Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who is Holden Lancaster?

Today, it is my great pleasure to be sitting with corporate pilot Holden Lancaster (from Kisses to Remember, by Christine DePetrillo). Welcome, Holden.

Holden: Thanks, Christine. It’s a pleasure to be here at The Roses of Prose. And might I add that you look good enough to eat today.

Christine: Likewise. Ahem. So how about a few questions to get to know you better?

Holden: Ask anything you’d like.

Christine: Will you take your shirt off? I mean…what’s it like taking off in a plane and being at the controls?

Holden: It’s an incredible turn on actually. The power to fly right in my own hands is such a rush. And the little planes like the King Air 350i are a blast. Lots of maneuverability. It truly is like being a bird in the sky. And the view is fantastic from up there.

Christine: The view ain’t so bad right here either. Moving on. You refurbish race cars. How did you get into that?

Holden: When I was about six or seven, my dad took me to a NASCAR race. He had a mechanic buddy who was on duty during the race so we got up close and personal with some of the drivers and cars. Those guys were so cool and the cars were so fast. It was a little boy’s dream, you know?

Christine: But you didn’t get into NASCAR racing. How come?

Holden: Well, I liked the cars, but I wanted to be a little more artistic in my designs. Not covered in sponsor logos and such, so I went for lesser known races where both art and speed were involved.

Christine: What’s your favorite design you’ve created?

Holden: The Marrow Camaro has to be my favorite. I love the glossy black body, and the splattered red paint on the hood and dripping along the sides always looks like fresh, wet blood. I got a lot of compliments on that car. Kameron absolutely loved it.

Christine: Ah, yes. Kameron. How did you feel when you first met Johanna Ware’s son?

Holden: Hey, she saved my life. Any kid of hers has to be fantastic, right?

Christine: What’s so fantastic about him?

Holden: Everything. He’s smart, kind, funny, and the kid can build absolutely anything out of Legos. He never gives anyone any trouble.

Christine: Sounds like the perfect kid.

Holden: He is. I was confused when I first came to Johanna’s farm. I’d crashed my plane. I’d been injured. I’d lost a good deal of my memory, but Kameron eased my mind on so many levels as did his wonderful mother. He never seemed to mind that a stranger was staying in his guestroom. In fact, he never treated me like stranger even though I was a stranger to myself at that time.

Christine: You’re lucky they found you.

Holden: I’m lucky they wanted to keep me.

Christine: Well, for the record, if they decide they want to return you for a full refund, I like planes and cars. I don’t have a guestroom, but I’m sure we could figure something out.

Holden: I’m sure we could.

Christine: Okay. Final question before we get ourselves into trouble here. What’s next for you?

Holden: Well, if all goes well, I’ll continue flying, rebuilding cars, and racing. Kam and I have plans to build a second barn because Johanna wants to get some horses. I’ll be happy if everything  just stays normal for a while. We’ve had enough drama. Now it’s time for some peace and happiness.

Christine: A great plan, Holden. I wish you much luck with everything and thanks for being here with us today.

Holden: My pleasure and thank you.

Christine: Okay, folks. That’s it for to—

Holden: It really is kind of hot in here, don’t you think?

Christine: Hot?

Holden: Yeah. Maybe taking my shirt off isn’t a bad idea.

Christine: Whatever will make you more comfortable, Holden. Let me just get rid of these readers…Scatter, people! Like now! Go surf the web, play on Facebook, read another blog, download Kisses to Remember.  Scoot. Scadaddle. Off you go.  

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Margo Hoornstra said...

Love the ending. What an exit! Not a bad 'looking' hero either.

Jannine Gallant said...

Holden sounds like quite a character. Thanks for giving us a peek into his life, Chris.

Brenda whiteside said...

Love your cover! Thanks for a fun interview.