Sunday, February 4, 2018

An Interview with a #Werewolf by Christine DePetrillo

I recently sat down with Reardon McAlator from Wolf Kiss, Book One in The Warrior Wolves Series. He agreed to spend a little time with us today. Reardon, welcome.

Reardon: Thanks for having me, lass.

CD: Swoon-worthy accent. You must have lasses falling at your feet.

Reardon: (offering a swoon-worthy grin as he shrugs) I don’t notice if they are. I’ve got my very own fairy lass, Dr. Brandy Wendon, and she’s all I need.

CD: How did you and Brandy meet?

Reardon: Well, she met my wolf first, and she did what she does for all her wolves at Silver Moon Wolf Sanctuary.

CD: Howl at the moon with them?

Reardon: (chuckles) Aye, on occasion, but I was referring to the expert care she gives each of the wolves in our pack. Many of us wouldn’t still be here without her. Many of us wouldn’t want to be here without her.

CD: Why did you come to modern-day Vermont all the way from Ireland of the past?

Reardon: It wasn’t exactly voluntary. When you anger the goddess of wild things, punishment is sure to follow. (blows out a long breath) I did something I shouldn’t have and the goddess kicked us out of our beautiful Ireland.

CD: Us?

Reardon: My brother, Jaemus, my two cousins, Kole and Shawn, my brother-in-battle, Erik, and myself. The goddess scolded us all so we’d never forget what we’d done. What I made us do. (hangs head)

CD: You have regrets.

Reardon: Many. Fortunately I’ve been rewarded with great happiness in Vermont also. It hasn’t been all bad.

CD: What was something unexpected that happened because you were forced to come to present-day Vermont?

Reardon: Aside from falling in love, I didn’t expect to develop such a strong bond with a lad. Brandy’s boy, Dylan, treated me well when he knew me in wolf form and then accepted me into his family in human form. He’s a remarkable boy, full of life and potential. Brandy has done an amazing job raising the lad, who is actually her nephew. Her sister passed away unfortunately.

CD: I’ll bet you and Dylan have a lot of fun with the wolves at the sanctuary.

Reardon: Aye, we do. That lad has so much energy. The wolves often tire before he does.

CD: Everyone’s getting their exercise then, running about the woods.

Reardon: If I had to land anywhere, Vermont was the perfect place.

CD: What modern convenience do you enjoy most?

Reardon: The car. It’s so much easier than walking, sailing, or riding a horse to get around. Brandy’s veterinary partner, Dr. Parker Daniels, taught me how to drive.

CD: How did that go?

Reardon: Let’s just say Parker is a very patient man who doesn’t mind seeing his life pass before his eyes. Repeatedly. I’m good at driving now though.

CD:  Good enough to take Brandy out on the occasional date?

Reardon: Aye. Every Friday night and sometimes into Saturday morning.

CD: (fans self) Okay, then. Werewolves have wild weekends. Good to know. Any advice for our readers?

Reardon: I spent so many years fighting men in battle, but the only fight that really counts is the one that brings you your true love. Love is always worth fighting for.

CD: Great advice, Reardon. Thanks so much for joining us today.

Reardon: My pleasure, lass.

CD: You don’t think Brandy would mind if we hugged, do you?

Reardon: It might make her growl a bit.

CD: I’m willing to take a chance. I’m a fast runner.

Reardon: (laughing) You better hope so.

If you want more time with Reardon, read his story in Wolf Kiss, Book One in The Warrior Wolves Series. I promise he doesn’t smell like wet dog. If you like Wolf Kiss, leave me a review. The wolves and I love reviews.

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Alicia Dean said...

Fantasic interview. Reardon is definitely swoon-worthy, love his quote about the only fight that counts is the one that brings you true love. The cover is wishes!!

Rolynn Anderson said...

What Alicia said. Curious about what wolf man did to get kicked to Vermont. Also curious about the nuances of fairies, especially if they fall in love with wolf men. Nice teasers, Chris. Happy sales!

Margo Hoornstra said...

Ummmm. Beautiful cover. Entertaining interview. Best of luck!

Brenda Whiteside said...

Fun interview!

Jannine Gallant said...

Entertaining interview, Chris. This sounds like a great series!

remullins said...

So you'll be writing a series featuring the other wolves kicked out of Ireland? Fantastic. I pictured Jason Momoa the entire I was reading the interview!

Vonnie Davis said...

This sounds like the great start of a super series. Fun and exciting. Wishing you great sales.

Betsy Ashton said...

Guess I'll have to read Wolf Kiss to find out why he ended up in Vermont. A worthy place, but not historic Ireland.

Christine DePetrillo said...

Thanks, ladies! And picturing Jason Momoa, RE Mullins, is never a bad idea! Wolf Kiss tells Reardon's story. Wolf Fire tells of his brother, Jaemus, and Wolf Vow, due out middle of this year, will tell about Kole, the cousin. The final two books, which are already written but no release dates yet, chronicle Kole's brother, Shawn, and Erik. I loved writing this series.

Leah St. James said...

Fun interview, Chris! Wishing you much success with the series!

Diane Burton said...

I agree with Leah, a fun interview. Best wishes.