Sunday, February 17, 2013


Perspective. Life is about perspective. How do we look at the events in our lives? This was my life last week. Nemo slammed hard. We were without electricity for four and a half days. I thought that was bad until someone I know started talking about her experience with Sandy last year. She had me beat—nine and a half days.

I write historical romance. I love history. I find it fascinating how people lived in the past. One of the aspects of writing is using one's imagination to conjure up a believable tale of the past. I feel sometimes I'm transported back in time when I'm engrossed in one of my books. I'll give you an example.

Writing Broken Legacy was difficult for me. The Reign of Terror was a real event. So many thousands of innocent people lost their lives facing Madame Guillotine. I literally had to thrust my hero and heroine into the midst of this madness. For a moment in time, I found myself contemplating what it must have been like to face the threat of the guillotine. I have to admit the more I researched the French Revolution the more fascinated I became. Did you know that most victims of the guillotine faced their deaths with a quiet dignity? I think I would have been fighting and screaming going up the steps.

Writing the Winds of Betrayal series, I dove into learning about spy networks during the American Revolution. Again, I was completely mesmerized by the circumstances of the war and the consequences brave men and women faced. Studying history gives one a better perception of the sacrifices made for us to be where we are today.

Moreover, in all my historical books my heroes and heroines accomplish all their feats without benefit of electricity! I have come to the conclusion I would never have survived. I need my electricity. I want my electricity. I confess I am a wimp. I have never been so miserable as I was last weekend. But hubbie, my doggies and I survived.

So am I amazed at the Winter Wonderland surrounding me? Can I for an instant appreciate the beauty of what it looks like when an ice bomb has gone off? I suppose I can if I was in the comfort of a warm house with internet, food, and hot water. Oh, did I tell you that we are expecting another snow storm tonight?

Busy week this week so I hope I don't lose electricity again. First Broken Legacy, Book Two Secret Lives Series was released on Valentine's Day. Don't forget that Seductive Secrets, Book One Secret Lives Series, is a free ebook!

Also this week, the newly published, The Cry For Freedom, Book One Winds of Betrayal, will be free February 20-22! Kindle Freebie! Get your copy and let me know what you think! Coming soon, Embrace of the Enemy, Book Two Winds of Betrayal, will be released. Also, I'm still hosting the book give away celebrating the release of Broken Legacy. Check it out on Colleen Connally's blog!


Jannine Gallant said...

I love reading about how people faced life in the past - probably why I was a history major! BTW, your new cover is awesome.

Colleen Connally said...


Thanks! Didn't know you were a history major! And I do love my new cover, too. Erin does an awesome job!