Monday, January 16, 2017

Almost Back to Boring By Donna Michaels

Hello, Donna Michaels here. Can you believe January is already half over? I swear I have to learn to stop blinking. I hope your year is off to a great start!

My daughter went back to college yesterday and took her cutie pie, Franco, with her. Here he was being nutty and a super big help as I was plotting, the other day.

I miss them both already.

Look at that ball of fur. lol How could I possible write with that face staring at me?

Then, this coming weekend, my son goes back to IUP, so the house will settle back down to boring.

Good thing I have a ton of writing to do! Especially considering I haven't written much since, HER TROUBLED COWBOY, which released the middle of December.

A book near and dear to my heart. I kind of needed time to recoup after tackling a subject that hit close to home.

But, now it's time to burrow deep into my writing cave to get my third book for Entangled written by this month's impending deadline. :-) I'm looking forward to getting back to Cord's story, especially since he happens to resemble a certain supernatural Dean from TV.

Nothing boring about that!

The excitement is just getting started. 2017 looks to be an even busier writing year than 2016. I'm involved in a super secret project with almost a dozen incredible authors that I personally fangirl! We're going to have a big reveal in March. I can't wait to share it with everyone!

And on February 3rd, FIRST RIDE releases! I'm so honored to be included in this great boxed set with first in a series books from a collection of incredibly talented western authors!

Only $ .99 cents on February 3rd!

Here's our landing page:

Hope you'll be able to join us for a day-long release party!
The fun starts at 12:30 pm Est. on Feb. 3rd!

The house may have quieted down as far as kitty high-jinx, but not my line up of heroes waiting on me to pen their stories. Ooh...I like that...

Time to tackle some hero high-jinx. :-)

Thanks for reading,



Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

You're a faster writer than I. Or I'm slowing down as I...*cough*...age. Good luck with all your marvelous projects. Write on, girl1

Jannine Gallant said...

That cat is adorable! My oldest went back to college early to go to a triathlon training camp...then crashed on her bike and broke both her elbows. Not the phone call I wanted to start my year. She tells me she "has the situation under control." Hoping your two have less eventful initiations back into college life!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Oh, Jannine! Your daughter broke both her elbows! I'm so sorry! That's got to hurt...and make it tough for her to do her college work (or train!).

Sorry Donna, Jannine's news was upsetting. Donna, I can't wait to hear about your secret series. Has the sound of a Kindle World, hm? And you've joined women for an anthology. And you'll send two kiddos back to college. And a cat. I know you're miss them all, but your hero high-jinx will keep you happy. Write on!

Leah St. James said...

Ditto to Jannine's news. Oh no! (The life of a parent of an adult "child" doesn't necessarily get any easier!)

Donna, that cat is a cutie! I have a hard time focusing when my son's cat, Hercules, is prowling around my office...tearing up my papers (yes, he eats paper, cardboard...hubby thinks he's part billy goat). Good luck with all your projects. Sounds exciting!

Diane Burton said...

Donna, I remember when my kids went off to college and the house felt like ours again. But when they left for good, I was sad...for about a week. LOL Good luck with the new release.

Jannine, that's awful. I hope she'll be okay.

Alicia Dean said...

No, I can't believe we're past the halfway mark in January!! I have sooo much writing to do. Geez...where does the time go?