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Interview Assignment 1776: Doctor Jonathan Corbett: Historical Romance: Winds of Betrayal Seriesnew release, Ruse of Love.
Dawg gone it! I forgot insect repellent. The mosquitoes are huge and swarming around me, but what did I expect when I volunteered for this assignment to interview alpha males in romance novels? So, I bet you guys are wondering where I'm at. I know...I know I thought I was supposed to be going on an assignment to a contemporary romance...but no. The new girl, Arabella, took that assignment. She's flying off to her assignment in someone's private jet!!! She's getting to cover those Billionaire series and living the life of luxury. Where am I? I’ll tell you. In the midst of mosquito heaven somewhere in the backwoods of the Carolinas! Okay, okay, I confess I overslept...again. Yes, Frank, my boss, warned me. I didn’t listen. So now I've got to go find this doctor. I ask you who is going to be interested in an army doctor back in 1780?
“Where the hell did you come from?”
Abruptly, I turned and came face to face with my objectivemaybe my day wasn’t going to be as bad as I first thought. No, not bad at all. Tall, unquestionably handsome, and those eyes, those mesmerizing blue eyes Deep breath. You’re here for a reason. Remember your cover storyQuestions.
“Dr. Corbett?” I asked. “Dr. Jonathan Corbett?”
“Depends on whose asking.”
His response was short and to the point. I nodded. No nonsense. Not bada challenge, but not bad. I gave him a small smile.
“My name is Missy Elliot. I heard you served with the Continental Army up north. Saratoga. Served under General Washington. My father runs a small paper in CharlestonI mean, Charles Town.” Okay, slow down. Frank’s gonna kill you if you screw this up. Keep your facts straight. Charleston wasn’t called Charleston until after the war. After the war! I paused for a moment to compose myself. These time changes were gonna be the death of me. “He’s sick at the moment. Gout.”
“Not uncommon,” Dr. Corbett answered me. “But it doesn’t tell me why you’re here. It’s not safe for an unescorted woman. To be honest with all the raiders around this area it’s not safe for anybody.”
“I assure you I will be as brief as I can. My father wanted to interview you. A person of interest in these parts, Dr. Corbett. Something of a legend. It’s not often you hear of a fighin’ doctor.”
“I’m a doctor first. The fighting part just happened. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.”
“From the way I heard it you gave no thought to yourself, but grabbed a rifle and led a group of…”
“That was in Saratoga.” Jonathan Corbett cut me off.
Doesn’t like to talk about himself. Brave, courageous and humble. Nice, but it’s my job to get him to talk. “Patience, Dr. Corbett. The good people of the Carolinas want to understand you, the Virginian doctor. Is there any truth to the rumor that you came down here for a woman? A Rebekah Morse?”
No answer, just a stare that would have killed me if it had been a bullet. Asked and answered. “I apologize if you think I’m being noisy, but you have to admit you are an intriguing person. It would be quite understandable your first wife died…”
“I don’t talk about Catherine. Now you will have to excuse me. I have to get back to a patient.”
I glanced around. What patient? I timed this interview in-between battles. Where was I anyway? We weren’t close to his unit’s camp. Wait. There was a small cabin up the road a piece. Was someone coming out of the door? A broad muscular man ducked down to step outside… he wore no shirt which gave me a full view of his firm abs; his sweat glistened in the sunlight. Oh, yeah. My day was getting better and better.
“Who's this, Doc?” the man asked from the porch.
Dr. Corbett...Jonathan...looked back at me. He shrugged, “Not quite sure, but she’ll be leaving. Won’t ca, ma’am? I’m doing a favor for a friend that needed a doctor. Not interesting I’m sure to anyone.”
“I think the readers...for my...father's paper, would love it if I included...your friend…”
“Where are my manners? Sumner Meador, this is…”
My heart fluttered. Sumner Meador clicked in my head....Tides of Charleston Series...Hero in book three, Another Night Falls, soon to be released. Oh...oh...oh...can we say exclusive? Then Sumner's next statement  sent shivers down my spine.

"Doc, don't have time for this. Jake's seems to be doing better, but we need to get him out of here and back to the British before you know who discovers him."

I almost shouted for glee! I knew it! I just knew that Jonathan Corbett had to have been the doctor that saved Jake! Jake Penington, alpha hero of Books One and Two of the Tides of Charleston series. Headlines for sure!

"Looks as though we'll have to put this interview on hold at the moment, ma'am," Doctor Corbett said. 

But I won't be that easily dismissed. Oh, no! I won't leave this jackpot...three leading heroes converged into one be continued....

Whatever is a girl to do? We love our alpha heroes. 

Want to learn more about the men in the interviews? Yes, at one point all three men interact with  each other in these two series, Tides of Charleston and Winds of Betrayal. Check out their adventures.  

Want to catch up with the series, Book One of Winds of Betrayal, Patriot Secrets is going to be free on Amazon coming up August 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9th in celebration of Book Two, Ruse of Love's release!

And don't miss out on Tides of Charleston Series, The Judas Kiss and The Promise already released. Coming soon...Another Night Falls...September, 2012!

And Missy Elliot's interview will continue...two weeks from today...

Have a good one! Keep Reading!


Jannine Gallant said...

Really creative interview. Loved it, Jerri! I'll look forward to the second half.

Colleen Connally said...

Kinda fun when you get into it!

Margo Hoornstra said...

A little late getting here, sorry. Great work, here. Very entertaining.