Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrating Diversity in Humor

Laura Breck
Have you ever watched a movie or a sitcom or a comedian and noticed people laugh at different things? When I published my first book, I received a lot of comments about how funny it was. I didn't realize it was really that humorous. When I wrote it, I added some silly, ironic comments as dialogue, but I wasn't laughing when I wrote them. Someone thought they were funny, though. Isn't that exciting!

Sometimes we don't realize we're being funny, and then there are the times when we truly don't think something's funny when everyone else does. It's like my husband and me. We'll watch a film and laugh at completely separate things. It's as if we're taking turns finding something funny. Is it possibly the writers? I laugh at things written by Writer A, and he laughs at things by Writer B?

Here's your test. Watch this video with your significant other, best friend, or funniest relative, and see if you laugh at the same things or different ones. Does one of you always laugh when someone gets hurt? Does one of you always laugh at the silly animals or babies? Give it a try and see how diverse our humor can be.
"A laugh a day will keep trouble away!"
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Jannine Gallant said...

I think you're right, Laura. My husband always laughs at physical comedy. Me - I think it's people acting dumb! I did laugh at the cat video. Apparently kitties behaving like idiots is funny to me. LOL

Colleen Connally said...

I laugh at the stupidest things. I can just laugh thinking about the silliest little movie I watched when the kids were little- Spaced Invaders and the little alien running around crying 'Die Earth Scum!'

Laura Breck said...

Jannine, yes, LOL Cats are always funny. I agree that my hubby likes the more physical humor, while I tend to laugh at sarcastic and ironic dialogue. Hmmm... There's a trend there!

Jerri, I'm laughing now at that same scene. Thanks for reminding me of it. I should find it and watching it some day when I'm grumpy!

Alison Henderson said...

My husband and I laugh at all the same things (except the Three Stooges-I'll never understand the appeal there). One of our greatest joys is a shared sense of humor. However, apparently I often find things in movies to be much less funny than the general public. Some of the stuff that passes as humor these days baffles me. I guess that's because we all react to humor differently (and I'm really, really old).

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Comedy is my bag. It has been since I was a kid. Great blog.