Monday, November 14, 2016

Giving Thanks by Christine DePetrillo

I have so much to be thankful for during this current reincarnation of myself. I don't know all the details about my past lives, but I hope they were as awesome as this one has been so far.

The following list is some of the things I'm giving thanks for this year:

1. Health - I feel great! There must be something to all that advice about diet and exercise and meditation. Or maybe it's the weekly wine therapy. Either way, here's to many more years of feeling at optimal physical and mental performance.

2. The Husband - Seriously, the dude gets better as the years go on. Nearly 19 years of marriage and I haven't thought about exchanging him once.

3. The Family - As far as families go, mine's pretty awesome. I hear a lot about family life from my students and all the tales aren't happy ones. I don't think I realized as a kid how wonderful my parents--and even my younger brother--were. They are all still wonderful and I'm fortunate to have come from such good DNA.

4. The Work Peeps - Good Goddess, if I didn't have my work besties, I would have gone insane on the job a long time ago. It's so important to have adults that you can look at with that "do-you-believe-this-shit?" expression on your face and have them give you the "right?" look back. Subtle, but often the difference between making it to the end of the work day or walking off the job.

5. The Writing/Reading Peeps - Being friends with other writers has enriched my life on so many levels. It's great to be around other people who understand the drive to tell stories. I've also met tons of awesome readers that have made this year marvelous for me as a writer. Readers rock!

6. Fur Babies - I'm one of those people who requires connection to furry creatures. My cats and dog often remind me to slow down for a minute - sleep in a curled up position, lounge in rectangles of sun-warmed wood flooring, stretch, play, cuddle... I'm a more balanced person because of them.

7. Mother Nature - I'd rather be outside than inside and I continually am in awe of everything Mother Nature gives us. Sometimes when I'm walking my dog, I breathe deeply and try to take in as much of the natural world as I can. I want to have that essence with me wherever I go. I'm always giving thanks for the beauty I see all around me. Everything from the texture of rose petals to the cloudless blue of the sky to the melody of a brook to the scent of a pinecone fills me with an energy I couldn't live without.

8. My Muse - She hasn't abandoned me. Ideas for writing keep coming. My Muse has been busy this year and she shows no signs of retiring. I love her fortitude and loyalty.

What are you thankful for this year?

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Jannine Gallant said...

An excellent list, Chris. As I creep further into my fifties, the body gets more creaky and achy, but I'm not letting it slow me down too much. Mother Nature is key. If I couldn't walk in the woods with my dog every day, I'd probably lose my mind!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I'm thankful for health, especially after Calvin's mild heart attack a couple weeks ago. I'm thankful my granddaughter found her hero and they had a beautiful outdoor wedding in a large gazebo. I'm thankful my grandson is thriving at MIT and getting over his mono. I'm so glad I'm enjoying writing again. I've had a lot of wonderful people, other writers, come into my life. Angels, every one. I've got a lot to be thankful for.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Great list, Chris! I can check each category you listed as positive for me, as well. I'm getting in a fast-walk 45 minute session every morning, which cuts into my writing time, but should energize my writing. I'll be adding a category for myself...don't know the specifics yet...but I'll be putting some time/energy into some political activity. And I'm thankful I have the freedom to do that.

Margo Hoornstra said...

That is a great list, Chris. You're very fortunate. I consider each day a gift. I, too, have so much to be grateful for.

Andrea Downing said...

Great thoughts, Chris, for this time of year. After a crummy week that involved large bills and root canal, I just got back from my oncologist and got another 'all-clear'--so, yup, I'm pretty dang thankful!

Diane Burton said...

Wonderful list, Christine. We have so much to be thankful for. Even though I'm grateful when November comes around, I wish I'd remember to be thankful every day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Christine DePetrillo said...

Lots of positive vibes in this group! I love it!

Alicia Dean said...

What a great list! I have so many things to be grateful for as well; friends, family, health, a day job I love, I'm living my writing dream...could life BE any better? :)

Leah St. James said...

Lovely message, Chris! You've inspired me to take a look at all my blessings, thank you. Wishing you and your wonderful family a joyous Thanksgiving.