Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Favorite Year

I suppose because I’m a romance author, I should pick the year I got married—1998—as my favorite year. Sixteen years ago, on a sunny, but very windy Saturday in April, I put on a white dress I just picked off a rack at JC Penney, said “I do,” and agreed to chase happily ever after with this cute computer geek.

To be honest, neither of us was really psyched about the wedding part. We just wanted to get to Disney World after the ceremony, so much so that we wanted to forego the reception nonsense. There were relatives who disagreed with that plan to the point of threatening not to attend the church part at all. Therefore, a quickie brunch buffet was tacked on after the church, but we still booked it out of there in search of Mickey Mouse after eating our fill of French toast.

I was particularly excited about going to Florida. I had never been before. In fact, I’d never really been anywhere before besides New England. I’d never flown. This was my big chance to see the world… or a Small World anyway, which by the way, completely freaked me out. I have pediophobia—a fear of dolls—so that ride almost sent me over the edge, but I absolutely loved everything else.

I dropped from the Tower of Terror.

I got wet on Splash Mountain.

I finally knew what was inside that huge golf ball at Epcot.

I witnessed fireworks like I’d never seen them before—and I LOVE fireworks. I think it has something to do with being a July baby.

I ate waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse, which somehow taste better than regular waffles.

I saw lions and tigers and children throwing tantrums at Animal Kingdom.

I sailed with pirates and sang “Yo ho!” as we traveled.

I bought the obligatory souvenirs at outrageous prices.

I watched stunt shows and musicals.

I walked until I thought my legs just might fall off and then walked some more.

And the best part was I got to do all these things with my bestest friend—the guy who thought spending forever with me would be a good idea.

So, yeah. 1998. A great year, but you know what? The ones after that have been pretty awesome too.

I’m interested if you had a year you’d like to erase from your history. Is there a year you’d like to wipe out and have a do-over?



Margo Hoornstra said...

No do overs for me. With any bad comes a whole lot of good. Thanks for the fantastic trip through Mickeydom. Makes me want to make that trip my do over. He is a cute computer geek!

Donna Michaels said...

No do-overs for me, either, Chris. Congrats to you and your computer geek, and to Mickeydom! I love it there. My daughter wanted to go there this month instead of us throwing a graduation party for her, but it wasn't possible. Maybe next year.

Jannine Gallant said...

Sounds like you did your wedding your way and had a great time at D-World. I tried to think of a bad year. Came up with bad parts of years, but there was always an upside. Made me think. Could anyone stand a completely bad year?

Christine DePetrillo said...

I think if you did stand a completely bad year, that says you're a strong person who rolls with the punches.

Glad none of you have had one of those years. Me neither. That's why I was curious.

Alicia Dean said...

Awww, what an adorable picture! He is a cute computer geek, and you are lovely. Very cute couple, and you look soooo happy. I've never been that interested in D-World, other than taking my kids, which I never managed. I went to Orlando a few years back for an RWA conference. My friends went to D-World daily, but I wasn't interested, partly because it doesn't sound appealing as an adult, but mostly because I would have felt too guilty, going without my kids. Even though they're grown now! :)

I haven't really had a bad 'year' either, because, as was mentioned, there's always good too. Probably the worst year I've had was the one that ended with my dad dying on December 21st, 1994. And my cousin, who came down to visit us and comfort Mom two days later, was heading back home with her family when a drunk driver hit them and killed her. Everyone else survived, but losing her was tragic. We had hers and my dad's funeral the same day, the day after Christmas, in two different towns. Tough holiday season.

But, there were a ton of good things that happened that year, too.

Diane Burton said...

Bad years made me stronger and more appreciative of the good ones. No do-overs for me either.