Monday, October 17, 2011


Have you ever wondered why Halloween is so popular? Could it be that maybe for one day we all can dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone were not? Children love pretending to be characters from Batman, Ninja Turtles, Pirates, princesses, ballerinas, to super star diva. I know my children when they were little wanted to wear their costume around the house before, during and after Halloween. It wasn't only Halloween when they loved to pretend to be something they weren't. I had a whole trunk full of costumes they would dive into all year round.
As adults, are we all that different? When given the opportunity, would you like to pretend to be someone else for a day? I confess I do. I suppose that's why I'm so excited to use my pen name.  I feel like I have two different lives. One where I'm a wife, mother, medical professional with one identity; the other where I have this obession to be an author. So do I peel off my scrubs when I get home and adorn my costume to become this super writer... (It's not really a costume, just my pajamas). Yes, I do! Well...probably not really a super writer...not yet...working on that. But I do enter another world, a world I create. For a few hours each day, I do become a different person. I live inside this different world. Can I leap tall buildings on a single bound? No, but I can do mutiple things at one time, write, promote, answer emails, update Novel Works... If I'm needed back in the real world I have a couple of safeguards, my phone and my dogs. If I'm needed, I know. Well, most of the times. I have been accused of ignoring my phone. My dogs, though, I can't ignore.  
Now I have a name to go along with this personna of mine. Carrie James Haynes. I have always wanted to use a pen name. Besides, I've had this name ready since before my first book was published. Carrie James Haynes. A nice ring, don't you think? I think it sounds like an author. Does my pen name mean anything? I'm not sure, probably not to anyone else. Out of all the names I could have created, why Carrie James Haynes? Mainly, I like it. The issue really isn't the name, but that I'm getting to use it. It's like donning a costume- this new identity of mine. One of my friends asked me if I was going to let anyone know that Carrie Jame Haynes was really me. I laughed. I'm not keeping it a secret. If you google Carrie James Haynes, my name pops up. So it's not a secret identity. But what a pen name means to me is freedom. Kinda a license to create. Hiding behind a name. So in essence Carrie James Haynes is a character that I have created. And, yes, I have begun to talk about her in third person. 

So what prompted this pen name after all this time? I decided to publish a manuscript myself and perhaps it gives me the courage to try this new adventure. Will it succeed? Only time will tell, but I'm having fun with it. Could it be I like the control? Could be. I haven't felt I've had any control on my writing since I began trying to get published. Ah, but, I do miss an editor!!! I thank my FB friends for finding me someone to do my cover. I hadn't a clue what I was doing making a cover. So happy with Graphicx Z. Love my cover. Love my story. 

Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past is only the beginning of the legend. It's not what I normally write. I've had it stuck back in my closet for years. One of the first pieces I attempted. I didn't even try to do too much with it. So this is perfect for me to try out. And the best part for everyone, Shadows of the Past is FREE. Hopefully by the end of the week, it will be on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc... Right now it's only on Smashwords

Still, don't forget about OCTOBERFEST WITH BOOKS. The contest is still going on. If you're here, so easy to enter. Follow out blog. Love to have you. I promise you the least you can get is a copy of Shadows of the Past.

Also, this week on Novel Works, I have Crescent Moon Press coming in. Great week ahead. So much to do, so much going on. All good! 

You will find Jerri Hines' next release, The Judas Kiss, out this coming January with Whiskey Creek Press. A historical romance. She's excited because it’s the first in the Tides of Charleston series. You will find her other books, Dream Walker and Patriot Secrets, at most ebook stores. Follow her on Facebook- Novel Works is her fan page where I recommend books, authors, blogs… She's also on Twitter @jhines340. Don't forget the contest rules on her blog. Don't pass up the chance to win! You can also find her first release under her pen name, Whispers of a Legend, Part One-Shadows of the Past. Coming soon to Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.


Barbara Edwards said...

I wonder who I would be? It's like reincarnation. I know I'd go back and be a slave or a laundress. So here's my chance to be-- the princess from Star Wars.

Alison Henderson said...

I've thought about using a pen name from time to time, but so far I've stuck with the real one. I love the sound of Carrie James Haynes. Good luck wit your new venture!

Colleen Connally said...

You would make a great Princess Leia! Love Star Wars!

Colleen Connally said...

Thanks. I wanted to use it from the beginning. So now I'm happy.

Jannine Gallant said...

I thought about using a pen name, but my last name is really Gallant. It shouts romance writer, so I stuck with it! Love your cover - very otherworldly! Best of luck with it.

Colleen Connally said...

I think my need for a pen name came from my desire to have a different name growing up. I was name after my Dad, which was great (love my dad). My birth almost killed my mother and she was told not to have anymore children. That was until my younger brother was born two years later and he was also named after my dad. So, I'm had this name I want just a little different. Something maybe like, Jerri Ann, Jerri Lynn. No, I was Jerri Dotson (my mother's maiden name). So now I got to choose and my husband ask why I choose a guys name in the middle. I told him it was suppose to be only Carrie James, but he didn't like me using my real name. So I added Haynes (for some reason it has a connection to Hines in Ireland). Now that I'm written another blog...
Oh, thanks Jannine for the best wishes.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Jerri,
I too have wondered whether to use my real name or not. I opted for my real name because it is a fairly easy one. Nothing too complicated in Margaret Tanner.
Best of luck with all you writing ventures.