Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for the Romance Reader in Your Life

Laura Breck
Is your sweetheart a romance reader? Or do you deserve to buy yourself a great Valentine’s Day gift? Seventeen authors of Midwest Fiction Writers have put together an anthology of short romances based on the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota.
Love in the Land of Lakes has a story for every taste. And the proceeds will go to educate romance writers at every level of their careers.

My story in the anthology is a fun one, romantic, but lighthearted. Here’s a little sample:

Excerpt from Bobbers 'N Bait: Liz dropped her head for a second. This must be the guy who owned Renton Outfitters, their only competition on this side of the lake. Darn. She thought he was some conservative fanatic upon which she could unleash her mightiest verbal barbs and then never have to see again.

But, no. He was a neighbor. A business owner. Her direct competition.

"Can we start over?" She held out her hand. "I'm Liz Darlington."

He eyed her hand as if it might easily turn into a snake. After a second he took it in his.

In his big, strong, hot hand. The tingle of awareness rippled up her arm and into her chest. A little shiver of delight brought goosebumps to her skin.

"JT Renton." His voice rolled low and sexy.

She'd noticed the tenting in the front of his shorts earlier, but nearly three-fourths of the men who came in today had the same reaction. As Nikki said, The less blood in the brain, the better our sales are going to be. A marketing genius.

"JT." She took back her hand. "I apologize for going all God Bless America on you. I didn't realize why you were here."

He nodded. "I wanted to check out the competition. I had no idea your open house would create such a stir."

She smiled. "We're all about stirring."

A corner of his mouth quirked up. "You are that."


Love in the Land of Lakes is available in digital format at Smashwords All Romance Ebooks and Amazon 

Paperback coming soon!

Learn more about the anthology at Midwest Fiction Writers.

Have a romantic Valentine’s Day!
~Smart Women ~Sexy Men ~Seductive Romance
Dancing in a Hurricane is available in digital and paperback formats at Amazon and in paperback at Createspace


Margo Hoornstra said...


Loved your excerpt. I'm off now to download.

Barbara Edwards said...

Sounds like a great gift. Must get it.

Jannine Gallant said...

Loved the excerpt! Thanks for sharing, Laura.

Laura Breck said...

Thanks, Margo! You'll have to let me know which stories you liked the best. Thanks for supporting our RWA chapter!

Hey, Barbara. You deserve a gift today! LOL

Thank you, Jannine. I'm starting to love writing short stories. Oh oh!

Sandra Dailey said...

Laura, what an awesome project. Your excerpt is great too. It must be fantastic to have other authors to collaborate with. I wish I lived near an RWA chapter, or even just one other author. Good luck to all of you.

Laura Breck said...

Hi Sandra, thanks, I'm glad you liked the excerpt. The response to the call for stories was awesome! (BTW, there are online chapters you could join, and our chapter has a lot of authors who live in other states. Hint, hint!)