Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Quickly the New Year is Flashing By by Jena Galifany

Am I the only one noticing how quickly January is slipping by? Didn't we just have New Years Eve and now we are half way through the month? I told my husband I need a hobby that I hate. He wanted to know why. I explained that when I am doing something I hate, the time goes by a lot slower.

This year I plan to make a few new beginnings. I want to write, not one but two books this year. I have the beginnings of a dozen story lines and would like to see if I can get more than one out by the end of 2013. The hard part is deciding which story line to pursue first. Would you like to take a peek and help me decide?

#1 Media Lies (Contemporary Romance) - A married couple, Ben deeply in love, Constance falling out of love.  Their marriage has become the greatest roll they've ever played, keeping their fans from knowing the trouble their relationship is in.

Benjamin Chandler and Constance Remington completed the scene with a long, breathtaking kiss – H.E.A. all the way. 

The director shouted, "Cut! That's a wrap! Fabulous!"

Ben and Connie took their time separating from one another. His dark eyes sparkled as he gazed at her, his fingertips stroking her jaw line. She lowered her chin, and a shy blush colored her perfect face as he pulled away, but only slightly. They slowly smile, obviously pleased with their performances, and with each other. The lovers lingered in their own world for a moment longer, and only then noticed the entire crew watched them. Connie broke the spell first, offering a bright smile to the crew as they burst into applause.

Ben offered his hand to Connie. He pulled her gently close once again. He moved to her side, held her hand as he presented her to the crew to take her bow. She tried to present him, but he refused, again directing the glory to her. After thanking the crew, Ben escorted his lady to their private trailer.

* * * *
Enter dressing trailer. Lighted make-up mirror, two fabric chairs, a table with champagne in a bucket, full size bed with a mountain of pillows in the corner.

Connie entered the boxy trailer, the smile still on her perfect lips as she moved to the center of the room and turned around. Ben followed her in, and closed the door. He wore his media smile until the door clicked closed and locked. His face relaxed as he turned to Connie.

She frowned, stepped forward and slapped him across the face. He laughed, and caught her hand before she repeated the assault. Indignant, she tugged her hand free. "I hope you enjoyed that kiss because it's the last one you'll ever get."

#2  For One Kingdom  (Fantasy) - Erin wanted to find out about the winged creatures that were reported to live in the distant caverns in the desert. In a world where no one in their right mind would leave the safety of a locked building after dark, Jaycee and Erin settle an argument in the worst possible way. When one of the winged creatures takes off with Jaycee, Erin has to rescue her friend when their challenge goes awry.

Ashur - For One Kingdom
Jaycee narrowed her eyes.  "You knew I didn't want to go out there.  You just had to make me look bad, didn't you?"

Erin grinned.  "You make yourself look bad.  I don't have to do it for you."

"You're a bitch!" Jaycee lept from her perch, hands on hips.

"You're a coward… and a liar." Erin folded her arms and leaned against the counter.

"You'd like to think so." Jaycee looked close to tears.

"I know so.  Prove otherwise." Erin offered a lopsided grin.

Jaycee straightened her back and narrowed her eyes again.  "No problem.  Outside.  Now."

Erin stood, and dropped her arms to her sides.  "Get serious. That isn't courage. That's stupidity."

"What’s the matter, Erin? Too scared?" Jaycee headed for the door. 

Erin pulled her door closed as she ran after the red haired woman. She fell into step beside Jaycee as they reached the lift. "This is going to be rich."

"You have no idea." Jaycee paled as the lift carried them to the roof.

A klaxon sounded as the lift stopped at the top.  "Warning.  You are approaching an open area after Black Out is in effect. No protection is available beyond the doors." The metallic voice repeated the warning twice before Jaycee grinned and punched the button to open the doors.

The cool air rushed into the lift as the two women looked out at the night sky.  Erin drew a deep breath, amazed at the sight of so many stars.  She couldn't remember how many years it had been since she'd seen the night sky. With the black out, every star displayed its brilliance, and competed for her attention.

"Let's go," Jaycee prompted. Her whispered voice pulled Erin from her over-awed preoccupation. She stepped cautiously out of the lift, and looked both ways before she took too many steps. Erin followed, unable to take her eyes from the glittering display overhead.

The rooftop was quiet and dark. Shadows fringed the edge of the roof, and the black continued all the way to the city's outer walls.  Since all of the community houses were the same height, they appeared connected by black walkways, and tempted Erin to walk to the edge of town half a mile away.

"A lot of good it does to black out the town," Erin commented. "The stars light up everything anyway."

"Shh. I know. That's how I saw the creature grab that woman. I admit it scared me. It would have scared you, too. Three Commitables were stalking her. I knew they'd catch her. She tried to keep to the shadows, but they saw her when she crossed the alley. She had to be an innocent that got left out, the poor thing."

Jaycee settled on her belly at the edge of the roof, waved Erin to join her, and pointed down.  "There. That's where she was." Jaycee curled her hair behind her ear as she gazed down at the street five stories below. "The Commitables were only a few steps from her and she was screaming her lungs out."

Erin sat beside her, wary of the darkness around them as she chanced a look down.  She gathered her long hair, and twisted it into a cable to keep it out of her face as she scanned the street. 

"She ran into a dead end, didn't she?"

"She should have stayed on the main street. She would have had a chance to get away." Jaycee pointed toward the far end of the alley. "She ran about half way to the end when he showed up.  He skimmed over the rooftop and dived into the alley. He landed right in front of her.  His wings blocked the alley."

Erin took measure of the alley with her gaze. "He must have a ten to twelve foot wingspan. That's amazing."

Jaycee nodded, and licked her lips, an excitement in her eyes. "He was amazing.  He was only wearing shiny black trousers. I think they were leather but not like his wings. His wings were dull, thick. I could hear them beating from here."

"What did he look like?" Erin felt the excitement grow in her as Jaycee shared the experience.

"He had dark eyes and the longest hair I've ever seen on a man. It flowed around him as if the wind swirled it, like liquid silver." Jaycee locked her gaze on Erin.  "There was no wind that night, though. Strange."

"Really strange," Erin agreed. "How could you tell he had dark eyes from here?"

"I saw them when he took off with her. He flew right over me, right here." She rolled on her back, looked up, and screamed.

Erin rolled to look up into the face of the man Jaycee had described.


Decisions, decisions. And that is only two of my new beginnings. I'd love to hear your views on these excerpts. It may help me decided which way to go in this new year. I'd appreciate the help. Either way, I plan on writing these stories and many more, enjoying each new beginning that comes my way.

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Jannine Gallant said...

I agree, the month is flying by. As I don't read much fantasy, I vote for #1!

Alison Henderson said...

I'm afraid I'm not a fantasy reader, either, Jena, so I'm not much help. If you love both ideas, why choose? Go for them both! Start with whichever gets your juices flowing the fastest.

Margo Hoornstra said...


Being that I'm a contemporary fan, I'd have to say #1. However, I did enjoy the fantasy too. I agree with Alison. Go for both!

JenaGalifany said...

Thank you, Ladies, for your votes. I like the idea of both as well. Let's see if I can actually get them both done this year.

Unknown said...

I like them I say write both books. I know you can finish them both this year.

JenaGalifany said...

Diana - I'll give it my best shot. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.