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Our Nation's First Sex Scandal by Diana Rubino

Please welcome our guest, Diana Rubino! And read all the way to possibly be a winner.

On New Year’s Day 2008, I sat on the couch trying to figure out who to write about next, and decided on Hamilton (this was WAY pre-Hamilton, the musical). The story centers on Hamilton, his wife and mistress—the love triangle that became the nation's first sex scandal, The Reynolds Affair, in 1791. 

My agent said the story needed a bit more ‘oomph’ and I thought: how about a Jack the Ripper-type serial killer stalking the dark streets? That genre isn’t my forte, so I asked my friend, best selling thriller writer Brian Porter, to help out. I’ve known Brian for many years; he was my editor on A NECESSARY END, my Civil War romance centering on John Wilkes Booth’s insane plot to assassinate President Lincoln, and I knew about his success with his Jack the Ripper novels and Mersey Mystery series. So he was my very first choice as a collaborator. He graciously obliged and wrote a chilling subplot about a serial killer on the dark Philadelphia streets, Severus Black. Severus seems to have gathered a following already! 

While researching this book, I became fascinated with Aaron Burr, who makes a cameo appearance in the story as Maria Reynolds's divorce lawyer. I found the Aaron Burr Association on the internet, and have been a member ever since. 

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My fascination with Aaron led to my next bio novel, about his last wife Eliza Jumel, which was released on November 24.

An excerpt from SHARING HAMILTON 

“You love me, Alex? You truly love me? Are you sure?” My breath caught in my throat. My heart danced. His admission rendered me breathless. I melted into a puddle in his lap.
“Maria, I’ve been awaiting you all my life.” He stroked my cheek. “You’re everything I’ve wanted in a woman—allure, intelligence, talent, fun—I’ve never met a woman who was all those things wrapped in one beautiful package.”
I gazed into his eyes, knowing our souls had entwined before this, ages before.
“I wanted you so badly from the moment we first met, at Aaron’s soirée,” I divulged the risky admission. “Though I knew you were already taken, and your course already laid out for you, I craved your attention, not to simply revere you from afar. I wanted to know you personally, even if only to spend one visit together. Just to be close to you. But I knew it was a fantasy. I was distraught when you left New York to live here. Then, when James made us move here, I knew our paths were destined to meet. It could not have happened any other way.”
“Then your initial letter to me had subtext I missed?” His lips curved with mirth.
“Oh, no, not at all,” I murmured between kisses on his face, his ears, his lips. “We—I was destitute. James had—” About to blurt it out, I stopped myself. I couldn’t bring myself to admit I’d lied to him; I’d been a pawn in James’s plot. “All I wanted was to meet you, to be alone with you, for a few stolen moments. That was all I deserved. After all, you are—who you are! I’m—no one.”
“Ah, you’re far from no one. A pity James doesn’t realize that. But I do. I will come clean with you, Maria. I love my wife, but I am not in love with her. As I am with you.”
I wanted to climb to the roof and sing to the entire world, “The great Alexander Hamilton, my new love, is in love with me!” How could I ever keep this a secret? The best part of being in love was sharing it with others. Oh, how I wanted to tell someone! But who could I trust? 


The first three readers to answer this question will receive the Kindle version of SHARING HAMILTON. 

Which historical figure have you always wanted to meet, and why? 


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remullins said...

Sex and a serial killer - what more could anyone want in a book?

Leah St. James said...

Welcome, Diana! Ditto what RE said! :-) Sounds like a fascinating story.

Alicia Dean said...

Yes, throw in a serial killer and ANY book is better. :) I love the premise and how you're using actual historical figures. Sounds like a great read!

Rolynn Anderson said...

I'm always amazed at the interest in this period...and the old west. And Aaron Burr has a website and FB slot? Astonishing. Good for you for digging deeper into a fascinating era!

Jannine Gallant said...

As a history lover, this book is right up my alley! Happy to have you on our blog!

Diana Rubino said...

Thanks, ladies! I never knew about Hamilton's famous affair when I first started researching him. It was the tabloid fodder for the time--and they sure had their scandal sheets then, as now! I became fascinated with Aaron Burr while researching Hamilton, and he replaced Lincoln as my favorite American. Anyone interested in Aaron can join the Aaron Burr Assoc., we get together every Sept. and visit historical sites connected with Aaron--this year it's in New Jersey, next year, my territory, Boston.
So glad you liked the idea of putting the serial killer subplot in--my agent said the book needed more 'oomph', so I asked my friend Brian Porter, who writes murder mysteries set in England (he's British) and he wrote the subplot--readers have really fallen for this creepy killer! :)

Betsy Ashton said...

I say add a serial killer or a cat and you have everything you need for a great story.

Diana Rubino said...

When my agent said it needed more oomph, I thought, what better than a murderer on the loose? Ah, yes, the cat will always help a story along, too, especially if it helps solve those murders!

Vonnie Davis said...

A great premise. I'm a history lover, too. Sounds great.

Diana Rubino said...

Thanks, Vonnie; I had a blast writing it.

Margo Hoornstra said...

True history is always fascinating. Then add a serial killer and voila - an enthralling book. Best of luck.

Andrea Downing said...

What fascinating research! I'm jealous. And your plot twists sound intriguing. Good luck with the book.

Diana Rubino said...

Thanks, Margo & Andrea...the serial killer my co-author Brian came up with couldn't be more creepy--he'd had him in mind to write about for a while, and this came along. He never gets caught in this book, to leave him free to star in his own sequel!
I'm a huge history buff so the research is the best part. I really enjoy writing about people who actually lived and getting into their heads. If only I could 'channel' them but I don't have that talent. :)

Diana Rubino said...

My co-author Brian Porter has written several best-selling books, some of which are about his rescue dogs, and he has a murder mystery series set in England. Connect with Brian:

Blog is at

Website is

Diane Burton said...

Wow. Isn't it amazing that the political scandals of recent times are nothing new? I've always enjoyed reading historical fiction. Your book sounds great. Best wishes.

Diana Rubino said...

Thanks,, sex scandals among politicians are nothing new; this was the first, and it sure got tongues wagging...and ruined Hamilton's chances of ever aspiring to the presidency.
Why can't these guys stay out of trouble?????