Sunday, June 1, 2014

WIND...BE GONE! by Rolynn Anderson

Our topic for the month of June...Gone with the Wind.  

I understand that phrase well because I am a boater.  My husband, Steve, and I will live aboard Intrepid, our sweet 42’ Kadey-Krogen, for the four summer months.  Although she’s a big, salty boat, Intrepid is slow, traveling (full rpm’s) at 7.5 knots, or 8.5 mph.  One diesel engine drives a single propeller for this 40,000 pound vessel.  She can’t do anything fast; what’s more she has no stabilizers or brakes.  

It's best, for the sake of Intrepid (and me) that winds 'be gone.'

When the wind is soft, light, even moderate, we're happy boaters.  For example, three days ago, under gorgeous skies, with the current with us and a light wind, we made it from Anacortes, Washington, all the way to Newcastle (outside Nanaimo, BC) in less than ten hours.  Yesterday, we cruised from Newcastle to Desolation Sound in about the same time, the breeze cooling us rather than razing us.  Tomorrow, because of gale force wind, we're hanging back in the Broughtons, before we make our way around Cape Caution.  Strong winds, current and tide, make for a dangerous cocktail against a slow boat with no stabilizers.  Rock and roll?  More like pitch and ralph.

For  a day or two or three, we must be patient...and wait. 

How good are you at taking it slow…at being waiting for winds to subside?  What parts of your life most demand patience and how good are you at applying the skill?

To see how our cruise progresses, here is our blog site, followed by the SPOT GPS locating system we use to show friends and family our windless route to Alaska.

Intrepid Journeys  -

Sidenote:  LIE CATCHERS released worldwide April 4th, in all formats.  I’m waiting for kind winds to bring it to lots of readers J  Here are the Amazon and Wild Rose Press buy sites:


Margo Hoornstra said...

What a wonderful way to spend the summer. We were boaters for a while. Nothing better than a slow troll along calm seas. Regarding your question about patience - it would be nice if I had more - and got it right now! Best of luck with Lie Catchers. LOVE that cover!

Jannine Gallant said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time--with or without winds! Patience is not one of my virtues. Nope. No at all.

Liz Flaherty said...

I'm terrified of water, but that fear doesn't extend to boats. Your summer sounds WONDERFUL!

Alicia Dean said...

I've never been a 'boater' but it sounds like lots of fun. However, I might suffer from seasickness since I have a bit of a problem with motion sickness. No doubt the two parts of my life that require the most patience are my writing and editing. Sometimes I do okay, but other times, I'm lik, plllleeeeaaaassseeeee, can I just be DONE already? :)

Leah St. James said...

How cool! I love the water but an unfortunate (and bad) case of vertigo leaves me mostly a landlubber. (I live near the Chesapeake Bay, though, so I can watch and dip my toes, or body, in when I want!) I need patience mostly in my day job, dealing with the general public. But it's usually a five- or ten-minute episode, not days at a time! Great post!