Friday, April 20, 2018

A Tale of Three Tails or Three Dog Night In The Country

         My Family Grew When I Wasn't Looking

First there was Zap. He came into my life about a year and a half ago after I discovered him on a pound puppy website. He'd been abused, starved, and dumped outside their shelter. I was interested as I didn't want a puppy but the ad claimed he was two or more years old. 
Later, my vet would say he was more likely only a year old. 
It took a while to win his trust and he's still skittish around strangers. He also retains an almost pathological aversion to pickup trucks and large men.
However, he loves women and children and is a real sweetheart.

About six months after adopting Zap, I learned about a four-month-old pup. Bred as a Cowboy Corgi (Corgi/Heeler mix) this little guy didn't fit the desired standard. Although a Cowboy Corgi can be long or short haired and all colors, their legs have to be Corgi short.

Here, on the left, is Kif with legs twice the accepted length. The breeder  planned to take him to the pound unless he found someone to take him off his hands. And that's how this boy joined the household. 

Image result for Cowboy Corgi
I added this picture on the right so you can see how tall a Cowboy Corgi ought to be.

It didn't take Kif long to warm up to his new digs.                                  
Though training is slow things were going smoothly enough when three days ago this sweet fellow walked up on the deck, opened the screen door, and walked right in.
After I got over the surprise of finding a strange dog in my house, I gently ushered him back outside. Back on the deck, he stared in at me, grinned as if we'd just shared a marvelous joke, and furiously wagged a barely-there tail. Then he simply opened the door and came back inside. 

At least this time I got to see how Houdini accomplished his skillful breaking and entering. Using his nose, he bounces the wire meshing until there is enough space to get one toenail inside - after that it's a quick slide open. He had that sliding screen door open in seconds flat.

No collar and, beneath all that silky-soft hair, I could feel the outline of every bone. So, of course, I fed him. His tummy had shrunk so much that he wasn't able to eat even half of what the other two consume.

Three days later and he's also making himself at home. 
The spot on the couch without the red cover is where I sit and the space is getting smaller and smaller. 

Here they are one big family.

Checking out the new guy's pearly whites, I can tell he's also a youngster. So much for planning. I now own three furry juveniles where I'd originally planned on a single teenager.

While Zap and Kif are a little jelly, they've also started teaching Bender (yes, I've named him) the ropes. Their first and most vital task each morning (after lifting a leg) is to check out the pond. You never know when there might be a Canada Goose, Duck, or Heron to bark at.

As for this crazy dog lady? I'm headed back into town for more dog food.


Angela Adams said...

They're adorable!

Jannine Gallant said...

They're adorbs! Good on you for adopting them all, Robin. You're just lucky they get along well. I'm pretty sure my mongrel would NOT take well to a doggy addition to the family.

remullins said...

Believe me there are tussles here and there. Kif, the smallest of the bunch, is determined to be alpha dog. Even I have to remind him that I'm in the top spot.

Diane Burton said...

What adorable puppies! I'd have a hard time not taking them in. Enjoy them.

Rolynn Anderson said...

You are so generous, RE! These pups are lucky to have you as their Alpha!

remullins said...

I'm in the fortunate position to have thirty some acres for dogs to run. That makes it easier to take on another pet. My philosophy has always been the same with dogs and kids - the more the merrier.

Brenda Whiteside said...

Robin, I sure wish I had the room for your group. Love them and thanks to you for taking them in.

Margo Hoornstra said...

We learned from experience many times, no better dogs than rescues. They are so sweet and appreciative. Your guys definitely are adorable. And so lucky to have you.

Leah St. James said...

Oh, how cute!! I think Bender picked a great family. :-) Have fun with your pups!

Andrea Downing said...

Cowboy Corgi? this is something I should know about!

Barbara Edwards said...

Your story made me smile. It's it funny how animals recognize who they want?

remullins said...

Evidently a Cowboy Corgi is a Corgi and Heeler mix. These designer mutts (like the Golden/Mountain - Golden Retriever and Burmese Mountain dog) can be quite expensive.