Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sedona by REMullins

Beautiful, mystical Sedona. 

I finally got the chance to visit Sedona with my daughter and it was more and less than what I expected. 

This, however, was entirely my fault as I couldn't be satisfied with the gorgeous scenery.

You see, I'd read about ley lines and vortexes and couldn't wait to hike out to see one. I hoped the site wouldn't be roped off as I wanted to get right up there and feel the raw, concentrated energy bubbling out of the earth...

Perhaps the vortex would be a small hole with trails of white vapor escaping ala Yellowstone? I wondered how strong the magnetic pull of a ley line might be. Would I get the sensation of walking through sucking mud when I walked along it?

Okay, I admit it. My imagination had taken things much further. This is how I was picturing things as we drove up from Phoenix. 

Though dressed in shorts, tee, and sneakers, in my mind's eye, I saw myself wearing a long white robe. My hair flowing in the breeze and a crown of flowers encircling my head. Earth child returning to her mother. And since it was my imagination, I shaved off about ten pounds. Envisioned my skin a little tighter. Boobs a little firmer. 

As soon as we reached the mystical spot, I'd lift my arms in supplication to the ancient earth spirits. I'd stand Marilyn Monroe style in the circle of stones...or the crevice...or whatever the vortex might actually be. Then, I was positive, I'd feel a miraculous sense of healing and renewal filling me. Maybe, I'd even finally understand life in a more metaphysical level.

But most of all I believed there would be some finite location an X marks the spot type thing. Was I ever disappointed to learn there wasn't a designated spot. 

The entire region is supposedly the vortex. What? You are left to find what you will. My mind balked, completely revolting against the idea it wouldn't be all mapped out for me. I wanted, no needed an epicenter of some sort. 

My daughter and I hiked up into Bell Rock and as I walked I thought I could hear faint musical notes. Was this my totem spirit guiding me? Turns out it was a man with long, grey hair sitting atop a spiral of red rock blowing spa-reminiscent music on a tribal flute. 

Cynicism took over and I said on a sneer to my daughter, "the park probably pays him to come out and play for the tourists."

The steep climb wore me out. I was sweating and my leg muscles had turned to jelly - so not what I'd envisioned. My daughter and I found a place to sit on an outcropping of red rock shaded by a scrub tree. I closed my eyes in relief as I felt a slight cooling breeze. The music wove around, the vista was breathtaking, and I was filled with a deep sense of serenity. 

Perhaps that was my vortex moment. Yet to me it was no different from the peace that fills me while sitting next to a lake or stream. I've felt the same calm contentment at the beach or working in a flower garden. 

It suggests that mental healing can be found anytime we slow our lives long enough to allow our hearts to open. Rested, peaceful, we headed back to the trail head.

Reaching the parking lot we discovered a couple studying the trail map. The man stopped us with a perplexed look.

"Where exactly is this vortex located?"
I laughed and left my daughter to explain. 



Margo Hoornstra said...

Ah yes, healing. We all seek it's comfort. Glad you eventually found yours.You're right, it exists where you find it. Thanks for the entertainment. Gotta love the ten pounds, tighter skin and firmer boobs. Always!

Leah St. James said...

Oh too funny! I would have been right there with you! Glad you did find a few minutes of that serenity, despite the sweat and jellied muscles!

Diane Burton said...

Oh, darn. I was hoping you were going to tell us where the vortex was so I could go there in Feb. I've been to Sedona once on a whirlwind "here's Sedona" trip up to Flagstaff. Told Hubs this time we're going to poke around and really see the area instead of jumping out of the car to take pictures from parking lots. Still, it's great you found some inner peace.

Rolynn Anderson said...

I'm living in Sedona for the next month, with four giant windows of our apartment (VRBO) giving my husband an me breathtaking views of the mountains. RE, thanks for letting me know I can stay right where I am and absorb the magic. We've been here before, and even looked for real estate here, but our love of being next the ocean drew us to the central coast to establish our second home. I'm hoping to finish/publish two books while I'm here...let's hope the vortex is with me. I'm glad you have an experience and a story to share with your daughter...that's worth any old crystal-gazing!

remullins said...

Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate you ladies. You have to treasure each of those 'stop and smell the roses' moments in life no matter where they happen. Sometimes I think they're all that keep me going.

Jannine Gallant said...

For me, it's always about the hike, not the destination. I do my best thinking while I'm out on a trail. Mother Nature has a way of delivering a mental boost, sometimes without the bells and whistles. Glad you found yours.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Awesome story. Making memories is what it's all about. I've always wanted to see those rocks. jealous.

Alicia Dean said...

Well, even if the vortex wasn't what you hoped, it sounds like you had a great experience. Thanks for sharing!