Sunday, October 16, 2011

Angel, Devil, Heaven, Hell

What about all this paranormal stuff, huh?

You might be surprised to learn that the Christian market has some similarities – namely, the spirit world. The only difference is the Christians own it, according to the Bible. Christ, himself, said the spirits are “subject to us.”

I remember reading one Christian author’s novel in which two demons were hovering over a church, discussing how they planned to wreck havoc on it by throwing all kinds of temptations at the pastor in hopes that he’d succumb. They chose different torments for church member, trying to do right in the eyes of the Lord and be a good witness for Him. As the story unfolded, that’s what these demons did!

The spirit world is alive and there is a battle raging in the heavens. The prize? The souls of mankind.

I know of another author who writes about fallen angels – demons, really – who weren’t really evil, like Satan. They’d just been confused at the time of Satan’s mutiny in heaven….or something to that effect. So here they are on earth, commanded to do harm, except they have a conscience and cannot bring themselves to follow through with their ill-intended orders. Interesting concept.

Actor John Dye
Years ago, Guideposts considered publishing a series of novels about angels having relationships with human beings. Maybe on the order of Touched By An Angel (I love those reruns, by the way! My favorite is the compassionate Andrew, the angel of death and I felt sad when I'd heard the actor, John Dye died suddenly last January. But I digress. I’m not sure if any of those novels made it to print. But I’d heard that’s what the then editorial department had been seeking in the way of ideas.

According to the Bible, angels can take any shapes and forms. They have appeared to man and woman alike (example, the Virgin Mary -- the angel Gabriel appeared to her, telling her she would give birth to the Messiah). In the Old Testament, the archangel, Michael, fought with Satan’s host so the prophet Daniel’s prayers couldn’t reach God’s ears. Michael did eventually win that one. So there are bad angels and good angels. The latter are what the Bible describes as “messengers of God.” One of the apostles wrote that we should be kind to everyone we meet, serve them, because we might be attending to God's angels and not even know it!

Funny…I’m always watching for angels.

But, let’s remember, that there are bad angels (demons) too. How to know the difference?

Well, let’s say you’re riding the bus to work and you sit down beside a kind-faced woman who reminds you of your grandmother who always gave you sound advice. (Demons only look ugly and scary in Hollywood movies.) You begin confiding in her for some reason and this woman subtly suggests that if you’re so miserable and stressed you should leave your job and your husband and kids and go off and make a new – happy – life for yourself. After all, you’ve got to look out for “number one” and all that.

So all day long, her voice rings in your memory. Such a sweet lady she was – and she really seemed knowledgeable about relationships and the world. She knew exactly what irked you about your spouse. She knew just what you went through with those darn kids who never seem to listen to a word you say!

What sort of angel do you think she might have been? Let me tell you, she’s not one sent from God!

Only Satan’s band will suggest destruction – destruction of a home, a career -- children's lives. I have a friend whose mother left him when he was a boy. She divorced his father and ran off with another man. It was traumatic for my friend and he's had relationship issues ever since. 

God's angels will lift you up so you're somehow able to weather your frustration and anger. (I’m not speaking to abuse in the home. I’m talking about everyday irks and irritations.) God's angels will speak truth in a positive way, not a destructive way. 

The important thing to become aware of this spiritual dynamic. Know, too, that the spiritual battle will never cease – not until Christ returns. It could be any day! In the meantime…watch out for those angels!


Debra Maher said...

Fascinating post, Andrea. Touched by an Angel was one of my mom's favorite shows. I never watched it unless I had a box of Kleenex close by! But I loved Andrew. Hadn't heard of his death.

Angels and demons make for terrific conflict in stories, especially if the demons are in disguise. Thanks for posting your link on WisRWA. Good post!

Katy Lee said...

So true about the demon in disguise. I've been in that situation, but luckily God shone his light on the lie before I fell for it.

great post!

Margaret Tanner said...

I don't know whether I have ever met a demon in disguise or even if they exist, but it was a interesting blog.

Jenna Vi said...

Andrea, great blog post. Years ago I had a dream - very vivid - where a male demon was in a white panel truck trying to overtake me on the highway. I was in an old fashioned station wagon type ambulance, and I was about to give birth. I was surrounded by nurses in white (angelic) who were there to minister to me. (Keep in mind that I am infertile, and cannot have children in real life). They asked me what I was naming my child, and I knew immediately she would be named Faith, and that she would be taken away from me at birth. So for me, the spiritual realm was real, speaking to me through a dream - letting me know if I had faith, my ministry (child) would grow and be effective. I've never forgotten it, all these years later and still recall it like it was yesterday.

Anonymous said...


My friend has given me several angel figurines over the years. I have them in every room and in my office. Even in the garden. Much prefer to think of the good angels though, as opposed to the ones who fell.