Thursday, May 26, 2016

♪ On the road again ♪

As I write this, I am prepping for my road trip. As you read it, I am in the middle of it. Oh, the joys of scheduling posts.

We had a glitch with the planned road trip from Iowa to Colorado in a rented mini-van full of furniture and other memorabilia: my husband can't go. They had a major shake-up in his office, and he has to remain behind.

I'm fine traveling cross-country alone. Lord knows, I've done it enough times going to and fro, here and there. But as it turns out, we have a family friend (Marcia) whose late husband's cousin lives in Kansas. Said cousin (Pat) has named Marcia her next of kin (Pat is a single lady who taught botany for years and years and years and is now in her 70s and retired).

Marcia feels obligated to make a trek to Kansas now and again to visit Pat. But Marcia is in her mid-70s and to be honest, I don't want her on the highway in the middle of a strange metropolitan area (Kansas City) alone in her SUV.  The last time she visited Pat, I drove to KC to visit my sister, and we put Marcia on a shuttle to Manhattan to visit the cousin. But my sister is moving soon (to about 30 miles away from me), so those Kansas City trips will be much fewer and far between.

Long story short: Marcia will go with me and we'll swing by and visit Pat on the way home. It's a bit out of the way, but no biggie on a trip of this type (1500-2000 miles in 5 or 6 days). She'll pack the bourbon and I'll pack the wine, and we'll be just fine.

I'll report in if I can on how the trip is going -- unless you hear otherwise, assume we're having a good time, laughing and singing and meandering our way across country on our adventure.



Leah St. James said...

Hope you're having a great trip so far, JL! I love road trips...although it sounds like you'll have a fair amount of lifting/hauling to manage. But everything seems better with a good friend along for company. :-)

Diane Burton said...

I hope all goes well on your trip. Always fun with a companion. I used to love road trips and Hubs loved/loves to drive. Now the old joints don't like sitting still for so long. Almost worse than flying Allegiant Air (but that's another story). Have fun. Hope to hear more of your adventures.

Jannine Gallant said...

I've driven cross country alone, and having a friend along would be worth the extra miles! Enjoy!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Fun, JL. Glad you packed the bourbon and the wine :-) Every year for 15 years, I'd do the driving from CA to WA and back for our 4 month boat trip. 1600 miles each way with two overnights (one to visit relatives). No big deal - 7 hours of driving a day. You'll have fun! Safe travels!

Vonnie Davis, Author said...

As the two of you talk and laugh, the miles will zoom away under your tires. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I envy you. I had the best time with my daughter last summer on our 7 week road trip out of NYC with Jackson WY as our turn around. Can't say I thought much of KS, tho'--all those feed lots! Have fun and be safe.