Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fall into Winter by Alison Henderson

Soon it will be winter. Even here in Carmel, which has to be the mildest climate on Earth, you can feel the seasons changing if you pay attention. The leaves don't change and fall, like they do elsewhere, but the signs are all around us. I no longer miss a sunrise if I sleep a little later. It's now dark while I fix dinner instead of while I clean up. We've had a few tentative rainfalls, but with luck, the wild winter storms will start blowing in from the sea before too long.

Before they do, I have a few gardening chores to take care of. As much as I hate to do it, I need to cut back my magnificent purple fountain grasses. This one is more than waist high!

I will also cut the flower stalks from my kangaroo paws--favorites of the hummingbirds.

I don't technically have to cut anything back, but I know if I do I'll be rewarded next spring with lush new growth. It's part of the cycle of life that's so important to us gardeners.

I'm also looking forward to evenings by my new fireplace, tucked under my favorite afghan. It never gets really cold here, but the fire and afghan give me a good excuse to keep the temperature down in the house. Last year everything we brought from Minnesota was still in storage, and we spent Christmas in Chicago with our daughter. For the first time in forty years I didn't have a Christmas tree.

Well, that isn't happening again! We'll put up the outside lights in a couple of weeks, and I'll find new places for all my Christmas decoration. I may not see snow this year, but I plan to enjoy winter just the same!



Margo Hoornstra said...

Cherish the past while welcoming the future. Beautiful pictures, Alison. Thanks for sharing.

Jannine Gallant said...

We've had a fire going at night since the end of Sept. That and an afghan work for me, too. Saves on the heating bill! Have fun "winterizing".

Alison Henderson said...

Thanks, Margo. It's hard to take a bad picture out here.

Jannine, last night it was the afghan, the night before the fire. It doesn't seem to ever get cold enough for both, but we'll see what happens come January.

Liz Flaherty said...

It's flurrying snow here today. And it's all good with me until January,'s not! I always love your pictures, Alison.

Alison Henderson said...

Liz, I'm with you. I never minded the snow either, until after the Holidays. Then I was ready to be done with it. Knowing we still had 3-4 more months of it was enough to take the wind out of my sails.

Alicia Dean said...

Lovely pictures! I'm sure it's wonderful to live in Carmel, but I would really miss the winter weather. I love it!

Barbara Edwards said...

I just finished trimming back out roses and am sorting the Christmas decorations, too. I love this part of the year.

Diane Burton said...

Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home. I was too late to cut back the flowers. Now they're buried under a foot of snow.