Tuesday, February 20, 2018

You never know where research will lead. #Hippofarts #TimeWaste #LOL

               Why I'll never be a prolific writer...

With great interest I read writing tips from other authors. "Such great advice," I say as I jot down a few notes. "I must start doing this." They fill me with admiration. I marvel at how others have mastered their time. I mentally chastise my own lack of organization and diligence.

If I could be that dedicated...I sit back and envision all my success. I'd easily triple my daily word count and be able to finish books in record time.

Filled with renewed determination, I open Word where I'm ready to start the next scene. It will begin on a dramatic note. 

Here is a brief synopsis of what is in this next chapter:

    Buffeted by a growing storm, Justin, my stalwart vampire-hero, searches for the surly, teenage neophyte his brother dumped on him. Gwyndolyn's taken off in a snit and while the solitary Justin would like to let her go, it isn't that easy. Council Law forbids the turning of one so young, and this leaves him in a quandry. Until he can figure out what to do, he knows the only way to protect Gwyn and his lawbreaking brother is to keep her out of sight. 
    He catches up with her right as she is breaking too many laws to count. Evidently, a woman tumbled off the craggy cliff running along the Amber River. Gwyndolyn, for her own selfish reasons, had decided to save her by making her a vampire too.  
    Unfortunately, her neophyte blood is too weak to complete the transformation. The woman has been left 'stunted' or stuck in a void between the human and vampire worlds. Justin could let her die. It would be the logical thing to do and would prevent many forseeable problems. Even as he has the thought, he knows he will do all he can to save her.
    But time is running out as a funnel cloud descends from the sky...

So this is where I'm at in the story. I start thinking about tornadoes and how I want to describe this one. Ah, research. Such an invaluable a tool and my absolute favorite time waster. Youtube, here I come for all your fascinating clips. I watch and listen to various cyclones in progress.  

Then I stumble upon this and have to watch it several times as I'm just that warped.

There are 5 different entries showing variations of Hippo Breaking Wind Sounds Like Tornado. By the time I watched each and every one, I was out of writing time.  

I'll try to be more organized tomorrow. Still laughing, I go to attend to other things.

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Unrelated: Back to Hell a novella written for Kindle Worlds.

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Jannine Gallant said...

That's hilarious. Stay away from the rear end of a hippo! I have to start spending more time on Youtube!

remullins said...

The biggest time suck in the universe. That said, I have also installed a dishwasher, re-wired a ceiling fan, and changed mower oil all
from watching YouTube how-to videos.

Vonnie Davis said...


My grandson at MIT taught himself how to play the piano through YouTube videos.

Calvin has used it for instructional things.

I avoid it and google the hell out of everything.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Wow! Light that fart and see the conflagration! You are right, RE, we are led down many dark and silly paths by Google. Frankly, my brain appreciates the diversion. Now where is the elephant fart video? :-)

Brenda Whiteside said...

Ha ha ha ha. Glad I don't go on YouTube. I get off on enough tangents just Googling. Your next scene is like wow! Good luck.

remullins said...

I really have been trying to stay focused. I put Alicia's rain/fireplace sounds on but they made me so sleepy I had to turn them off after fifteen minutes.

Leah St. James said...

Oh...RE, thank you for that. I SO needed that laugh tonight! :-) I have used YouTube for all sorts of things, like changing the guts in my toilets and installing memory in my laptop.(Okay, that's a lie. I watched my son use YouTube to install memory, but the point is the same.) On the writing end, I use YouTube for anything that I need sensory information, like what it sounds and feels like in a helicopter...while flying I mean.

Diane Burton said...

That was hilarious. My grandson (8) would love that. The things we learn online. Google leads me down the primrose path every time I need to learn something. A quick look is never possible. Good luck with that next scene, which I'm sure you already wrote since I'm so late.

Alicia Dean said...

LOL. That's too much! Yes, research can be a splendid time-waster, and can lead to all sorts of interesting things. Sounds like you have a good story in the making. Twisters are always exciting. If you need help, give me a shout. I live in tornado alley, and we've had some doozies.

Margo Hoornstra said...

Ah nature! Had to share the hippo thing with my significant other. You Tube is very instructive.