Friday, November 3, 2017

Mr. OH by Mrs. She Did It Again

By Vonnie Davis

Today is the release date for Mr. OH from the Wilder Roses of The Wild Rose Press. My first attempt at writing erotic. Yeah, I tried something new again. I just can’t seem to find one sub-genre of romance and stick to it. Maybe I have ADD. Who knows.

This is the first book of a series of three Harvard grads who’ve kept in touch over the years. Mr. OH—Blake O’Hearn—is a shipping magnate, a workaholic, a loner who secretly takes care of his employees, and a Dom. I’m happy the book releases this year since I turn seventy in May. I mean, what business does a seventy-year-old woman have writing erotic? And is the book truly erotic? The line is so thin, a few word changes or additional subject matter, and I was there.

Blake isn’t used to being touched unless he gives permission. Jazz is a free spirit who can’t resist touching everyone with her humor, her spirit, and her love for humanity. Her Aunt Gemma serves Sunday brunch every week for her little extended family and Blake is at a loss for words…

We were almost out of breath when we rushed into Aunt Gem’s house. To say the least, we were both glowing with sexual satisfaction and quick, hot showers. Scrumptious odors of bacon, eggs, monkey bread, quiche, and friedcinnamon apples greeted us as soon as we opened the door. No one knocked at Aunt Gemma’s. We just yelled, “Home, Momma,” whether we were her children, or not.
My cousins Zen and Dex carried platters and bowls to the dining room table. Aunt Gemma, her salt and pepper hair in damp ringlets around her face, approached with arms opened wide. “Here’s my little girl.” She grabbed my hands and held them out. “Look, you’re wearing the purple floral sundress I bought you last summer.” She snapped the purple stretch belt. “I knew this would emphasize your small waist.”
Aunt Gem smiled at Blake. “Did she tell you she’s my favorite niece and not just because she was named after me?” She placed her fingers on my face and tweaked my cheeks while I covered my neck nonchalantly. “My sister gave Jazmin my middle name…Colleen. I’m Gemma Colleen, but everyone calls me Gemma or Momma Gem.” She pointed at him. “Your cheeks are next. Bring your tall self here and lean over for a little pinch. Whew, I thought my boys were tall, but you’re in the clouds somewhere.”
It was a good thing I’d shifted behind him as he approached her or I’d have missed the blush that crept up his neck.
“Ah…I don’t think I’ve ever had my cheeks tweaked, ma’am.” His hands rose in a stop gesture to Aunt Gemma. “Really, there’s no need to touch my face.”
“Nonsense. If you’re going to be one of mine, expect a little cheek pinching when you come here, Blake.”
“I pinched his cheeks this morning, Aunt Gem.” I leaned over and kissed both of my cousins whose shoulders were shaking in silent laughter.
“Smartass,” Zen quipped.
Aunt Gemma hooked her arm in Blake’s and escorted the scowl-master to the dining room covered with family pictures. “I’m honored to have a celebrity in my home. An Olympian. Imagine.”
Zen and Dex froze in place, staring at Blake. “An Olympian?” both chimed in unison.
“I’ve got the champagne on ice and opened. Make the mimosas would you, Jazz? Dex made them last Sunday and all we got was a bubble of champagne.” Aunt Gemma kissed Blake’s cheek before showing him to his chair next to Zen. “Zen and Dex, you two young pups don’t think I’d let our girl date a guy without checking him out online, do you? Our Blake was an Olympian swimmer in Athens. Two golds and one silver. I’ll get the coffeepot.”
She charged for the kitchen, then stopped in the wide doorway between the two rooms. “If only I’d checked out Logan online before she got mixed up with that nitwit. But I hadn’t taken the ‘Internet for Seniors’ class at the senior center yet. I wasn’t very tech savvy then.”
“Tech savvy?”Dex piped up. “Is that why you text me every day for your passwords?”
She returned with the coffeepot. “Huh, at least I know what to do with a password.”
The front door opened. “Home, Momma!” Amy yelled, her hands over her cheeks.
“Smart girl,” Blake said. “I’d heard of cheek pinchers, but I didn’t think they existed. Not really.” His cheeks still bloomed a pretty shade of pink.
Both of my cousins glanced at my neck as I set their mimosas in front of them and my hand rose to cover the mark.
Aunt Gem rushed to Amy. “Give me those cheeks and stop hiding them. I haven’t seen you all week.”
“Aw, Gemma, won’t a kiss work?”
“First a tweak, then a kiss. You’re sitting beside Dex today.”
Zen frowned at his brother and then Blake as if he’d just now realized he’d taken the seat next to him Zen usually reserved for Amy.
“Zen,” I stood behind him and whispered, “You need to start talking to Amy.”
“I talk.” His hands fisted on the table. He was going to be stubborn.
“Romantically.” I pointedly looked at my best friend in her favorite ivory capris and a low-cut black sweater adorned with ivory and green frogs. “She deserves to hear some sweet words from you. She’s cared about you for a long time. Grow a pair and man up. Aunt Gem, where do you want me to sit? At the end, opposite you?”
“Yes, dear.” She gasped, her gaze quickly jumping from my neck to the table as if she was checking to see if she’d forgotten anything.
Amy hugged me on her way to her chair. “Morning, girlfriend. Wow, look at that huge suck mark on your neck!” I groaned. Trust Amy to march up to the elephant in the room and smack it on the ass.
“You look extra pretty today, Amy.” All heads swiveled to a blushing Zen, who stared in his mimosa glass as if he was checking to see if the champagne and orange juice had mixed properly. I was proud of him; he’d tried. I hoped Amy would know how much it had cost him to voice the compliment.
Amy stepped behind Blake and tapped his shoulder. “You, neck-sucker, move. You’re in my seat. No one sits beside Zen, but moi.”

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Leah St. James said...

Too funny, Vonnie. Greaet scene! I'm seeing it all in my head as I read. I think it's great that you genre-bend, and I think you've got another hit here. Happy release day!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Poor guy...we can tell who the dom is in this's Aunt Gemma! Love the concept of your first very sexy book. Good for you Vonnie...wish you so much the title and the cover!

Jannine Gallant said...

Thinking outside the box in genres and life keeps us from getting bored. You're definitely not boring, Vonnie! Great family dynamics in that scene. Best of luck with Mr. Oh!

Diane Burton said...

This scene is so much fun. You describe it so well I can see it like a movie. Good for you trying another genre. The more we try new things the younger we get. Wishing you all the best with Mr. Oh.

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks, Leah. I can genre-bend. I just can't waist bend. *snort*

Vonnie Davis said...

Rolynn, Aunt Gemma is a trip. A warm, fuzzy trip. I didn't have room to include the part where she kisses Blake's forehead with her sticky lips and then uses her hanky to spit clean his face. Talk about male freak!

Vonnie Davis said...

Jazz loves her family, Jannine. Blake hangs onto the memory of his uncle and his mother, who was always away on photographic jobs. He's never experienced anything like this.

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks so much, Diane. I love when I can get others to see things as I do while I'm writing them.

Brenda whiteside said...

Love the excerpt. I'm sure you've got erotica nailed. And of course by a 70 year old...experience, you know, or at least enough to have a vivid imagination! But who's telling?

Vonnie Davis said...

LOL...I read a lot, Brenda. It expands the mind. Research, you know.

Angela Adams said...

Vonnie, whatever genre you write, the reader is in for a fun read!

Margo Hoornstra said...

Talk about your fish out of water character. Way to toss him in there, Vonnie. Best of luck with your latest Dom. On my TBR pile.

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks, Angela. I love writing humor. Perhaps because it seems to rule my life.

Vonnie Davis said...

I've never written in first person before and wanted to give it a try. Then everyone said they don't like reading first person. ACK!
But I had fun writing it. Book two...he's an eye surgeon AND a romance writer under a woman's name. He's still a Dom, but it's these other things that are giving him fits now.

Andrea Downing said...

Much success Vonnie. Better you than me--can't get my head around erotic I'm afraid. OH! Hmmmm. Then again . . . .

Alicia Dean said...

Trust me, you have plenty of business writing erotic romance. I'm SO thrilled for you!! And even more thrilled that I am your editor. (SORRY this is late!) Love and hugs...