Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Five Secrets by Chrys Fey

Roses and Readers, join me in welcoming Chrys Fey to The Roses of Prose today.

Authors sometimes slip secrets and little references into their stories that readers may or may not catch or understand. I find it fun to include these secrets and I do it all the time, even in my newest release, 30 Seconds. I’ll share five of those secrets just for Roses of Prose.

Secret Number One: I named 30 Seconds after my favorite rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Since my novella is a romantic-suspense centered on the many dangers of the Mob, I thought 30 Seconds was perfect. 

Secret Number Two: My love for Thirty Seconds to Mars runs deep, so deep that I even used the first name of the front man, Jared Leto, for one of my characters. I won’t reveal which character because that’s another secret, but look for a variation of the spelling.

Secret Number Three: My heroine, Dani Hart, has a fear of being in a car accident. This fear stems from my own fear that is so fierce I don’t even own a driver’s license!

Secret Number Four: “Dani scanned the books on a mahogany bookcase. Most of the titles were of crime novels and thrillers. She even spotted a few supernatural thrillers about a god and an angel. She took one off the shelf and flipped through it with a smile. She hadn’t expected this to be a part of his reading collection.” 

The supernatural thrillers about a god and an angel are a reference to my unpublished series that I hope to publish and share one day.

Secret Number Five: “After a couple of flips through the channels, she settled on a popular soap with a ridiculously unrealistic storyline. In spite of herself, it consumed her attention in no time. A psycho had kidnapped a pretty girl and her hot boyfriend was coming to save her. The minutes were winding down and her boyfriend was so close to where the kidnapper had stashed her. Dani was on the edge of her seat when breaking news interrupted the show with five minutes left to the end.” 

Dani is watching General Hospital. The episode she’s watching is based on one I saw a few years ago when Dante is racing to save Lulu from Franco’s trap. Check it out:

When Officer Blake Herro agreed to go undercover in the Mob, he thought he understood the risks. But he's made mistakes and now an innocent woman has become their target. He's determined to protect her at all costs.

The Mob's death threat turns Dr. Dani Hart's life upside down, but there is one danger she doesn’t anticipate. As she's dodging bullets, she's falling in love with Blake. With danger all around them, will she and Blake survive and have a happy ending, or will the Mob make good on their threat?

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Chrys Fey is a lover of rock music just like Dani Hart in 30 Seconds. Whenever she's writing at her desk, headphones are always emitting the sounds of her musical muses -especially that of her favorite band, 30 Seconds to Mars, the inspiration behind the title.
30 Seconds is her second eBook with The Wild Rose Press. Her debut, Hurricane Crimes, is also available on Amazon.

Discover her writing tips on her blog, and connect with her on Facebook. She loves to get to know her readers!

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Liz Flaherty said...

Fun things, Chrys!

Leah St. James said...

Yes, that was fun...except for your fear of driving! (Having been in a few accidents--none serious, thankfully--I can understand.) It must be really difficult to get around, though, especially if you live in an area where mass transit is sparse. And General Hospital...wow, I haven't even thought about that show in years. I was addicted way (way) back in the Luke and Laura days. Fun memories. Best of luck with the new book!

Margo Hoornstra said...

First of all, welcome. It is fun to put 'secrets' into our work. Nicely done. We get to learn about you and your writing at the same time.

Chrys Fey said...

@ Liz, I'm glad you found my post fun. :)

@Leah, I'm lucky to have someone willing to drive me around when I need to get somewhere. Before that I did use public transportation but that was a pain! I used to be addicted to General Hospital, too, but I haven't watched it in a couple of years. Thank you for your comment!

@Margo, thanks for the welcome!:)

Barbara Bettis said...

Fun facts, for sure :) Neat to know you've tucked something personal into each book. But I don't know how you not drive! You definitely are lucky to have someone to transport you.

Jannine Gallant said...

My heroine in my upcoming re-release in March is an ex-soap star. I originally had her starring in All My Children (my fave!) but my original editor told me I couldn't use a real soap. So I made up a fictional show. It is fun to include these little bits of ourselves in our books. Best of luck with sales!

Chrys Fey said...

@Barbara It can be difficult not driving, and trust me when I say that I try to all the time.

@Jannine Creating a soap for a book would be fun! And you can keep that little tidbit about All My Children to share with your readers later. :)