Monday, July 14, 2014

He's Just Not That Into You...

What makes people “into” each other?

When I was single, I used to have a list. A super-duper dating checklist. It helped me navigate through the sea of potentials. I don’t like to waste time. I’m ridiculously efficient. Why should dating have been any different?

Dating is a task. It’s something you have to do in order to find The One. I figured it should have guidelines. Criteria. A set of standards by which to measure possible candidates.

Shut up. I told you I’m efficient and I'm a teacher. We live by standards. Do you want to see the checklist or not?

Well, then, pipe down and read on.

Christine’s Super-Duper Dating Checklist

Name: _________________(insert name of victim…uh…I mean applicant, here)

___has a job

___likes his job

___is good with money

___can cook (particularly knows what tiramisu is)

___doesn’t care about watching sports on TV

___knows what to do with a table saw

___wears work boots (okay if only on the weekends while using a table saw)


___likes supernatural stuff

___plays an instrument or is willing to learn

___likes to be active

___is creative

___is intelligent (must be able to play a solid game of Scrabble)

___has a sense of humor (can take and make jokes)

___loves animals

___loves being outside

___questions things

___doesn’t want children (When you're firm on not wanting them, you've got to have this one on the checklist. Must! For me, if the candidate wanted them, we weren't going on a date. It'd only waste everyone's time.)

___doesn’t like the city

___Italian (my grandmother insisted)

___doesn’t settle (always dreams of more)

___is a great problem solver

___tries new things

___is a good kisser

___understands that M&Ms solve everything

This checklist really helped me spend my time on compatible individuals back in the day and allowed me to find The Husband… who, by the way, got very high scores on this. He's been an A+ student ever since too.

What do/did you look for in a potential? Are/were you as tough as I was?

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What do/did you look for in a potential? Are/were you as tough as I was?



Jannine Gallant said...

I should have had a check list. Would have saved a lot of time. Prior to my husband, I seemed to LOOK for guys who were just not that into me...and then tried to convince them they were. Yeah, not very bright. LOL Love your list. Maybe in the next life...

Christine DePetrillo said...

I was always waaayyy too shy to convince a guy he was into me, so I found my secret checklist to be much more effective.

Alicia Dean said...

Yikes! I wouldn't be able to pass your test. :) I didn't have a check list, and I wasn't really 'looking' for a guy, (although I did pine over guys who weren't that into me) so the relationships I had were more or less accidents. LOL Including my 12 1/2 year marriage that produced 3 awesome children. And, I'm still friends with my ex, so some accidents aren't all that bad. :) Enjoyed the post!

Alicia Dean said...

And, one other thing. Your books both sound awesome. I love the titles, the premise, and the covers. Congrats and best wishes!

Christine DePetrillo said...


I definitely pined over guys that weren't that into me--hell, they didn't even know I existed. I was a ninja piner, I suppose. I moved in quick, did my drooling and admiring, then moved out even quicker. LOL.

I'm super excited about my series. I never wrote a series before, so I'm having a ball hanging out with my characters for longer than usual. :)

Diane Burton said...

Christine, I'm way late responding. I just went through the list with my Hubs of 41 years. With the exception of not wanting children (which we both did) he fulfills all your requirements. So I guess he's a keeper. :)