Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Release!

I'm excited to announce my new release, Scandalous L.A. Desires. It's a contemporary fusion of a traditional romance (think Johanna Lindsey and Kathleen Woodiwiss) spiced with very steamy love scenes.

The book is my second release from Red Rose Publishing, and it's a long one! I was surprised to open the PDF version and find 560 pages. If you like a long book, with a solid secondary character plot, you'll like this one.

Here's the blurb:

Lindsey Beauden earned her reputation as a conservative philanthropist and upstanding member of Los Angeles society. Artist Dante Daniato earned his reputation as one of LA’s most charming and eligible bachelors. Opposites attract, and when they meet at a gala fundraiser at the Getty Museum, the red-hot chemistry is immediate and intense. But an anonymous letter alerts Lindsey to the scandalous life Dante leads. When the board of her family foundation condemns his notoriety and withholds funding from the inner city art program he’s involved in, she cannot risk linking her name to his. She dissuades him despite the desire that shimmers through her at his every touch.

Intrigued, Dante finds her rejection a challenge and pursues her, intent on seduction. When he unexpectedly falls for the selfless beauty, she surrenders to him, and their hunger for sensual pleasures awakens the beast in him, and the vixen in her. But a sexy publicity stunt humiliates Lindsey and implicates Dante, and their perfect world is torn apart. Lindsey will not believe Dante when he swears his innocence, and he leaves the country, angry and distraught. When she uncovers the truth, she must follow him to Italy to beg his forgiveness, but has her distrust destroyed his love for her?

An excerpt from one of my favorite scenes:

An hour later, the sun dropped close to the horizon. Lindsey stood and said goodbye to her friends even though things were just starting to get wild. She was evidently not much of a partier. He liked that.

Dante had to move fast to intercept her. He got up and walked down the beach, glancing at the huge estates he passed. An overturned wooden boat lay near the water, and he sat on it, waiting for her. He'd never gone so far out of his way for a woman and he felt capricious, like a lovesick teenager.

The sun dipped half under the ocean horizon when he spotted her coming toward him. The feminine way she walked—this evening in sandals, the evening of the gala in heels—very sexy.

He could tell the moment she saw him, and then the moment of relief when she recognized him.

She stopped in front of him. “Hello again.”

“Taking a stroll?”
“No, I live a few houses down. But,” she tilted her head, “you already knew that, didn't you.” She crossed her arms in front of her.
“Guilty. But you can't blame me for wanting to talk to you alone. Especially after I was rude. Again.” Dante brushed sand off the boat. “Will you sit a moment and enjoy the sunset?”
Lindsey looked at him, looked at the sunset, and sighed. The ocean breeze fluttered loose hairs around her face and he forgot to inhale for a few seconds. Exquisite.
She backed up a step. “I really should be going. I have a busy day tomorrow and I have a few things to review tonight.”
“Please, allow me to walk you home.”
She hesitated. Was she coming up with a valid reason to say no? “It's just a short way.” She started walking and he had to jog to catch up. She kept her arms crossed.
“Are you cold?” he asked.
“A little.”
“I don't have a jacket, but I could put my arm around you, if you'd like.”
She looked at him as they walked. The setting sun colored her face, a flawless painting come to life.
“I'm not really that cold, but thank you for the offer.” The misty look in her eyes drew him in even though she chose words to keep him away. “And not because you make me nervous,” she said with a half-smile.
“Lindsey, I apologize for that.” Another apology. When was he going to find his footing with this woman? “It was impolite.”
“No, please don't apologize. It's just that I'm not used to someone so…” she rolled her hands in the air looking for the right word.
“Forward?” he offered.
“Mmmm, aggressive. And you seem to be so…”
She laughed, but corrected, “Flirty.”
“I'm not sure I like being called flirty,” he teased, wanting to keep the conversation going.
She stopped walking, and smiled as she asked, “What would you call your suggestive language?”
He took a step toward her, his eyes locking with hers in the receding light. God, he wanted her in his arms. “I would call it effective, since you seem to be so aware of it.”
The smile left her face and her gaze dropped to his lips, but before he could reach out, she took a quick step backward.
“This is me.” She pointed to the estate behind her and turned and walked toward it.
Over the stone wall stood a long, single-level house with a lot of glass. A uniformed guard stepped out of a small structure and used a key to unlock the gate.
Dante followed her. “You have security?”
She stopped at the gate. “Yes, my father's idea. He doesn't like my living alone.”
This wasn't her family's home? She owned this? Every minute he spent with her, she amazed him.
She extended her hand. “Goodnight and thank you again for the statue.”
He took her hand, feeling her cold fingers. How could he get inside her fortress and warm them? “I would love to see where you placed her.”
“Absolutely,” she answered, grinning. “Next time I have a party I'll be sure to send you an invitation.”
“Ah. I can take a hint. Goodnight, Lindsey.”
The guard closed the gate behind her and waited for him to leave.
Dante turned to go, and shrugged. “I love a challenge.”
The guard replied, “Good luck, Romeo.”
You can read the first chapter at my website.

Thank you for stopping by today. I loved sharing a bit of my new book with you, and I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

Scandalous L.A. Desires is available at Red Rose Publishing


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Sounds like a great read. Good luck with your release!

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