Friday, May 10, 2013

Multitasking Or Overextending? How to Budget the Hours of the Day

Laura Breck
I’ve been so busy this week, I nearly forgot to post my blog today. That’s pretty bad. I have my life plotted out to the hour.

I use two calendars - one for personal and work commitments outside the house. Book signings, conferences, and meetings. The other is for online work commitments like blogging, editing, and writing deadlines.

Right now, both calendars are overflowing. I’m editing for my edit-swap partner, I’m doing a paid edit, and I’m helping my mentee with her first edits on her first contracted book.

Add to that trying to prepare for an upcoming conference where I’m presenting two workshops, rewriting a book I wrote three years ago and on which I just received my rights back. Plus I have requests from an agent for two books, and a request from an editor for a book. None of these three books is ready to be sent out without hours of rewrites.

I think I’ve over-multitasked myself right now, and unless I can find a way to stretch out my writing days, I may need another calendar to reschedule some of these projects - in 2014!

How do you organize your life? What are your tricks to make good use of every hour of the day?
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!
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Jannine Gallant said...

Prioritize and stay focused. Sometimes hard to do, but it works for me. You're a busy lady. But that's a good thing from the sounds of it!