Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sharing the Love - Fang 'n Claw Style

I obviously love Love. I write about it on a daily basis. I get all tingly when my characters fall for each other, and it's always a surprise to me when they do. It's like I never expected it to work out for them and when it does, I'm all warm and happy.

But...I do have a dark side.

Welcome to Night Eternal. A story told through love letter poems between Drake, the vampire, and Arielle, the werewolf. Author Joseph Mazzenga and I run a website of poems between these two characters and the relationship between Drake and Arielle is not always tingly, warm, or happy.

In fact, sometimes it's downright bloody.

Love is still there though in a very gothic, poetic fashion. Here is a video for our website. Check it out.

Enjoy a sample of Drake's poetry below:
A New Year
A new year is upon us.

I have never been one

to make resolutions

for eternity renders them


I have more than a single year

ahead of me,

more than ten years,

a hundred…

I have forever

to accomplish whatever

my dead heart chooses.

This year is different.

My heart has chosen

something it has no right to choose,

something I would be selfish to desire,

something a vampire should not attempt.


I have never been capable of it,

never dreamed someone would be

more than sustenance to me,

more than a salve to my burning thirst.

But she…

She is more.

I have not tasted her blood,

but her lips,

her body,

her very presence

fill me,

satisfy me,

invigorate me.

This new year,

I am as alive

as I’ll ever be.

Be sure to stop in at Night Eternal every week to see what's happening with Drake and Arielle. Can love last for an eternity? Only forever will tell.




Jannine Gallant said...

Terrific poem, Chris. Sometimes dark is really fun to write.

Margo Hoornstra said...


Some pretty scary stuff. Well done!