Thursday, August 1, 2013

Suspense and Adventure Create Heat in August by Rolynn Anderson

Hot is relative.  A hot August on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, where I am presently cruising aboard INTREPID (picture, below), is somewhere in the upper 60 degrees.  Smoking hot is a day that reaches the 70’s.  As I write this blog post, what’s really hot is the fishing up here in Ocean Falls, B.C.  It’s a ghost town, a company mill town peopled with 5,000 in the 50’s; presently six people and lots of bears call it home.   My brother, Brian, is with me and he always brings out the fisherwoman in me.  The salmon are running up the Martin River, so we’re catching those lovelies in the day (in the ocean) and smacking down salmon for dinner.  Now, salmon fight on your line…nothing hotter then playing a salmon, especially if they get the notion to head out into the deep, deep ocean.

Hot also is the halibut fishing up here at Ocean Falls.  I’ve been gathering gear and strategies for catching halibut for the last ten years and I’ve practiced by catching all sizes of flounder (which is the halibut’s family).  It seems that the stars and moon are aligned for me to catch one this year, I can feel that heat. (I'm worried about catching too large a halibut, because I'd have to 'subdue' it before I could safely bring it aboard.)  I will report next month about my success (length and poundage cited; subduing described).

We’re having an especially hot old time with dolphins and whales.  Seems like the White-side Pacific Dolphins are particularly playful this year.  When the hum of our boat catches their attention, they ride our bow (we travel 7.5 knots) with glee.  I love it when they turn sideways to look up at me standing on the bow-sprint of our boat.  I wonder what they think of the blond-haired tall woman waving madly at them and squealing when they perform acrobatics.

In the end, I guess it isn’t about temperature as much as it is about the intensity of the fun we have in our summers.  Something new and different…something to write home about.  That’s what’s hot to me.   How about you?
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Margo Hoornstra said...

Sounds like great times. The best part of an Alaskan cruise we once did was going out on a small boat to where the whales lived. Amazing getting that close.

Barbara Edwards said...

I envy you the fun. We're planning a trip to Alaska next year. I'll add salmon fishing to the bucket list.

Jannine Gallant said...

Nothing like fresh from the ocean salmon! Sounds like you're having a great time!

Diane Burton said...

What a terrific kickoff to August. It sounds like you're having a really "hot" time. :)

Rolynn Anderson said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm, everyone. Fresh salmon can't be beat...but I have to say I cooked fresh cod covered by a sour cream sauce...omg! To die for. I'll be in Alaska next year, too, Barbara. Maybe I'll see you there! Rolynn