Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Madness? I Think Not!

By Jena Galifany -

Let's recap from the first of March.

Issue #1: I was facing a court issue. After shuddering at the thought of going to court to take care of a frustrated competitor of my answering service, I found that I didn't have to go myself. My attorney said he would be going and  I could remain at home, fretting. He told me not to worry but I decided that fretting would be a good focus for my time. It's in my nature.

Outcome: He went. I stayed home. That was two days ago and I'm still wondering what happened. I didn't get any indication that I have to close my business so we are taking it that no news is good news. I do so wish the attorney would let me know what happened though. I guess there is a chance he is still stuck in Los Angeles traffic. It gets pretty bad at times.

Issue #2: The imminent release of my nineth book, Day Labor.

Outcome: And still I wait. I've not heard from the editor again so I suppose we are still in limbo at this time. No cover art has been yet offered, either. I know what it takes to get a book edited and properly "dressed" for it's first public appearance, so I will wait. I'll spend any free time I have (though that is not much) working on another book, another crocheted afghan for my store, another list of prospects for my answering service. Day Labor will come in it's own sweet time.

Issue #3: Jen's 21's birthday.

Nick and Jen at a banquet 2010
Outcome: Undetermined. It's not until the twenty-third. What she wants: a $1200 drawing tablet or $60 worth of online gaming cards. What her father wants to give her: a one way ticket to Texas to where her boy friend lives. Steve told her the other night that he'll send her there if she'll send back pictures of her wedding. LOL I know he was kidding... I think.

I'll probably opt for the gaming cards. Less worry involved, not to mention cost. I'll know where my baby is, sitting in her room on her computer, emailing back and forth with the love interest, and working in my stores during the day. I dread the day she leaves me. Really. I do. Just don't tell her!

In the hopes that it won't be too much longer, I've decided to post the opening for "Day Labor". This is unedited so please forgive any typos, etc.

Mark Langston stood in the doorway to the Chief of Detectives, Grant Langston's office. Grant took his time in responding to Mark's knock. Obviously annoyed, he tossed down his pen and leaned back in his large leather chair as Mark entered and closed the door.
"What do you want?" As usual, Grant showed no pleasure at seeing Mark.
Mark pulled an envelope from his pocket. He held it up, and crossed the plush carpet in the large office. As he reached the mahogany monster of a desk, he tossed it onto the surface, and watched it slid to a stop at the edge of the blotter. "I want an explanation."
Grant didn't look at the envelope. His gaze locked instead on Mark, his jaw clenched and released before he spoke. "Now that you're married, I wanted you to know that you will receive nothing from my estate in case of my death. You have no part in my will. Just so you can let that new wife of yours know it."
"Why would Beth care? She has her own money. She doesn't care about yours." Mark burned with anger at the insinuation. Beth had more money than Grant Langston ever dreamed of having.
"So my name and my status didn't get you a bride? Congratulations." Grant commented in bored monotone.
Mark slammed his hand on the desk as he leaned toward his father. "I've done everything I could my entire life to please you. I've worked my ass off through school and college to be the son you'd be proud of. I've solved several cases that were beyond anything even you've ever handled. Now, after one of my greatest successes, I get this letter. What kind of a father are you that you’d expend so much energy hating your son?"
Grant carefully weighed his words before he let them spill from his lips. "The kind of father who only has a daughter." He smirked, and rocked back in his chair, his trained eyes watching Mark's face for a reaction.
Mark felt as if he'd been kicked in the stomach. "What are you saying?" He knew damned well what was said but couldn't wrap his mind around the words, or believe them. Not after thirty-five years. Why wouldn't Grant, or at least his mother, have told him before?
"You’re the fancy detective. Figure it out." Grant leaned his forearms on his desk, and continued before Mark could respond. "Do you recall a local incident some thirty-six years ago. A criminal was shot during a home invasion. You probably read the case file when you studied local issues."
"The man was into pornography and drugs." Mark thought back to the case. "Rape, too, I believe."
Grant nodded and clapped his hands with sarcasm. "He gets the gold star."
"What? Rape?"
Grant folded his hands on the desk. "The man had taken a gun from the home office and attempted to shoot the homeowner when he walked in on him. It was a cut and dried case of self-defense."
"What's that got to do with rape?" Mark was confused. He saw by the look on Grant's face that the older man took pleasure in traveling the long road to where he was going.
"What the report didn't say – because it was covered up – was that the bastard raped the man's wife. That woman was your mother and that bastard that I took great pleasure in shooting was your father. I don't think he left you anything in his will either." 

Thankfully, there is no new madness. I can handle what I have now. I hope this month finishes out on a good note. I know it will be wonderful celebrating Jen's birthday followed by Steve's birthday on April 1st. I know that "Day Labor" will find it's way to a release date. And with God's blessings, all will be fine.


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Jannine Gallant said...

Sometimes cope mode is all we can expect of ourselves. Sounds like you're hanging in there!

Margo Hoornstra said...

Sounds like your coping mechanisms are in full swing. And that's a good thing, right? Best!

Barbara Edwards said...

Great first chapter! I'm hooked! I'm hooked! got to read the rest.

JenaGalifany said...

I refuse to give in to madness, March or otherwise. That's why I write! I can get as crazy as I want and no one can make me stop! lol. Anyway, Barbara, I hope the book is out soon so you can read the rest. Thank you all for your support and kind words. I appreciate you all!