Sunday, August 26, 2012

A message from a ghost

There's two meanings to 'ghost' in the subject line:

One is me -- I'm not here, I'm busy with friends who are visiting this weekend, so this is a ghost post, scheduled in advance.

And one is about a character in my upcoming book, Gilt. John Carlson is haunting his wife, Genny. But why?

Q. John, you keep appearing to Genny when she least expects it. Why?

A. I can feel her tugging me back to her world, I guess. I know how upset she is about the investigation into the fire that killed me. But that was 2 years ago. I hoped she was past it, but I guess she isn't.

Q. What do you think will be discovered in that re-opened arson investigation?

A. That fire killed not only me, but a woman named Diane Steele, and a little girl. I know Mrs. Steele's husband, Dan, is anxious to find out the truth. I think he's also maybe anxious to get to know Genny better as they track down what really happened.

Q. Does that bother you? I mean, it's your wife and her husband and ...

A. Yes and no. Genny and I had a good marriage, but it ended on the day I died. She needs to live again, to have a life again. And I ... I need to move on, too. But I can't until I know the people who set that fire have been brought to justice.

Q. Do you think that will happen?

A. There are all kinds of justice, not just the legal kind. I think it will happen. I think if Dan Steele has anything to say about it, it will.

Q. When will we find out?

A. My story (and Genny's story) releases over Labor Day. That's when you'll find out who set up Jack Tinsley, the FBI agent who appears in J L Wilson's Twistered novel. And you'll find out who killed me. And you might just find out what scares Genny half to death ... and how she overcomes her fear.


Margo Hoornstra said...

Nice post. Even if neither of you is really there. Sounds like an interesting book.

Jannine Gallant said...

My goodness, JL, you're full of excting sounding books lately!

glenys said...

Sounds like a wonderful story, J.L., very touching. Glad you're taking a bit of R & R time to enjoy your visitors but don't be gone too long!