Friday, November 1, 2013


By the time you read this blog entry, I’ll be a week into my recovery after bilateral knee replacement.  I’m writing this the day before my surgery, thinking that what I say to you today could be true a week from now…or not!  My assumptions”

1.  I’ll miss my real knees
2.  The road to recovery will be tough
3.  My husband, my coach, will face HUGE challenges working with me
4.  Drugs: I’ll grow dependent on them
5.  I’ll never get my golf game back

The thing is, I’m having this surgery about two years before I actually need it.  But my research says that timing is important…I don’t want to ruin my legs' gait/alignment before I have the surgery.  I’m reminded of women who have their breasts removed before inevitable symptoms appear.  That’s me.  I KNOW I have osteo-arthritis in my knees.  I KNOW I’m bone-on-bone, but the pain so far is a tiredness and slowness, not so much abject pain.

So, by the time this blog comes out, on November 1, I hope I’m wrong about all my five suppositions.  Stay tuned and I’ll give you the FIRST WEEK report. 

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Margo Hoornstra said...

Thanks for the insight. I'm an up and coming candidate. My sis-in-law had hers done and came to my house to recover. She did and is doing great!

Jannine Gallant said...

Hoping you're back out on the golf course before you know it! Sending you good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Did you ask the surgeon to stitch you up so your knees say "Read Me"? That was bad, wasn't it? I hope you are going wonderfully well and the level of pain lessens every day.

Anonymous said...

Rolynn, if your old knees looked anything like mine, you should be grateful for the new ones. Speedy Recovery!

Darcy said...

Hoping, praying, keeping all fingers firmly crossed that things are going beautifully and you will soon be back on the golf course playing the best game you ever have. Frankly, both my knees have started feeling a bit creaky too, so thanks for the info since it's made me think I should ask the doctor for an exam to make sure mine aren't in really lousy condition.

Diane Burton said...

Well, you are in for a long recovery and pain. But then you knew that. Do the exercises and I'll bet you'll be out on the golf course sooner than you think. I waited longer than I should have to have mine replaced. My gait was affected which affected my back. But my knees don't hurt like they used to. Best of luck!

Calisa Rhose said...

It's my hips that are candidates for replacement but with all the hip lawsuits... Oh! And all those recalls? Yikes! What if my new hips respond and leave me?

Calisa Rhose said...

Darn it--I also meant to say I pray all goes well, Rolynn! Can't wait to hear how it "really" went.

Barbara Edwards said...

My husband had both knees done, but on different days. He is so back to normal I have to run to keep up. The only thing he avoids is climbing the ladder to paint the house--second story worries him==
The first two weeks were hell both times. Good luck

Barbara said...

It's been three years now since I had my right knee done. The left will come in a few years, I guess, although there's less stress on it now that the right one is working fine. Just do as much physical therapy as your insurance allows as soon as you can. My prayers go with you.

Barbara Barrett

Rolynn Anderson said...

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. My husband is doing VERY well as my coach and doesn't complain when I scream out in the night, caught by surprise by a shooting pain up one of my knees. Turns out I CAN'T write on drugs, so short term, I'll stick to social networking. I am firmly a friend of drugs...and my doctor says i MUST be. More to come in my next reports...especially about my PT guy...the one who comes to the house three days a week

Barbara Bettis said...

Hope everything is going well, Rolynn! Although I haven't had that, I'd had other issues and I heartily second Barbara Barrett about faithful physical therapy. Best of luck.

Barb Bettis