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Meet Ty Synclair, Bass Player for ShadowsForge by Jena Galifany

Meet Ty Synclair, Bass player for the British 80s rock band, ShadowsForge. In the days of the big hair bands, Ty’s story is told in the first of the ShadowsForge series, Three Times a Hero by Jena Galifany.

Taylor “Ty” Synclair - Bass/Vocals

            Ty is the bass player and his voice is the main support to Geoff Richards lead, the voice behind the voice of ShadowsForge.  This lady-killer, wild man was recently captured and caged by Alexis Rivers Synclair, having met her on a snowy road overlooking Mirada Valley in California during the US leg of the Ethereal Edge Tour.  They literally ran into each other, bringing an end to his prowling days for the second time.  Only time will tell if Alexis can hold on to this Bad Boy.  Ty is 25 years old and he and Alexis make their home in Brighton when they are not traveling with ShadowsForge.  Ty's trademark thick mixture of blond to light brown chest-length curly hair and his crystal blue eyes made him most popular with the ladies until Alexis took him out of circulation.  He is 6’, muscular and finds it difficult to stay in one place on stage, usually burning off 2-3 pounds during each performance.  Off stage, he likes to spend his time with Alexis or writing lyrics for ShadowsForge.

How do you deal with being on the road, away from family and friends?
          Ty: Other than my Mum and Dad, my family is with me on the road.  Alexis is my family and who knows, maybe we'll be adding to the family soon.  That would be cool.  So I have the best of both worlds.

Did you date fans?
          Ty:  Most fans aren't looking for a long-term relationship.  They cross over that barrier from fan to “round heel” at that point.  I used to do the groupie thing.  Hey, if they were going to offer, I took.  That was when I was single.  Now I'm married to my number one fan.  Alexis was never a round heel or one-night stand.  It's perfect.  She's perfect.

How do you handle having money?
          Ty:  I've been making some investments and looking for a place to "retire" to when the bottom falls out of the music industry.  ShadowsForge is on top right now but you never know when your popularity will take a dive.  You have to be prepared for that to happen.  It's great to have all this money but you have to be smart with it.  This kind of success won't last forever. You have to plan ahead.

Where are you from?
          Ty:  Manchester.  

What kind of places did you play in the early days?
          Ty: Any place that would let us drag our equipment through the door and onto the stage.  That was before we picked up Gary Felding, our first roadie.  We didn’t want to think too highly of ourselves to turn down any gig.  We did pubs, coffee houses, even an outdoor free concert with two other local bands.  We wanted to get the exposure.  We hoped that it would lead to the paying gigs and it did once we developed a following.

Where do you live?
          Ty: I have a lovely home in Brighton. The entire upper floor is our bedroom.

What are your favorite:

          Ty:  Shrimp, any style of shrimp with a thick steak and a green salad.

          Ty: Wine

Perfect date
          Ty: Dinner and drinks in an intimate restaurant with my wife.

Perfume on a woman
          Ty: Lavender and Vanilla

          Ty: Def Leppard still rock.

Albums (ShadowsForge)
          Ty:  Ethereal Edge.  I don’t like to look back.

What is your birthday?
          Ty: April 1. No one believes me, though.

Thank you, Ty for answering my questions. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had working with you and the band over the years, writing the ShadowsForge series. Now if I can get Jon to settle down and work with me, I can get the last two books of the series finished.

          No problem, Jena. I’ve loved every night we’ve spent together. Writing, you know. If you want Jon to settle down, use his own ropes on him. That would be new for him.

Would you be willing to answer any other questions the readers might have?

          Sure thing. I’ll be here throughout the day.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Ty Synclair. He was the beginning of a wonderful new career for me. I never thought I’d be published, but Ty made that possible.

Learn more about Ty and the other men of ShadowsForge by stopping by my website, or check out the ShadowsForge Series available at Whiskey Creek Press.

Jena Galifany


Margo Hoornstra said...

Nicely done. Ty seems like the perfect hero. Best of luck with him and his friends.

Brenda whiteside said...

Hey, Ty, I love musicians - don't all women?! So creative and expressive. Thanks for the interview. Do you have a couple of lines from one of your songs we'd like to hear?

Jannine Gallant said...

Jena, thanks for introducing us to Ty. What's really odd is I have a rock star in one of my books named Tyler. I guess there's something about the name that says music!

Questions for Ty. You're young. How many years have you been playing music professionally?

JenaGalifany said...

From Ty to Brenda:


A candle lit room, a sultry surprise
The flames of our passion reflect in your eyes
You come to me (Softly) you touch me (Oh) there
No greater sensations, nothing else can compare

Enter into euphoric free flight
(Fly with me)
Breaking into the darkness of night
(Come take me)
Knowing that it exists to excite
(To make me)
Fly to the ethereal edge


Geoff helped write this one for the Ethereal Edge tour. I hope you like it.

JenaGalifany said...

For Jannine from Ty:

Geoff and I started playing where ever we could when we were seventeen or eighteen. After we got out of school, it took a couple of years to bring in the other lads, Brian, Jon and Jordan, and get going. We played our first professional gig when I was almost twenty-one. That blurb about me at the beginning of this blog was from an article Valerie Leonard wrote on the band a couple of years ago. I'm not quite that young anymore.


JenaGalifany said...

For Margo from Ty:

I'm no hero, I'm a rock star! LOL But really, if you knew Alexis, you'd know she was worth everything I did for her, including the bullet.


Colleen Connally said...

Loved the interview! Enjoyed it!

JenaGalifany said...

Thank you, Jerri. Ty is awesome to talk with. I have spent hours with him over the years. He has his own email. He used to show up on chats and he'd be there for hours after I left. lol

JenaGalifany said...

Ty has rehearsal and I have work. We'll be back later to answer any further questions. Have a blessed day!