Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Christmas

Binge-watching Christmas movies in the summer should be a crime. It would be the only way to get me not to do it.

“But, Officer, I just took a peek.”

“Ma’am, we have reason to believe your TV has been tuned to the Christmas in July event on one of those women’s channels. Repeatedly.”

“No, I…”

“Is that glitter on your shirt, ma’am?”


“Are you drinking hot cocoa?”


“Do I smell an evergreen Yankee candle burning?”


I spent a good portion of last month watching holiday movies from the Hallmark Channel. I recorded a mess of them and worked my way through, one cozy happily ever after at a time. While the temps outside were in the 80s, I was doing my Christmas dreaming with actresses like Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabot.

I’m willing to admit I need a 12-step program of some kind to tear me away from these flicks. Know anyone who runs one? I’m in tough shape.

I served dinner last night on leftover Christmas-themed paper plates.

Yeah. It’s bad.

One movie, Christmas Under Wraps, took place in one of my favorite places – Alaska. Like, how am I supposed to resist Candace Cameron Bure AND Alaska? It’s as if someone asked, “Christine, what kind of a holiday story can we write for you?” Umm, this one.

There was nothing outstandingly original about the film, but I thoroughly enjoyed absolutely everything about it. Bure plays a doctor with her entire life mapped out—become a doctor in Boston, get married—but of course the Universe has other plans.

Enter being sent to a small-town hospital in Garland, Alaska. The total opposite of her dream. When the hero comes on the scene, you pretty much know she isn’t going anywhere. I mean, he wears flannel, work boots, and has sawdust in his pickup truck. Not to mention gorgeous brown eyes. Recipe for my perfect man right there, folks.

So I’m humming Christmas tunes while working in the garden. Big deal. Maybe I made a batch of gingerbread men. No need to panic. It’s possible I plugged in the tiny white lights on my indoor trees. Everybody just stay calm.

I’ll still have plenty of holiday spirit left for December… you know, when I watch all those movies again and some new ones too.

Shut up.

What’s your favorite holiday movie? Do you only watch it during the actual season or do you need a room next to mine in the Crazy Christmas Addiction program?


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Jannine Gallant said...

You definitely have a problem, Chris. LOL I don't even seem to watch Christmas movies in December--except the Grinch. I do like the Grinch. Sorry, I can't help you with your addiction, but I was highly entertained reading about it!

Leah St. James said...

Jealousy is such a useless emotion, isn't it? Yet that's what I'm feeling as I read your post, Chris! It sounds like a perfect afternoon. I love all those corny Hallmark Christmas movies. I can't think of a favorite at the moment, but I'm going to enjoy thinking about it.