Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Glamorous Day In The Life...

Hiya peeps.

I’m new here. Yay! My name is Mackenzie Crowne. My friends call me Mac and I hope you will, too. I’m a desert rat, living in Arizona, a wife, mother, really young grandmother, ;-) and a breast cancer survivor. I’m completely humbled to be joining the Roses of Prose. I mean, not only is there some heavy duty talent here, but these ladies are sharp! I can’t believe they invited a weed like me to come frolic in their lovely garden.

Since this is my debut post, I thought a glimpse of who I am would be appropriate. That's the real me on the right, enjoying the outdoors at my mountain hideout. The following is a peek at a normal day around my house. Yeah. I’m an author, which means my life is soooooooo glamorous…

7:38 AM: Wake to discover I’d neglected to set my alarm. (I’m behind on a deadline and stayed up much later than usual because the words were flowing) Realize my granddaughter, who stayed the night, is already late for school.

7:39 AM: Race to grade school in a ponytail and pajama sweats – sans makeup – face the office staff, only to realize I’m wearing two different shoes.

Mac's Office
7:50 AM: Enter my office to start my day. Pick up laptop. Curse as cord tangles with coffee cup.

8:00 AM: Finished cleaning the coffee stain from rug, open emails.

8:01 AM: Panic upon learning publicist has set up blog tour for upcoming release, and I have 5 blog posts due in 3 days.

8:02 AM: Ignore publicist’s email to commiserate with critique partner in meltdown over first edits from publisher.

8:02 AM: Simultaneously begin working on manuscript. (I’m seriously behind on this deadline)

8:30 AM: Pause in writing to deliver e-book flashgiveaway prizes to members of my street team. Spend several minutes on FB chatting with readers and retweeting author friends’ promotions.

9:10 AM: Visit author friend’s website. Steal information on her new release, and post a release day shoutout on my blog. Post several promotional tweets and share links with street team.

9:40 AM: Finally slip into writing vortex with manuscript.

11:00 AM: Dragged from writing vortex by husband asking if there is any food in the house.

11:20 AM: Return to manuscript after politely showing husband where kitchen is, then spending 20 minutes preparing food myself because I have an aversion to kitchen fires.

11:50 AM: Dragged from writing vortex by hacking sounds from puppy, who apparently charmed husband into sharing the food I’d prepared.

12:00 PM: Finished cleaning the dog puke from the office rug (not the same spot as the coffee) return to manuscript.

12:30 PM: Partially dragged from writing vortex by husband kissing me goodbye as he heads to work.

2:20 PM: Realize I’m still in pajamas. Take a speed shower (singe retina with shampoo). Speed to grade school with one eye shut to pick up granddaughter.

3:20 PM: Return to manuscript after settling granddaughter with snack, posting exclusive tease from manuscript to street team, and several minutes spent popping between FB and Twitter.

4:10 PM: Dragged from writing vortex by granddaughter sharing funny meme on her phone. Fight off panic attack after checking word count. (Did I mention I was behind on this deadline?)

4:25 PM: Return to writing vortex after DIL picks up granddaughter.

5:10 PM: Dragged from writing vortex by ripping sound in back yard. Find puppy on top of hot tub. Scowl at two-inch hole in cover.

5:40 PM: Return to manuscript after failed attempt to scold puppy. 
(Seriously, she's just too cute to be mad at. I took her for a walk instead)

7:30 PM: Eyes blurry, settle for 2000 words typed. Realize I haven’t eaten all day. Settle in front of TV with peanut butter sandwich and a martini to catch up with the day’s events.

9:00 PM: Jolt awake on couch from a wet tongue as puppy delivers a present. Toss chewed flip flop in trash, do a search for all chewable items, and stumble to bed to toss and turn as plot lines and dialog echo through my mind.

7:00 AM Next morning: See yesterday…

Mac writes contemporary romance with a side of sass. Check out her latest releases in the Players series from Kensington/Lyrical, and find her at the usual haunts.



remullins said...

Wanted to stop by and say, "hi" and welcome to the Roses before heading off for surgery. Getting my first bionic thumb joint today. Told my sis - if the doc replaces all my arthritic joints it would make me the real Six Million Dollar...ah, woman.

Enjoyed your post and, again, welcome

Brenda Whiteside said...

So glad you're with us Mac!Funny lady.

Jannine Gallant said...

Welcome, Mac! I like the PJs at 2:20 part. I swear, walking the dog in the woods is the only thing that motivates me to get dressed before noon... We certainly are a glamorous bunch!

Mackenzie Crowne said...

Thanks, ladies. I'm stoked to be here, and thrilled the scheduled post actually went live. :-) Apparently, I'm not as blogger challenged as I thought.


Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Great post, Mac. And so like you. I could see it all happening. And since I'm behind on word count with a deadline looming and can't sleep because I keep plotting and re-plotting what will happen in the next few scenes, I can feel your panic. But this is fun. Right! Right? Welcome to the Roses of Prose...not a thorn in the bunch...well, except for me, but we won't go there.

Karie D said...

Oh Mac, You have totally made my day. It's nice knowing that I am not the only one who lives that chaotic of a life that really should be so straight forward and simple. <3

Margo Hoornstra said...

Ah, yes, the glamour. Will it never cease? Nice to have you join us, Mac. Entertaining post. Congrats on being a breast cancer survivor. There are so many of you around these days! Talk about yay!

Alison Henderson said...

Welcome to the Roses, Mac! I loved your post. It made my retired life seem very quiet, but it also made me miss having family in the same city. At least your husband goes to work. I have OG around all day, every day, requiring food and company.

Leah St. James said...

Hi, Mac! Welcome! And ditto what Margo said about surviving breast cancer....

Your post is too, too funny. I'm still tied to the old "paycheck job," but I can definitely relate to much of what you wrote. In fact, my other-than-writing job just as glamorous! Picture me sprawled on the floor to rip minuscule pieces of paper from the guts of a massive printer/copier. One thing we differ on, though, I can safely say I have never (NEVER) forgotten to eat. :-)

Mackenzie Crowne said...

LOL Yeah, that's definitely not glamorous, Leah. :-)

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, everyone. Muah!

Alicia Dean said...

LOL, enjoyed your post. Funny, but I would imagine pretty accurate too. :)I would love to stay in pajamas all the time and I probably would if I didn't have to leave my house to go to my paycheck job. Congratulations on being a breast cancer survivor. My best friend of 40 plus years is as well. Thrilled to have you and I don't believe you're a 'weed' :)

Rolynn Anderson said...

Oh, Mac, so good to find out you haven't slowed down or gotten fussy over the last years when I've been a bit out of touch. Your 'tude makes me smile...we have to look at life and smirk at it's crazy demands. Onward and upward, make-up on or not. And I like weeds...they are robust and they blossom without silly human intervention. Glad you're with us!

Anonymous said...

OH, Mac, you're going to be a tough act to follow as a follow newbie. Pass the martini!