Saturday, October 14, 2017

Top Ten Things I Love About Autumn by Christine DePetrillo

10. I don’t have to mop at a sweat mustache inhabiting my upper lip. I love summer but hate sweating.

9. It’s much easier to walk The Werewolf. He likes that I’m home with him in the summer, but he’s not fond of walking through the ‘hood in the heat. Even though I always walk him at the cooler parts of the day for safety’s sake, he drags behind me in the summer. As soon as autumn hits, the bounce is back in his step and we can speedwalk again.

8. Pumpkin spice. I’ll admit it. I’m a fan. I’ll try anything with the label “pumpkin spice” splashed across it.

7. Foliage. The colors autumn brings to the trees always astounds me. No prettier paintbox than the one Mother Nature provides.

6. Fires. I like to burn in my outdoor fire pit in the summer, but autumn is the best time to gather around the toasty flames on a crisp night. S’mores also taste better in autumn.

5. Apple Cider. Non-alcoholic. Alcoholic. I love ‘em both. I don’t drink beer, but I love me some hard cider. Currently Cinnful Angry Orchard is my favorite, but I’m open to suggestions if you have one.

4. Witchy time. Autumn calls to my inner witch. Spell-casting, manifesting, card reading… all of it is more “tuned” for me in October.

3. Pumpkin pie. My favorite pie. I make it with a maple syrup-walnut-brown sugar topping that I could almost eat just by itself.  

2. Edgar Allan Poe. Autumn is the time I often reread some of my Poe favorites. The Raven and The Telltale Heart are at the top of the pile.

And the number one reason I love autumn in New England is MEN IN FLANNEL. While I don’t mind a man in shorts and a tight T-shirt, a dude sporting jeans, a flannel shirt, and work boots is always preferred. There’s something so… huggable about flannel, don’t you agree?

Why do you love autumn? Or why do you not love it?



Diane Burton said...

I love autumn, for most of your reasons. Especially #10. I hate sweating! Ooh, flannel shirts. In the novella I'm writing, my hero has gone from 3-piece suits to flannel shirts. A reason you didn't mention (and why should you?) for why I love autumn, it's when I was born. I've never been a football fan, but grandson is converting me. At 7, he just finished another season of flag football. Next year, it's helmets and pads. You know where I'll be next fall. On the football field cheering the boy on.

Vonnie Davis, Author said...

Like Diane, my sons and grandsons turned me on to football. I wouldn't miss a game. I enjoy the crisp feeling in the air and adore looking at the fall colors.

Jannine Gallant said...

I love autumn because all the tourists leave Tahoe. That's right, we have our town back. No sitting in traffic to get to the store. Oh, and the amazing color on our hikes in the woods isn't bad, either!

Leah St. James said...

I think you named a whole bunch of my favorite things about autumn, Chris! I'm with The Werewolf when it comes to summertime energy. The heat saps mine! I always think about women in centuries past wearing layers of long clothing (and cinched at the waist!) and I droop in sympathy. The foliage is also a favorite, although since moving to Southeastern Virginia, I don't get much of it anymore. Our winters aren't cold enough (or cold long enough?). Whatever the reason, we don't get the brilliant colors they do up north or in higher elevations. But I'm not complaining! I'll take a more moderate winter any day!