Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sharing holiday cheer by Barbara Edwards

When I think about the Holidays, I think about all the family and friends who have shared Thanksgiving with me. I used that feeling in writing Journey of the Magi, my holiday romance, and am sharing an excerpt and the blurb.

Journey of the Magi:
Widow Noel Martin never breaks promises, and she promised her kids they’d have Christmas at her childhood home in Connecticut. But driving across country takes money. Noel is broke when a snowstorm blows them into a tiny Minnesota café owned by a man who can change her mind. She accepts his offer of a job. Despite her attraction to him, she makes it clear she is only temporary help.
Dan Longstreet isn’t adopting any more strays, but he needs a waitress. Dan works so hard to make his café a success, he doesn't have time for love. Though Noel’s slender blonde beauty stuns him and her two adorable children tug at his heart, he denies how they threaten to change his life.
When tragedy strikes, their new-found love is the first victim. Noel can't stay and Dan can't leave. Will their journey be the gift that reunites them?

Thanksgiving dawned with the bang and clatter of roasting pans. Noel followed the sound of Dan swearing downstairs. It was barely five and both children slept through the racket.
“I thought you were closed today,” she said. The dawn light glinted highlights off his dark hair. Her lips twitched as his heavy brows snapped together.
“We are. I’m cooking turkey for a few friends. It’s kind of a tradition.” She mouth dropped open when he lined up six turkeys on the counter and proceeded to fill each one with a different stuffing. Her teeth clicked when she closed her jaw.  
“You must have been up for hours,” she said. “That looks like enough for a crowd.”
Her heart swelled with admiration for his sharing. She wanted to grab him in a big hug. Her grandparents had invited friends over, too. It was a tradition she planned to continue.
“I’m not sure how many. It’s gotten bigger.” He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. “People need friends. Everyone brings a dish, so it’s pot-luck.”
“What can I do to help?” She asked as she tied an apron decorated with dancing elves over her sweater and jeans.
“Not much, unless you can bake a pie?” His lifted brows and wide brown eyes reminded her of his hopeful stray standing over the empty dish.
“I do a killer crust,” she exclaimed, mimicking rolling out a pie crust. Dan wasn’t the only one who appreciated the chance to contribute.
“Got everything for apple, pumpkin or mince,” Dan said before he laughed and waved at the cooler. “Take your pick.”
“Hey. My Grandma taught me how to make those. We have time to do them all.” Available at:
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Margo Hoornstra said...

I so like Dan and Noel already. My copy is downloaded and ready to read. Just need some down time myself to get to it. Best of luck here, Barbara.

Jannine Gallant said...

Dan sounds like a very generous hero. Great excerpt!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Margo,
Take the time to relax and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Janinne,
Thanks. I kind of like him myself. =).

Alicia Dean said...

I love holiday stories, and I have yours downloaded. Just haven't started it yet, but your excerpt makes me want to start now! (Darn day job...) :-) Thanks for sharing!