Thursday, March 20, 2014

It’s Officially Spring Here in the Northern Part of the World

Laura Breck

Although we had four inches of snow yesterday, and it’ll only be in the 30s today, my calendar says it’s the first day of spring.

We’ve been having some melting, too. Slushy puddles of ice water to step in, ones that freeze overnight making it treacherous in the morning. But the sun, warm and welcome in the moist air, makes it all worthwhile.

I remember when I was a kid, I loved the melting snow. I’d cut winding paths through the ice to create rivers that ran into big pools of water. Then I'd cut another path downhill from that pool to make rivers that continued all the way to the sea (by way of the city sewer system.)

The hours I spent crouching, making canals and rivers and pools are a fond memory. The quiet time allowed my imagination to run free, evoking lovely dreams of adventure and romance far from our little backyard in Saint Paul.

Today, as I plod through my many writing tasks, I just may put on my rubbery boots and head outside. Once I find a sturdy stick and open a channel for melted snow, maybe some of those innocent adventures from my youthful daydreams will come flooding back. Could there be a new book idea for me in that wonderful spring sunshine?

Happy Spring!
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Jannine Gallant said...

Best of luck cutting those channels and letting the ideas flow. We seem to have had spring all winter this year in CA. Buds that shouldn't poke out of the snow until May are already making an appearance in our snow free yard!

Margo Hoornstra said...

Laura. Gotta love your optimism. Good luck with those free flowing thoughts. We are so ready for Spring! I've been jealous of Jannine ALL winter.

Leah St. James said...

Happy spring, Laura!

Laura Breck said...

Jannine, you're lucky. It's been one of the longest, ugliest winters I've ever complained through!

Margo, we'll get our chance at spring soon (I hope!)

Thanks, Leah, same to you!

Alicia Dean said...

Have fun outside, and here's hoping a wonderful idea for a book 'blooms' for you. ;) Glad you're finally getting your sunshine!