Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who is Dale Ramsden?

Welcome to our guest today, Dale Ramsden of ALASKA HEART, by Christine DePetrillo. Oops, sorry. My mistake. We’ve got a barking Siberian Husky here pretty upset that I didn’t mention her too. My apologies, Gypsy. We’re glad you’re here as well.

Dale: She doesn’t like to be left out.

Christine: Nobody does and I’m glad you brought her.

Dale: I don’t know that I actually brought her. Gypsy seems to think she’s got the right to go wherever I go. She’s a little headstrong like that.

Christine: It’s what makes her a good lead sled dog, right?

Dale: Absolutely. I never would have won the Iditarod Race without her at the front of the pack. She keeps everyone in line and always gives 110%, right, girl?

Gypsy: Ruff, ruff, ruff.

Christine: Sounds like she agrees. How is the rest of the pack?

Dale: Everyone is doing well. In top shape. Eager to train for the next race.

Christine: And you’re working at your father’s tavern, Ram’s Den, between races, correct?

Dale: Yep. You should come in for a piece of Dad’s peanut butter pie. It’s killer.

Christine: And a wonderful way to be killed, I’m sure. I’ll be sure to swing by. Do you like to cook like your father does?

Dale: I don’t mind cooking, but I’d rather be working with my dogs or building things. I don’t like to be inside for long periods of time.

Christine: Even in Alaska where most of the time it’s not exactly beach weather outside?

Dale: Eh, I’ve lived in Alaska my whole life. I’m immune to the cold. Most of the time I’m not just standing still outside either. The key is to keep moving. You know, work up a sweat.

Christine: Right. Any favorite ways you like to work up a sweat?

Dale: I like to vary it. Don’t want to get bored.

Christine: It’s important to keep it fresh. Next question, what made you get into sled racing?

Dale: I guess it goes back to not wanting to get bored. With sled racing, there’s always something going on. Whether it’s raising the dogs, training them, finding new trails to explore, or actually racing, there’s never a dull moment. I never get the feeling that I have nothing to do, and I like to be busy. I also like the survival element involved in the Iditarod. It’s fun and a challenge battling the elements with nothing but the equipment on your sled and the dogs.

Christine: Isn’t it dangerous too?

Dale: There is that, but I’ve got Gypsy here, and she’s saved me before. I can count on her.

Christine: She’s a handy dog to have around.

Gypsy: Ruff, ruff, ruff

Dale: I believe she thinks so too.

Christine: Okay, final question, Dale. Would you recommend hopping online to find a soul mate?

Dale: Absolutely. It worked for me. I have to say, I never thought Alanna would actually come to Alaska from New York when I told her to in an email, but I’m soooo glad she did. She’s part of our pack now, and we’re all better off because of it.

Gypsy: Ruff, ruff, ruff

Christine: Thanks for joining us today, Dale AND Gypsy. Good luck in the next Iditarod Race.

Dale: Thanks for having us.



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Jannine Gallant said...

Love stories with dogs. Go Gypsy! Fun interview, Chris.