Saturday, January 27, 2018

An Interview With An Author Part II by Betsy Ashton

Welcome back. I'm your Intrepid Reporter interviewing Betsy Ashton, author of the incredibly chilling EYES WITHOUT A FACE.

IR: I'm here with Betsy Ashton. Welcome back.

Me: Thanks. And thanks for the coffee.

IR: We've already talked about the cover and why you wrote the book. I want to talk now about the killer herself.

Me: I'm good with that. This killer got under my skin.

IR: She doesn't have a name.

Me: I think you mean she doesn't have a given or family name.

IR: Right.

Me. In her small town, most kids grew up with nicknames, Buddy, Bub, Junior, Princess. Her family nickname is a representation of how her family sees her.

IR: Did they really call her That Thing?

Me: Alas, they did. It shaped her worldview.

IR: I found I couldn't always believe her.

Me: Well, she is unreliable. She doesn't want you to believe everything she says, but she wants you to believe everything she does.

IR: That sounds contradictory.

Me: It is and isn't.

IR: I see, I think. Is she a sociopath?

Me: She doesn't think so.

IR: So, she's a psychopath?

Me: She doesn't think so.

IR: That's why she's called unreliable, isn't it?

Me: That's part of it.

IR: I may be foolish, but sometimes I found myself rooting for her.

Me: Good. That's what she wants you to do.

IR: I got a distinct Dexter vibe. Was that intentional?

Me: By no means. I have heard of Dexter, of course, but I've only seen one episode. I don't receive the channel it was on.

IR: Did you have any television show in mind?

Me: Criminal Minds. I think the episodes are perfect for that show.

IR: Do you see any of the actors playing That Thing? G-Man?

Me: Casting That Thing is for a different interview. If Joe Mantegna weren't so old, I'd like to see him play G-Man. That said, I wouldn't turn down Shemar Moore...

IR: Do you have any advice for a budding author trying to do what you did with this book?

Me: Humanize your character.

IR: How do you recommend doing that?

Me: Give her a cat.

IR: I'm afraid our time is up. I hope I can have you back to learn more about how you write and what you are working on now.

Me: It would be a pleasure.


Jannine Gallant said...

Give her a cat. Love it, Betsy! Great interview!

Betsy Ashton said...

What better way to make a character human than letting it have a pet. In Eyes, the cats are Miss Snickers, Miss Snickers 2 and Miss Snickers 3.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Cats are perfect for this character, I'm thinking. Thanks for the interview, Betsy...intriguing premise!

Margo Hoornstra said...

And the creepiness continues. Wonderful and revealing interview. Loved it!

Vonnie Davis said...

I'll take Shemar Moore for two hundred.

Betsy Ashton said...

I don't know, Vonnie. You and I may have to arm wrestle for Shemar. Talk about eye candy!

Andrea Downing said...

Brilliant. If the book is as good as the interview, you're on to a real winner.

Leah St. James said...

A cat...great idea!! Loved the interview. Just grabbed a copy for my Kindle and can't wait to read it! :-)

Alison Henderson said...

I'm completely intrigued--scared, but intrigued.

Alicia Dean said... this!! I am fascinated by this character, and can't wait to read the book! OMG, Dexter is the BEST show ever! I'm definitely intrigued by the potential Dexter vibe.

Brenda Whiteside said...

Great interview. Fun. And the book sounds creepy wonderful!

Diane Burton said...

Fascinating interview. I love how you don't really answer the questions. Humanize the villain. A lot of truth to that.