Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Madness in the office

I'm having a difficult time at my Paycheck Job, which I will not discuss here, but suffice it to say, I barely have time to take a deep breath this month. know in a week or two life will ease up, but right now, I'm overwhelmed. I'm so overwhelmed I had a book release and I haven't even mentioned it anywhere.


That's what comes from having to work for a living! Normally I love my job, but there are days ...

Anyway, here's my book. It's called Righter because the main character (Mike) is a writer and he's out to right an old wrong. He's a retired actor and he's going undercover -- as a woman -- to a writing conference to out a murderer and find the man who assaulted an old friend.

It's a male POV book, so it was very Victor/Victoria for me: a woman, writing as a man, who's pretending to be a woman.

Challenging but fun to write. It's on Amazon right now and will go into wider distribution this summer (and will be free in May).

Now on to my next crisis!



Margo Hoornstra said...

Love your plot line. Very interesting, and I'll bet it was fun to write, I mean right. Hope the real job settles down soon.

Jannine Gallant said...

Congrats on the release, JL. Hope life smooths out for you. This one sounds really fun.