Sunday, March 30, 2014

Smokin' Hot Guys

Every Wednesday, my friend and fellow Rose Alicia Dean hosts a game on her blog she calls Want, Wed, Waste, a takeoff on another game with less euphemistic labels. Of course, we have to explain our choices. Each week, it’s interesting which guys the ladies think are hot enough to want (or wed). Many of us have grown children who, probably, would be appalled that we would do this. We may be old(er), but we aren’t dead. I remember my dad teasing my mom about her heart throb, Tyrone Power. My sister and I would roll our eyes, especially when we were teens. Sheesh. Who wants to think of their mother having a crush on a movie star?

When given a choice of three guys during Alicia’s game, sometimes none floats my boat. Other times, it’s hard to choose and they’re all lust-worthy. Sometimes, my choices are way different from the other's. 

So what makes a man appeal to certain women? Looks? Character? Charisma?

Looks sure don’t hurt. Eyes, pecs, buns, hair. Women can be just as superficial as men. What about character? That means you have to know more about the person. Another interesting point some of the women playing the game mention when they chose the one they’d like to wed is how the guy is in real life. He can be handsome yet if he comes across as arrogant or treats his wife poorly, that guy is usually wasted. But give us a guy who is genuinely a good husband in real life, we all want to wed him.

Charisma. That elusive something that draws you in and makes your heart start to trip. Oh, yeah. That’s the hardest element of all.

When I play the game or add comments, I feel like I’m fifteen again, crushing on TV and movie stars. And that’s not all bad.

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Jannine Gallant said...

It is a fun game! We all like to fantasize from a safe distance. As for what makes one man attractive and another not--must be our brain chemistry. Sometimes I fear my heroes are all too much alike. But, they're all the guy I'd want to wed not waste! LOL

Margo Hoornstra said...

Nothing wrong with feeling like you're fifteen again, Diane. I remember those days and have to say they weren't half bad. Making our kids roll their eyes is part of the job. Good clean fun!

Diane Burton said...

Me, too, Jannine.

LOL, Margo. We live to embarrass our kids.

Alicia Dean said...

LOL, Diane. I love this post! Yes, some of the authors have emailed me or commented and said, "These guys are way too young." And sometimes the guys are in their thirties, and I'm thinking, uh, some of your romance heroes are younger than these guys, put yourself in your heroine's shoes. We're writers, we should be able to easily escape into fantasy. :) And, it is a lot of fun! It is interesting to see the different opinions on the same men. I think there is some kind of chemical reaction to certain guys. Even though we've never met them face to face (unless you're ME and we're talking about IAN SOMERHALDER, [yes, I will mention that at any opportunity] :-)), I think we can still feel this charismatic pull with certain celebrities. Especially since we've seen them in movie or tv roles and can fantasize that those roles are the reality. :)

Leah St. James said...

I must confess to being one who says "too young!" now and then. I'm sorry, but I can't help sometimes associating them with my grown sons. And that just makes me feel EWWWWWWWWW! :-) Not to mention younger men just are more concerned with themselves in the romance department, if you know what I mean. So, yes, I do prefer a man mature enough to know what he's doing with the gifts God gave him. :-)