Sunday, January 14, 2018

Are Canine Kisses a #Moodlifter? by Christine DePetrillo

Is there anything in the world better than sloppy doggie kisses? Is there? I doubt it. I can have the absolute worst day, but ten seconds after opening my garage door and stepping into my basement, my entire outlook is changed. Science agrees with me. According to this Time article"People who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure, heart rate and heart-disease risk than those who don’t." Pets are moodlifters and good for your body! 

Keeping an eye on some deer in our field

For those of you that don't know, I have a large dog. A very large dog. Like outweighs-me-large dog. When I come home, he's usually right on the other side of the door, tail a-waggin' and snuffling noises of pure excitement sounding as I push into the house.

And then we cuddle. Seriously cuddle. Due to his size, I can literally spoon my dog. So that's what we do. For at least a 60-second count. In that minute of spooning, my soul is at total peace. Nothing in the world matters. Nothing that happened at work matters. Nothing on my to-do list matters. There is only thick German Shepherd fur to bury my face in. There are only oversized ears to rub. There is only the deep, growling rumble of canine bliss as we enjoy our reunion.

But such snuggling only lasts so long and then the beast wants to walk and play. He's a good sport though. He'll throw a few more kisses my way and when I've been sufficiently loved, we walk for a good forty minutes through the 'hood. Most days, I'm not really sure who walks who.

A few neighbors say hello, but most have learned that my dog takes protecting me very, very seriously. If your hello is a little too boisterous, he'll let you know. If your greeting looks as if you might approach us, he'll tell you to stay back. If you're walking with a little dog... good GOD, don't bother with us at all! Neither of us can handle it.

When we've had enough of the streets, we return home to play in the yard or in the basement. Or, most likely, both places. After this hour of walk and play--and sometimes dancing (The Werewolf loves to conga)--both the dog and I are different. He's released some of his zoomies and I've tapped into a new well of my energy. We're both renewed. I'm able to slip into writer mode after this transition time with my pooch. My mind is settled and ready to create some magic on the page.

I always thought I was a cat person, and don't get me wrong, I love my two cats, but it's not the same. They don't alter my mood. They don't seem to know exactly what I need.

They poop on the carpet.

I'd much rather have canine kisses. How about you?


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Vonnie Davis said...

I would love, LOVE to have a dog. Calvin says I was made for more nobler things than picking up crap behind a dog as we take our walks. I think it would force me to exercise. Calvin points to the stationary bike in his den. But he never had a dog as a kid, so he doesn't really get it. I loved every word of your blog today.

Alicia Dean said...

What a sweet post! I'll have to admit, I'm not an animal person. I understand how others love their pets, and I enjoy cute dog stories and I enjoy animals from afar, but owning a pet has never been my 'thing' although I have owned a few in my time, mainly when my kids were small, for them. But, I didn't really know how to be a pet owner. So, now that my kids are grown, I don't even attempt it. Your dog seems like a wonderful companion/friend though. :D

Brenda Whiteside said...

I'm a dog lover. After Rusty died (the smartest dog in the world), FDW mourned for a year. It's been nearly 3 and he still tears up. I miss him horribly. But we won't get because as year round RVers I can't handle the close quarters with the fur and it seems unfair to the dog...FDW says he can't go through losing another one. Your guy sounds great!

remullins said...

I am very attached to my 2 rescues. However, after seeing the almost intact mole one of them puked up on the carpet, I don't allow dog kisses.

Rolynn Anderson said...

I'm like Alicia. I enjoy animals from afar and my life is too busy to give a dog the attention he/she deserves. Enjoyed my two cats, back when. I envy your close relationship to your pup, especially how the dog protects you. And your rituals. Heart-warming.

Andrea Downing said...

Oh, this is so timely for me. I've been saying for months I want to get a dog, and in particularly a German Shepard, but my daughter says she'll be allergic and won't be able to visit--she's even allergic to the ones that are supposedly hypo-allergenic--and my son-in-law sees germs everywhere so the thought of someone who picked up a dog's poop cooking him dinner is not. . . .well, you get the point. And dogs love me. When I'm at my apt. they always greet me in the elevator; yesterday one got out on my floor with his owner following and wouldn't leave my front door until I said goodnight and went inside. Living alone, do I settle for a full-time dog or a part-time daughter? LOL

Jannine Gallant said...

I love my dog. And I have miles of woods to walk in, so I don't have to pick up poop. She goes waaaaay off the trail like the smart dog she is. I agree, a mood lifter when you walk through the door. My husband remembers the good old days when the girls used to run to greet him when he got home from work. Now Ginger does it. And she forces me to take daily walks. What's not to love! Great post, Chris!

Betsy Ashton said...

I haven't had a dog in decades. Beowulf was a shepherd/malamute mix. When I moved from SoCal to NY, I couldn't bring him. He stayed with my roommate until he died. Why don't I have another dog? Because he wouldn't be Beowulf.

Alison Henderson said...

I love your photos of the Werewolf, but I have to confess I've always been a cat person. OG and I haven't had a pet since our last kitty died more than ten years ago. We get so attached, it's too hard to say goodbye.

Leah St. James said...

What a sweet post! There's no doubt that for many, doggie kisses can turn a blue mood happy. I had cats as a kid and my husband had dogs, so we compromised and got one of each (both rescues) when our kids were small. I have to say, the dog was a better friend, but I was the one walking her and cleaning up her poop. Still, I loved her, and it broke my heart when we moved to an apartment that wouldn't accept dogs and we had to give her away. We were lucky and found a wonderful new home for her. It's been more than 20 years and my older son hasn't quite forgiven me. Today we share his cat (Hercules) while he's living with us. Hercules might be more dog than most cats. I won't get kisses and "bear" hugs when I walk in the door, but he does come running to greet me. Usually he hears my car and is waiting when I walk in the door! He's curled at my feet right now.

Christine DePetrillo said...

As someone who doesn't have any human children, I have the time to give my big lug all the attention he wants. I often say to him that he lives better than half the students in my class! There are those who say I give him too much devotion, but hey, we're both happy so that's got to be good, right? I didn't have pets growing up so I know when the cats or the werewolf buys the farm I'll be a mess, but that's all part of the relationship, I guess. I fell apart a little when my lizard passed on a few years ago and he wasn't someone you could cuddle.

Diane Burton said...

Great post, Chris. We didn't have pets when I was young--seven kids was enough work for my mom. Hubs had 2 dogs while I always wanted one. We've had 3. Putting the last one down was the hardest. I know what you mean about the way dogs greet you when you come home, as if s/he hasn't seen you in years. Loved it and miss it. We've been dogless for several years. When I need a dog-fix I can visit my kids who each have 2 dogs. Remember the 2 BIG dogs who lived with us last summer? Great Dane and a Lab. That was more than enough dogs for a while.