Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Men who make me hot, men who leave me cold by Alicia Dean

Isn’t it funny how different a person’s idea of what’s sexy and what’s not can be? There are certain men (we’ll focus on celebrities only, so I don’t get in trouble ;)), who tingle my lady parts and others who do…nothing. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I can acknowledged that they are attractive, aesthetically pleasing, but they just don’t have that certain something, that charisma, or whatever it is that tickles my fancy.
I’ve provided some examples below of men who make me hot and men who leave me cold. (I didn’t include Elvis. He’s the ultimate fancy tickler, for me, but that goes without saying, so I’ve chosen three non-Elvis examples)


The Hot:

Tom Berenger (Bonus pic because he's wearing a baseball uniform) :-)

I’ve always found him incredibly sexy. Something about him just…sigh…(and did I mention the baseball uniform? YUMMMY)

Colin Farrell

DANG!!! One of the hottest men EVER. I love that he can play any role, bad guy, romantic, quirky, tough guy, and he can play them convincingly wiht a variety of accents. But, when he speaks with his genuine Irish brogue, oh my…
He’s the inspiration for my hero in my current WIP. (I like modeling my characters after celebrities. Gives me a better visual)

Ian Somerhalder

Wow. And wow again. Those eyes…that lopsided smile…that…everything. And, I’ve actually spoken to him. Seen him for real. TOUCHED him. And he’s just as beautiful in person as he is on television. More so.

The Not so Hot:

Ryan Gosling

Meh. I don’t get it.

Ben Affleck

Talented, but doesn’t do it for me. I like his brother, Casey, much better.

Johnny Depp

Extremely talented, but sexy??? Don’t think so!

I will acknowledge that it is possible I will change my mind about these ‘not so hot’ guys. Not long ago, Channing Tatum didn’t do it for me. (I couldn’t even remember if his name was Tatum Channing, or Chatum Tanning, or Chanting Tomato) I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Then, I saw Magic Mike. The ‘fuss’ became immediately clear. Crystal clear. Indubitably clear.

So…who does it for you? And who does NOT do it for you, although on some level, you feel they should?
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Diane Burton said...

OMG, I'm first to comment. Yay, me. LOL I know what you mean, Alicia. Some celebrities that everybody thinks are so hot, do nothing for me. Then there are the others. Maybe it's photos vs action. Jeremy Renner in MI: Ghost Protocol and The Bourne Legacy is so much sexier than in most photos.

Barbara Edwards said...

I am so out of it. I didn't know half those gorgeous guys on either list. I still love Tom Selleck. shows my age.

Jannine Gallant said...

Okay, I have a thing for Josh Holloway. Thought he was incredibly sexy as the bad boy on Lost, now he's equally sexy with a clean cut look on Intelligence. I don't get Johnny Depp either. Are we missing something, Ally?

Alicia Dean said...

Yay you, Diane! LOL. Jeremy Renner...yes, he's very sexy! It could have something to do with their presona, the roles you see them in, etc. And I left off one of my faves, but I decided just to do 3. :) David Walton, he is SO hot...he really 'does it' for me. :)

Alicia Dean said...

Ah, Barbara. Tom Selleck is a definite YES! He's still so sexy. Uhm, I'm MUCH too old to be lusting after these guys, but what can I say...can't help myself. :)

Alicia Dean said...

Jannine, absolutely!!! Josh Holloway, SWOON! I loved him on Lost, but I'll admit, I can't get into Intelligence. Just too much sci fi weird stuff going on, although, I could suffer through it for Josh, but, I already watch too much television. :)

Funny you mention him, you know how I said I model my heroes after celebs? He was the inspiration for my hero in Poetic Injustice (part of the Killer Love boxed set). How about that? :)

Liz Flaherty said...

Yep, Tom Selleck, and, while we're at it, Sam Elliot--all he has to do is talk and he has my heart. I love Ben Affleck, though, because he's a family man, which is all I need for a hero. Fun post!

Jannine Gallant said...

Me too! Josh Holloway IS Chase, my cowboy hero in Nothing But Trouble. Hear that all you producers out there. Turn my book into a movie, and your hero is already cast!

Alicia Dean said...

Yes, Liz. I really like Ben Affleck a lot. I think he's funny and he seems like a great guy. I just don't find him sexy. I enjoy his movies, but oddly am not attracted to him. :)

Alicia Dean said...

Ha, Jannine. I love that we both used Josh. (would like to REALLY use him ;-)) Yes, a lot of my books are already cast just waiting for someone to make the movie! Can't believe I haven't read Nothing But Trouble. I will have to do that soon. (Getting ready to start on Asking for Trouble, though)

Kara Ashley Dey said...

I liked Ian because he reminded me of a young Rob Lowe. But I think my tastes have changed in the last few years. More muscle and more rugged catch my eye. I think all the military and firefighter romances have influenced me! ;)

Margo Hoornstra said...

Yikes! Late getting here. I'm with you, Alicia on your yes and no guys. Tom Selleck and I were both born in Detroit - I doubt he knows that! Still I'm with you, Barbara. Had to look up Josh Holloway, sorry Jannine. That was Chase? LOL

Alicia Dean said...

Yes, Kara, he does me too. He reminds me a little of Elvis. I like muscle and rugged too. For sure! :)

Alicia Dean said...

Margo, I'm sure Tom knows you were both born in Detroit! :) Glad you agree with my picks. Thanks for stopping by.

Alicia Dean said...

Margo, I'm sure Tom knows you were both born in Detroit! :) Glad you agree with my picks. Thanks for stopping by.

Leah St. James said...

HOLY COW, Ally, I just found David Owens...your Ian Somerhalder. He's a tad on the slender side, but the face, the's him!! All this time I've been searching for him for about ten years! I first saw him at a big reception at work--he was one of the waitstaff and was wearcing a tux--(this is David Owens, I mean, not Ian Somerhalder), and he turned a corner and vanished INTO THIN AIR and I've been looking ever since. You found him!! (Must note this name down somewhere...of course I have no clue who Ian Somerhalder is, but it's him!)

Leah St. James said...

So I just Googled him, and he's about 4 inches too short and probably 30 pounds too light (if not more), but the face, the eyes...sigh. Now I remember seeing him on Lost too.

Alicia Dean said...

Haha, wow, I didn't realize that David Owens was the love of my life, although, I did fall for him hard in Surrender. :) Now you know who Ian is. Sigh is right... And, I spoke with him, touched saw our pic together, right? (Well, not to brag, but TWO pics!!!)

Leah St. James said...

I did see the two pictures, lucky woman you!

Alicia Dean said...

LOL. Yes, very, very lucky! :)