Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Makes Me Mad About March

March is one of my least favorite months. It's heading into the fourth month of winter and while I don't object to winter, I've had enough. Spring, where the eff are you? Let's go. I've gotten a few tastes of warmer weather here and there and dang it, I want, I want.

March is also Hell if you are a teacher, because where I teach, there are no days off in March until you get to Good Friday at the very end of the month. Yeah, yeah, I know I just had a week off in February and there's one coming in April, not to mention half of June and all of July and August, BUT teaching for an entire month straight with no days off is insane. Just picture if not one child, but at least twenty-something children said your name over and over again, every day, for a whole month. And you couldn't ignore them. And you were trapped in a room with them for 6.5 hours. And you had to actually accomplish learning every day too. Every year I come really close to wanting to be abducted by aliens on my way to work. Yes, that's right. I'll take an alien probing over one more "Mrs. DePetrillo, can I..." No, you can't. And Mrs. DePetrillo has decided to change her name to something she will never tell you.

March, also has St. Patrick's Day, which around these Irish parts, is just a big, fat, green light to get plastered. This does help a bit with the complaints in the above paragraphs, but what gets me annoyed is all the non-Irish persons imbibing along with the holiday. Everyone is NOT Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Vinny, Tony, Giovanni, Bobby, you know you guys are not Irish. And no, I'm not going to call you McVinny or O'Tony on St. Patrick's Day. You. Are. Not. Irish. Stick to your pasta and parmesan, you meatballs! Holiday stealers. Really.

So, take a hike, March. I'm all in favor of shooting right to July, the truly best of all months of the year. The sun is high in the blue sky. There are no students needing my brilliance. The margaritas are cold and don't care if you're Irish or not. All is good in July.

What's your favorite month and why?



Margo Hoornstra said...

Have to say I'm partial to March. Got married that month and had my first child that month too - a year later, I'm quick to add. The nice thing about March - once we get through it, we're home free for awhile. Give my July or August any day, though.

Jannine Gallant said...

I agree, March gives you itchy feet for the months to come. I'm kind of partial to Sept. The weather is still great and the kids are back in school. Sorry Chris, but we parents love it when you're in charge of our progeny. LOL