word might help me get through the year, might help me learn and (maybe) enjoy the P thing?

I'm still kicking around ideas, but "Enthusiastic" and "Energetic" and "Optimistic" come to mind. I'll decide for sure tomorrow, so stay tuned for next year -- you may see a change in my posts here.

Have a happy (and safe) kickoff to the new year -- I'll see you in 2015!

J L Wilson
Mystery, romance, and reincarnation

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Five Secrets by Chrys Fey

Roses and Readers, join me in welcoming Chrys Fey to The Roses of Prose today.

Authors sometimes slip secrets and little references into their stories that readers may or may not catch or understand. I find it fun to include these secrets and I do it all the time, even in my newest release, 30 Seconds. I’ll share five of those secrets just for Roses of Prose.

Secret Number One: I named 30 Seconds after my favorite rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Since my novella is a romantic-suspense centered on the many dangers of the Mob, I thought 30 Seconds was perfect. 

Secret Number Two: My love for Thirty Seconds to Mars runs deep, so deep that I even used the first name of the front man, Jared Leto, for one of my characters. I won’t reveal which character because that’s another secret, but look for a variation of the spelling.

Secret Number Three: My heroine, Dani Hart, has a fear of being in a car accident. This fear stems from my own fear that is so fierce I don’t even own a driver’s license!

Secret Number Four: “Dani scanned the books on a mahogany bookcase. Most of the titles were of crime novels and thrillers. She even spotted a few supernatural thrillers about a god and an angel. She took one off the shelf and flipped through it with a smile. She hadn’t expected this to be a part of his reading collection.” 

The supernatural thrillers about a god and an angel are a reference to my unpublished series that I hope to publish and share one day.

Secret Number Five: “After a couple of flips through the channels, she settled on a popular soap with a ridiculously unrealistic storyline. In spite of herself, it consumed her attention in no time. A psycho had kidnapped a pretty girl and her hot boyfriend was coming to save her. The minutes were winding down and her boyfriend was so close to where the kidnapper had stashed her. Dani was on the edge of her seat when breaking news interrupted the show with five minutes left to the end.” 

Dani is watching General Hospital. The episode she’s watching is based on one I saw a few years ago when Dante is racing to save Lulu from Franco’s trap. Check it out:

When Officer Blake Herro agreed to go undercover in the Mob, he thought he understood the risks. But he's made mistakes and now an innocent woman has become their target. He's determined to protect her at all costs.

The Mob's death threat turns Dr. Dani Hart's life upside down, but there is one danger she doesn’t anticipate. As she's dodging bullets, she's falling in love with Blake. With danger all around them, will she and Blake survive and have a happy ending, or will the Mob make good on their threat?

Book Links:

Chrys Fey is a lover of rock music just like Dani Hart in 30 Seconds. Whenever she's writing at her desk, headphones are always emitting the sounds of her musical muses -especially that of her favorite band, 30 Seconds to Mars, the inspiration behind the title.
30 Seconds is her second eBook with The Wild Rose Press. Her debut, Hurricane Crimes, is also available on Amazon.

Discover her writing tips on her blog, and connect with her on Facebook. She loves to get to know her readers!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas comes again by Barbara edwards

The Holidays offer so much it’s exhausting.I love to decorate, but the day comes when ll those light strings, lawn ornaments, tree balls and the manger need to be packed away. I wait until 12th Night. 
For some reason the arrival of the Three Wiseman days after the birth of Jesus and the visit form the shepherds gives me the mot hope for the new year. They traveled hundreds of miles for months to see a child who promised a bright future.
What could be more wonderful?
My family spends christmas Eve together. It is also a promise. Someone always says I’ll do this next year and we joke about whose house is too small or the food too different.
During the season we’ve helped my son with the tree farm to decorate wreathes for sale, dressed as Mr and Mr Claus to entertain the kids and sold thousands of trees. yes, I did say thousands.
So it’s close to time to pack away the memories. File them under sweet and sad since not everyone made it home.

As I sort and wrap, I remind myself. There is another Christmas next year.And it’s going to be at my house.
It's not too late to order a copy of 
Late for the Wedding (Twelve Brides of Christmas Book 2) by Barbara Edwards

Blurb: Heather Green will do anything to make her twin’s wedding perfect. Despite an impending nor’easter, she sets out with the wedding dress, cake, favors and cake topper in her car. As the snow piles up, her car is wrecked and she barely misses injury in a major accident.Nicholas Burnes would rather be ensconced with his latest cuddle than drive a tow truck, but his brother needs his help. He reluctantly agrees to help Heather find a way to the wedding locale, but when the storm closes the roads, he ends up offering her shelter in his penthouse.Warm and rested at last, Nick and Heather explore their powerful attraction to each other, only to part when he delivers her, on time, to her sister’s wedding. But weddings breed weddings…

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Labor Pains and Pecan Pie by Baby Elf

“Looks like we both got involved with the wrong person.” Dee took another bite of pecan pie. “Hmm, this is as good as I remember. Smooth, sugary rich with a taste of vanilla and butternut. Do you still make your own pizzas?”
“Of course, and my pasta sauce.” His head jerked toward the name list crumbled in her hand. “Did you find one you liked?”
A contraction slammed into her. “Oh…OH…oh, holy mother of pecan pies.” She began panting. “Each one hurts worse. That’s how this goes. Right?” She began panting. If only she could get her hands around her ex-boyfriend’s throat and show him half of what she was going through because of him.
Theo sat the pie aside. “I think that’s enough sugar for now. Roll on your side a little and let me rub your back.” His firm hands seemed to know exactly where she hurt the most. “Dee, would you consider going to dinner or a movie with me on a regular basis? Dancing, perhaps?” He cleared his throat. “I’m talking about serious, exclusive dating. My mother told me to tell you she’d babysit in a heartbeat.”
Dee glanced over her shoulder as his face focused on her back. “Look at me, Theo.” His gaze rose and locked on hers. “You look like you could use a bite of pie right about now.” The contraction eased finally and she laid flat on her back, reached out and trailed fingertips down his neck. “You’re a medical doctor, intelligent, handsome as can be. I’m just Trudy with an associate’s degree as a legal secretary. I’d never fit in your world if we started dating.”
“But you’ve always fit in my heart.”
Darn him for saying the nicest things at the worst times.
“You, too, Theo.” Warm tears trickled from the corners of her eyes.
He kissed them away. “I know now’s not the time to bring up dating and marriage.”
Her jaw dropped. “Marriage?”
“I saw a couple names on the list I liked.” She’d lay bet he was trying to change the subject after the “M” bomb he’d just dropped.
She waved the paper at him. “Show me one that wouldn’t make her a laughing stock at school. I have yet to find a name I can pronounce.”
His finger jabbed a name. “Here. Solana. Then there’s Maylin and Ara. Kaylin is one, but it’s been used a lot lately. I like names that are a little unique. But, of course, the decision is up to you. There’s nothing wrong with Olivia Rose. Don’t let me talk you into anything you don’t want.”
Another contraction started. Strong. Squeezing. A turning inside out feeling accompanied it. “Theo, I want to bear down!”
“No! Breathe through your mouth, baby.” He sat on his stool, his head under the sheet. “She’s starting to crown.” He buzzed for his birthing team. “Need you in room four-oh-six. We’ve got a Christmas Eve package on the way. STAT. Focus on me, Dee. If it’s within my power, I won’t let anything happen to you or the baby. Do you trust me?” He stood at the sink and started scrubbing again.
“Yes. More than anyone.” And she had from the age of twelve. Years and years of asking Theo questions, knowing he’d take the time to answer her honestly.
The door burst open. Nurses and technicians hurried in—some with machinery. Others issued orders of experience. Another contraction hit. “Theo, I’m having another one. Oh, God, it’s bad.”
Julie tied on Theo’s mask and helped him into double layers of gloves. She slipped a gown on him while he ordered Dee to breathe through her mouth. “Pant. Pant. We need to get through this contraction before you can start to push. Are you paying attention?”
“Hell yes, I’m paying attention you…you man, you. I don’t care how good your sweet pie with its nuts are. You tempted me. And this list of names is beyond ridiculous!” She shook it at him. “Someone give me drugs and I don’t mean a puny extra-strength aspirin. I want doped up so badly I won’t know if it’s Christmas Eve or Christopher Columbus Day!” Her demands ricocheted off the walls.
“Staff, I think we are in transition here.” Theo shook his head and snorted a chuckle.
The monitors went wild and he sat on his stool. “Okay, Dee. This is our girl’s big appearance. Let the contraction hit you and bear down. Stop, if I tell you.”
Dear God, her insides from her tonsils downward were coming out. With all the pain she was having, they had to be. She panted and pushed and pushed. At one point, she thought her eyes were rolling back in her head.
Then, suddenly, the room filled with the most beautiful sound—her baby’s cry. Theo did some quick movements with the baby, laying her on Dee’s abdomen, cutting and clamping the umbilical cord. A nurse removed her from Theo’s arms and he moved to Dee’s shoulder. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his forehead touched hers. “She’s perfect. Her color’s good. As you can hear, she’s got strong lungs.”
Dee kissed both of his cheeks. “We did good. You turned her and she came out just fine.” He nodded against her neck.
The nurse brought the baby to Dee. “Momma, would you like to see your big girl? Eight pounds and four ounces. Her scores are high. We’ve got a healthy baby here, pointy ears and all. Bless her darling heart, she looks like a little elf.”
Over eight pounds of sheer beauty lay across Dee’s chest. She unfolded the blanket and counted her baby’s fingers and toes. She touched her dark hair and pink skin, soft as satin. Then, she trailed the slight point to her ears. “She really is our Christmas Eve elf.” Dee grasped Theo’s gown. “What do you think of Solana Rose?”
He kissed Dee full on the lips in front of everybody. “I think once we add Parker to the end, it’ll be absolutely perfect.” He scooped Solana from Dee’s chest and walked around to show her off. “I’d like to introduce my baby girl, Solana Rose.” He kissed her face several times. Then he glanced at Dee. “And as soon as I can get a ring on Ms. I-don’t-mean-a-puny-extra-strength-aspirin’s finger, this is my future wife, Trudy or Dee, as I’ve called her since I was seventeen. I’ve loved her for years, but we could never connect at the right time. Christmas Eve seems perfect, don’t you agree?”
He laid Solana in her mother’s arms amid gentle laughter and clapping from the staff.
“Do you know there’s an age-old tradition about babies born on Christmas Eve? They are elves that grant wishes of the heart.” He reached out and took Dee’s hand and kissed it. “Christmas Eve holds all kinds of magic, don’t you think?”

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Labor Pains and Pecan Pie by Baby Elf

Theo leaned against Dee’s hospital bed, his arms crossed, staring at his black Santa boots when she waddled out of the bathroom. He glanced her way and smiled. “I’ll make the first trek up and down the hall with you, just to make sure you handle it okay.”
What? A pregnant woman can’t walk?
“Sure.” It looked like he wasn't giving her a choice in the matter.
They exited the labor room and Dr. Theo Parker placed his hand at the small of her back to lead her to the left. After a few steps, he took her hand and squeezed it. “Dee, have I done something to offend you? Is that why you chose Dr. Witherspoon over me? I hope we’re still good enough friends, that if I said or did something to hurt your feelings, you’d tell me. Give me a chance to make things right between us.”
She squeezed his hand in return. “You could never do anything to upset me. Not on purpose, anyway. You don’t have it in your personality.”
His forehead wrinkled and his eyebrows dipped. “Then why Dr. Witherspoon and not me?” The man sounded as if his feelings were hurt. “I’d planned to ask you the night we went to the movies, but we were having such a good time laughing and catching up, I hated to ruin the mood. Then I was going to ask you at Mom’s birthday party, but there was too much commotion to hold a private conversation and you seemed tired afterward. I guess now that I’ve got you captive in the maternity ward, I can ask why you chose a doctor you didn’t know over me?”
They both shifted to the side of the hallway to allow a new patient in a wheelchair and her nervous husband to pass by. Dee exhaled a long sigh. “I was ashamed, I guess. As soon as the guy I was dating found out I was pregnant, he claimed he was sterile and it couldn’t be his. He called me all kinds of vile names and refused to see me again.” Besides, the thought of baring it all for Theo, in the cold setting of one of his examination rooms, was beyond humiliating.
Theo wrapped an arm around Dee’s shoulders and tucked her next to him. She noticed a couple nurses at the nurses’ station, decorated with potted poinsettias and garlands of silver tinsel raised their eyebrows.
“You’re creating gossip, Theo. Not everyone knows we were childhood friends.”
He waved at the nurses. “Happy Christmas Eve, Susannah and Julie.” Theo and Dee walked on. “As for the jerk you dated, it takes two people to make a baby. If he thought he was sterile, there are tests he could have had to determine the level of his sperm count. My guess is it’s a line he typically uses on women when he gets them pregnant. Irresponsible bastard.”
“Yeah, I was pretty na├»ve. This is more my fault than his.” A contraction hit; this time in her back. She reached her hands across her upper hips and rubbed. “The only reason I started dating him seriously was the man I really loved was already married.”
Oh, I can’t believe I said that. For heaven’s sake, shut up! Just shut up and pant!
Theo shifted behind her. “Back labor this time?” His large hands moved in a firm circular motion. “Breathe through it, Dee.”
She groaned.
His white beard tickled her cheek as he inclined his head to meet hers. “I said breathe, not groan, baby.”
Her head whipped around and their gazes locked. “Man, labor must alter your hearing too. Who knew?”
His vibrant blue eyes softened and a smile shifted his beard. “Yeah, who knew?”
They reached the gaily decorated tree and each pointed out ornaments they liked. Theo reached over her head and tipped one with two fingers. “Look! A Christmas Elf. They say babies born on Christmas Eve are little elves with the power to grant special wishes of the heart.”
She elbowed him. “Oh, they do not! I’ve never heard of such a thing.”
“Then you need to spend Christmas Eve with my family. We have two elves, each with an elf name. My nephew is Kendel and, as you know, I’m Theodas. What name do you have picked for your little girl?”
“Olivia Rose.”
They turned and walked toward the other end of the hall. “Pretty name. I could bring you a list of girl elf names, if you like.” Oh, and he would, too, the man was a wealth of knowledge.
“I’m not naming my child after an elf. Don’t you have a family function to attend, Dr. Santa?”
“I do. You keep walking while I leave orders for your care at the nurses’ station. When you reach the other tree, that will be one trip. I want you to do three more, then ask a nurse to help you into bed.” He cupped her cheek and kissed her cheek. The nurses exchanged knowing looks. “Are we clear?”
“If you don’t stop touching and kissing me, word will spread through the hospital this is your child.”
He shrugged. “This place runs on hand sanitizer and gossip. Now keep walking. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”
Dee walked and labored and panted. Her pains had definitely shifted to her back. If Theo paid this much attention to all his patients, she could understand why he was so popular. Everyone gushed about how caring he was—and no wonder! She was surprised a woman or a jealous husband hadn’t slapped him with an inappropriate conduct lawsuit.
When her laps were completed, she stopped at the nurses’ station as Theo had instructed. Julie walked Dee into her room. “Dr. Parker wants you hooked up to the monitors again and then I’m to take a quick look to see how you’re progressing. He also wants an ultrasound done. We’ll bring a portable machine into your room. Would you like some ginger ale to drink or ice water?”
Julie hooked up the connectors to the sensors on her abdomen. “Dr. Parker said you were neighbors growing up.”
The nurse was on a fishing expedition for gossip. “Yeah, I was a shy, awkward kid and he was a geek. He showed me almost everything I know about computers.” Dee watched the blips start up, checking their range on the monitors like Theo had explained. So far, everything looked good.
“That handsome doctor a geek?” Julie laughed as she snapped on latex gloves. “I don’t believe that for a minute. The female staff flirts, but he never seems too interested. He’s a very skilled obstetrician.” She took a look at all the pertinent parts involved in the process at hand. “You’re still at six centimeters, hon.”
Dee flung her arm over her eyes to hide the tears. “All that walking for nothing?”
“Don’t be discouraged. This is typical. The main thing is your baby’s vitals look good. Let me call for the ultrasound technician. Then I’ll show you how to do the turning, if it remains necessary.”
Later, she made another four lap trip up and down the hall. Her water broke on her last pass by the nurses’ station. Julie cleaned her up and put her to bed. Dee was finally at seven centimeters and was told to roll between contractions. She was so tired, she wanted to take a nap and finish this birthing business another day.
The door to her room opened and Theo strode in, a delicious sight in a pair of jeans and burgundy t-shirt to accentuate his Santa whiskers and hat. He carried a large bag of what smelled like food.
Dee laughed and pointed at the jeans. “Let me guess. Crystal’s little boy?”
He placed the bag on her stand and planted his hands at his waist. “I’m telling you, his skinny little behind no sooner hit my leg than the warmth spread.” Both laughed. “Thank goodness I’d brought along a change of clothes, just in case, but I’d only made it as far as jeans and shirt when Julie called. I grabbed the food Mom had thrown together for me and rushed out the door.”
“I’m sorry. I feel bad for taking you away from your family.”
“It goes with the territory. They know that. Besides, they thought it was cute beyond belief I was delivering your baby.” He jammed his fingers in the front pocket of his jeans, pulled out a folded piece of paper and extended it to her. She stared at it. “Take it, Dee. It’s a list of girl elf names. You can look over them while I examine you. Mom, Crystal and I worked on it.”
Snapping on gloves, Santa’s hat and beard dived under the sheet. He popped back up. “A word of warning, some of them are a tad weird. Warning number two, this will be a long examination.” He disappeared again.
Dee read over the list. She made it halfway down when one thought slammed into her mind: No way in hell. Most she couldn’t even pronounce. Her daughter would not go through life tied to a moniker like any of these. “What are you doing, Theo? It hurts! Ah…are those your bony elbows I feel?”
He laughed. “I’m doing cave drawings.”
“You get your face up here, so I can punch you in the jaw.” His blue eyes twinkled when he lifted his head. With one hand still hidden, he rubbed her abdomen with his other and laid his face against her stomach. He whispered things to the baby. “What are you saying to my child?”
“I’m promising if she listens to me, I’ll take care of her forever. She’ll be my little Christmas elf. My princess.”
My God, the man has turned into a whack job.
The baby moved and Theo’s face beamed. “I think we have success, Dee.” He kissed her abdomen and dove under the sheets again. A few minutes later, he reappeared. She’s now in the proper position for delivery. We are good to go.” He threw away the gloves and washed his hands and arms. Then he pried off his fake beard and mustache and washed his face.
He made some hand towels wet and wiped the sweat off Dee’s face. “You look beat, but we’re in good shape now. No more turning.”
“Thank God. I am tired. Really tired.”
He glanced at the closed door. “If you won’t tell, I brought you a slice of my pecan pie. You could use the sugar for energy for the delivery ahead.”
“Your…the pecan pie you used to make me instead of a birthday cake?” This man could make a seriously delicious pecan pie.
“Here, let me feed you.” Theo unwrapped the foil from the piece of pie and reached in the big bag for a fork. “Open wide.” He gave her a bite. “We do need to talk.”
“Talk? You’re feeding me your fabulous pecan pie and you want to talk?” She opened her mouth again. “You’re a doctor, a computer whiz and an expert baker. Have you ever done anything bad in your life?”
He stared at her with his blue eyes. “Yes, I married the wrong woman.”

Friday, December 26, 2014

Labor Pains and Pecan Pie by Baby Elf

She’d never seen a Santa suit used in quite that way, huddled and burrowed under a sterile sheet covering her spread legs. When Santa straightened and the tail and white furry ball of his hat flopped backward, a smile spread between his fake beard and mustache. “Well, Dee, you’re at six centimeters. You’re definitely in labor.” His capped head tilted to the side. “Now, will we have a Christmas Eve baby or will she hang on until Christmas Day?”
Theo snapped off his blue latex gloves, tossed them into the proper container and scooted his stool beside Trudy, whom he’d been calling Dee since she was twelve and he, nineteen. “Not to add any pressure, but I was a Christmas Eve baby.” He waggled his dark eyebrows. “You won’t even need to wrap my present.” His glance shifted to her distended abdomen. “She’s already wrapped.”
Could my embarrassment get any worse?
Another contraction hit and he slid his squeaky stool to her pelvis again and disappeared under the sheet.
“Are you watching a football game under there, or what?” Of all times for Dr. Witherspoon to get a little wither in his spoon, it just had to be the day she went into labor. So while he was home with a cold and a bad cough, Theo Parker was on call for all the pregnant patients seen in their practice. Just her luck to have her legs spread and everything exposed in all its glory for her one-time neighbor she’d seriously crushed on through her teen years.
“Football?” Theo chuckled as his head rose so he could also check the monitors during the contraction. “Not for our little angel. This is more like a ballet, only the star seems a tad shy about coming on stage. In fact, she’s turned the wrong way.”
Panic reached out and squeezed Dee’s vocal chords so badly she could barely speak. “Wi…will she be…”
“Let me tell you the options I usually give my patients in these circumstances.” He moved his stool back to her side and took her hand between his warm palms. “Through walking and, later, rolling from side to side in the bed, we can hope nature will take its course and she’ll turn on her own. Option two, I can go in and manually turn the baby. A simple procedure for me, but it’ll be rough on you. Or, we can do a C-section. So far, the monitors show no stress on the baby. At this point, I’m not overly concerned.”
Theo scratched at his fake beard and then tried fluff it into a better shape. It looked like a French Poodle with a bad cut, a strange comparison to all the perfect puppies and kittens on the border around the yellow labor and birthing room.
“I recommend some walking and turning first. How would you feel about that? At this point in the birthing process, I can allow you to make the choices. But if the baby comes under stress, then the decision making becomes mine, based on my experience.”
“Whatever you think, as long as my baby girl is okay.” She fisted her hands in the furry cuff of his Santa jacket and glanced at the paunch above his black belt. “You been putting on weight?” Theo was a little young for the middle-aged spread.
He patted his belly and winked. “I’ve been on a strict diet of foam rubber pillows.” Theo, short for Theodas, had been her geeky neighbor across the street during her growing up years, and she’d learned more from him about science and computers than any of her teachers. The older and taller he got, and the deeper his voice became and the way his facial features matured, she simply adored him.
Imagine the thrill of having a handsome, blue-eyed, college student read her his books and clarify the long words and charts on anatomy. Theo had always known he wanted to be a doctor.
From the day she’d turned thirteen, she’d always known she wanted to be his wife.
Unfortunately another obstetrics resident got that honor. Anna Marie was everything Trudy wasn’t—intelligent, highly educated, cultured and stylish. In Trudy’s opinion, Anna Marie was also stupid, for she’d walked out on Theo two years after their high society wedding.
He watched the monitors hooked up to Dee’s abdomen, slowly explaining everything to her. But that’s how Theo Parker had always been. Patient, gentle, eager to share what he knew, all woven with a touch of humor he claimed he got from hanging around with Dee. These fine qualities were what helped make him an excellent doctor.
Another contraction started and he moved to where he could use his pen to point out what each blip’s rise or fall meant. “Your contractions are weak, Dee. I suggest you get out of bed and walk. This is the signal you need to watch.” He indicated the safe zones and at what point she should ring for a nurse. “There’s a Christmas tree at each end of the hall. The ladies of the hospital auxiliary decorate them every year and this year they went with themes. Check out the ornaments on one tree and walk to the other end of the hall to admire the tree there. Do that four times. Then ask the nurse to help you back in bed and re-hook you to the monitors.”
“Okay. What you’re telling me is I’m in for a long night, but my baby should be okay?”
Theo smiled and her heart flipped like it did in her teen years. “You always did catch on quickly.” He unhooked her from the monitors and helped her into a gown with the opening in the front to work as a robe.
“I have to leave for a couple hours, but the hospital knows how to reach me. The family is having our Christmas Eve celebration tonight. There will be food and too much noise, plus I get to play Santa and pass out gifts. How much do you want to bet I get peed on? Chrystal’s youngest isn’t completely potty trained yet and he has an excitable bladder.” He placed his hands under her arms and helped her big, awkward body off the bed.
“Well, I can certainly sympathize with his over-active bladder.” She waddled toward the bathroom in her labor room. “I won’t be long.”
“Let me know if there’s any blood in your urine.”
“Oh God, is nothing sacred in this birthing business?” She closed the door and leaned her face against the tiled wall to cool off her blush and accidently hit the emergency buzzer.
Theo yanked the door open, his eyebrows raised in concern. “Dee, are you okay?” His warm hands wrapped around her abdomen. “Are you having another contraction?”
“No, I’m so big and clumsy, I hit the emergency buzzer by mistake. I’m sorry.”
“Not to worry.” He cupped her face and kissed her forehead and she nearly peed herself in excitement. “All right, then.” He backed out and closed the door.
He’d been blushing. Dee glanced in the mirror. So was she.