Friday, February 14, 2014


I hate surprises. They cause me stress. I like to expect what’s coming next. That way I can plan, plan, plan. I don’t do anything on impulse. I never show up at people’s houses without a formal invite. I don’t open the door to people who try to visit me without a formal invite.

I hate change. Big changes, little changes. Doesn’t matter. I loathe them equally. I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every work day.

Yes, every work day.
I’d eat the same thing for dinner too if I could get away with it. I’d wear a uniform as well so I didn’t have to make outfit decisions, because… well, I hate making outfit decisions.
I hate wasting time. I schedule out my day pretty precisely so as to maximize what I can accomplish. If I can’t climb into bed at night and list the many things I’ve done that day, I’m not happy.

I hate being stuck indoors, which is really limited to torrential rain instances. Any other weather, including blowing, frigid snow, my dog and I are outside loving every minute of what Mother Nature throws at us.

I hate hating stuff. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everything we encountered made us happy? Imagine walking around and saying, “This is great!” to all kinds of things. Stuck in traffic? “This is great! Now I can rock out to my favorite songs on the kickin’ sound system in my car.” Tripped in the hallway at work? “This is great! I just made all my coworkers roll with laughter.” Dropped a glass bottle onto your sandaled feet in the supermarket? “This is great! Now a super hot EMT is picking glass out of my toes and commenting on what beautiful feet I have.”
Glass half full, people. It’s all about perspective. I have to remember this whenever I feel the hate coming on. Surprises can be good. Change can be for the better. Outfit decisions can bring about confidence. Wasted time might not be wasted at all—a little couch-potatoing is good for the soul. Being stuck indoors is the perfect time to read and write.
There’s no reason to hate. It takes energy to hate. Energy you could be using to love something instead.

Choose love.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!


Chris Political Thrillers



Margo Hoornstra said...

Great attitude, Chris. However, if we didn't have the bad we might not recognize all that good!

Alicia Dean said...

What a lovely look at everything in a positive light. It's tough, but it's a good thing to strive for. However, Margo is right. If there was never any bad, we wouldn't appreciate the good. So, that's a positive spin on 'bad' right there. :)

Jannine Gallant said...

You and my husband must be clones. He eats the exact same breakfast and lunch every day. Me, I think variety is the spice of life--for food. BUT, I'm a huge one to get into a daily rut!

Diane Burton said...

The world would be a better place is everyone saw the positive.