Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Favorite Year by Diane Burton

What a difficult choice. Okay, 2007 and 2010, the years my grandchildren were born. I can’t just choose one over the other. No, wait. 1998, the year my daughter got married. No, it has to be 1972, the year I married my sweetheart who gave me the children, who gave me the grandchildren.

While each year mentioned above are great milestones, I really think 2014 is my favorite year. Not because my son is getting married this summer (although that does have a lot of merit). This has to be my favorite year because, even though I had health issues, I’m still here to enjoy it. As we get older, we tend to view each year as a blessing. Not to get religious or even too sentimental, I’m grateful that I can enjoy my grandchildren, my children and their spouses, and especially my husband.

I’m having a blast doing what I love—writing books. How many times do we get to do what we love? I’m not making a ton of money. LOL Enough to validate my efforts. I sure haven’t hit any bestseller lists. While that would be nice (and I sure wouldn’t turn down the money), those aren’t my goals. I’m getting my stories out there for others to read. 2014 may very well be the year I publish three books. (Crossing my fingers, which makes typing a challenge.)

Even more fun is writing stories with my grandchildren. They have such fantastic imaginations. This summer will be great as they visit more often and we play or bake cookies or write more stories. And when my son comes to Michigan to get married to a truly wonderful young woman, it will make 2014 better.


Jannine Gallant said...

Good point, Diane. A positive outlook is to hope that our best years are yet to come!

Alicia Dean said...

So true, Diane. You have much to be grateful for, as do many of us who don't take the time to appreciate it. I have no grandchildren yet, and I divorced the hubby, LOL. But, I am VERY grateful for my children, my family, my friends, including my online only friends, who I feel as close to as if I'd met them, and for my writing. I agree, whether or not I ever made a dime on my writing, the joy is sharing my stories, something I've dreamed of doing my whole life. We are part of the lucky few who get to live our dreams. Thanks for the reminder!

MJ Schiller said...

I'm so with you, Diane! Sometimes it is easy to lose perspective, but I live for those times somebody writes to tell me they really loved this book or that book. We're bringing joy to others. What's more important in life! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

Donna Michaels said...

I agree, Diane. Each of the years you've mentioned would be special. Congratulations to you and your family for the milestones, and to you for your writing milestone this year! Three books in a year is wonderful!