Saturday, September 1, 2012

"I wrote it," he said, strumming the guitar. The Beginning of a Series by Jena Galifany

While watching my favorite 80s rock band on a television show, my favorite bass player said these three words. It got me thinking. I knew why he said it on TV but why would he say these exact words to someone else?

These are the three words that were the beginning of my writing career. These three words grew into a novel over 50,000 words in a matter of one month. Then they grew into a six book series, four of which are published by Whiskey Creek Press. Let me walk you  through  the beginning of my thought process.

1) If he were so famous, why would he have to tell someone he wrote the song? Well, apparently she (it would have to be a she) would not know who he was.

2) If he were so famous, why would she not know who he was? Um, maybe she couldn't see him.

3) Why could she not see him if he was sitting beside her, playing the guitar? She was blind.

4) That would be difficult to write. I don't know that much about blindness. It would take a lot of research to be sure that I correctly wrote about it. Do I want to take that kind of time for something I'm just scribbling out for myself? Naw.

Ty Synclair
Alexis Rivers
5) She's only temporarily blind. That works! Why is she temporarily blind? Um, car accident. She hit her head. I know about this one because it happened to me long ago. My sight came back in a few minutes but her's will take until the next morning.

6) So far, so good. How did the accident happen? Driving on a snowy hill.

7) What was he doing on the snowy hill? What was she doing there? He needed to get away from his noisy band mates and the insincere women that hung around the band. She needed to get away from an abusive husband... no not husband (too permanent). An abusive boyfriend.

All of these things had been rolling around in my mind for months. It was not until I fell in my garden one morning and damaged my arm that I was able to have time to actually begin writing it all down. Off work for a month to allow my arm to heal, I began the adventure of writing the ShadowsForge series. It began with only three words. Sometimes it doesn't take much to get the imagination rolling.

Ty Synclair was my first ShadowsForge character. He needed to find that one woman who would be sincere. Alexis Rivers needed a man who would  take care of her, never hurting her. Three Times a Hero gave Ty and Alexis the opportunity for both of their dreams to come true.

If you want to find out more about this couple and ShadowsForge, here is a chance to win an ebook copy of your choice of one of the first four books in the series: Three Times a Hero, Trials on Tour, Retaking America, or The Long Way Home.

All you need to do:
1) Go to my website at
2) Locate the listing of the entire series. It is posted on only one page.
4) Send an email with the titles of ShadowsForge #5 and #6 to jena_galifany @ (remove spaces)
3) Post a comment that you have sent me an email.
4) This evening, I will have my daughter pick a winner from those who email and comment. I will email the winner to find out which ebook she or he prefers and get it sent out.

Thank you for reading and playing along.

Jena Galifany
ShadowsForge Series
Shyanne's Secret
Her Perfect Man
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Margo Hoornstra said...

Great stuff. Very interesting how 'real life' mixes with the thought process to produce these stories.

Jannine Gallant said...

My process is similar to yours, the "what if" questions. Sometimes when I'm stuck for ideas (even in the middle of a book) I go back to asking myself - or my characters - that.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how small a spark can fuel a creative mind. Imagination is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Lovely post. For you, those three words were powerful.

I've often thought the creative psyche takes small, often mudane things and pounds it and pokes it until it converges into a magical shape.

Laura Breck said...

I love your description of how things lurk in your mind and work themselves out before you start writing the story. So true!