Saturday, February 25, 2012

Guest Alison Chambers Says Love of Books=Love of Writing

Alison Chambers
                I can trace my love of writing back to one thing:  books.  Since this is Library Lover’s month, I remember walking to the library every week, in bad weather and good, in search of more exciting books to read.  When I decided to go to college at twenty-four, the first place I turned to was the library.  I studied on my own, carrying a heavy armload of books every Friday, and took the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests.   I managed to earn thirty-six college credits before I even walked into the front door at college and was able to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in just two and a half years, so I owe a lot to my local library.

                I remember getting books as a child and loving the shiny covers, the slick pages, the beautiful pictures of fairy princesses inside.  And when I was older, I read more complicated stories and loved every one of them.  But particularly mysteries, especially those starring Nancy Drew.  Nancy Drew was the first true female heroine to me.  She was smart and spunky, able to best all the men around her, including her boyfriend and her lawyer father.  That made a huge impression on me. 

                When I wrote my first book at eighteen, I used the library again for tips and tricks and ‘how-to’s.’  I still do.  And with the advent of the Internet and electronic books, my love of books has never faltered.  I just learned to love them in a new way.  And now that I am a published author, I am still a voracious reader of other people’s books and hope to never stop learning from them.  Books offer so much:  wonderful stories, fantastic adventures and a key to an exciting new career or profession.  They can inspire or sadden, anger or entertain, but most of all, they can educate. 

                My focus has always been on entertainment and telling page-turning stories of romantic suspense.  Stories about buried treasure, unsolved mysteries, lost loves.  When I was in grade school, we were supposed to write a story called the “Lost Moon.”  While everyone else wrote about the cow jumping over the moon, I wrote about a pirate ship called the “Lost Moon,” carrying a cargo of buried treasure.  My imagination has been geared to the great ‘what if?’  ‘What if this’ and ‘what if that?’  A dangerous twist of fate.  A pinch of luck that could have turned the tide in the opposite direction and saved the day.  And where did I get all those ideas?  From books, reading about history’s tragedies and triumphs, of fabulous treasures that have never been found, of dark mysteries no one can fathom.   Things that still fascinate us, spark our curiosity and make us ask the inevitable ‘what if?’ 

                For example, did you realize the treasure of the great Aztec emperor Montezuma has never been found and people still continue to search for it?  That’s the subject of my latest book called “The Montezuma Secret.” 

Here’s a blurb:  Hunky Trey Zacco, gritty survivalist and host of the Miami-based Holiday Channel’s hit "Wildman" series and glitz and glamour girl, Erica Kingsley, host of the channel’s "Lap of Luxury" show, are thrown together in the steamy jungles of Belize as a publicity stunt. Erica’s father, Arthur Kingsley, the owner of the Holiday Channel, has proposed the angle, not only to boost ratings, but also as a way to toughen up his spoiled daughter. And Kingsley wants them to search for Montezuma’s lost gold, presumably moved to Belize from the Guatemalan jungle. Zacco cannot hide his resentment at having to share the spotlight with the flighty fashionista Erica, and he locks horns with her every step of the way even as both try to ignore the strong physical attraction growing between them.  But when Arthur Kingsley’s plane crashes in the jungle on his way to film the opening of the show, Trey and Erica launch a desperate search to find him. And when, one by one, members of the camera crew are killed and the equipment sabotaged, Trey and Erica find themselves stranded in the middle of the jungle with sultry producer Morgana Montez, Trey's ex-lover, where no rescue crew can reach them.  

 "The Montezuma Secret"
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Thanks to the great Roses of Prose authors for having me and keep on reading or as our local library advertising campaign says: ‘Put your face in a book!’


Alison Henderson said...

Welcome, Alison! I'm so impressed by your approach to college. You're obviously a very determined woman, and that's such a large part of what it takes to be a successful writer. The Montezuma Secret sounds like a fantastic story - best of luck with it!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Alison,
I also love libraries and books.

Brenda Whiteside said...

Great post, Alison. The Montezuma Secret sounds like a great read.

Sandra Koehler said...

Thanks so much! I am just finishing up my next book called "Prisoner in his Arms" and had so much fun writing it. Can't wait to start on the one after that!


Jannine Gallant said...

Wow, Alison, now I'm all fired up to write a story about a lost treasure! Since I have too many WIP already, maybe I should just read yours!

Sandra Koehler said...

Sounds good, Janine!


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Alison,
I too love libraries. That's where I did the majority of my research for my historicals. And I used to borrow romance books ten at a time for years at my local library. I still prefer research at the library than on the internet. Libraries have atmosphere, whereas the internet doesn't.



Sandra Koehler said...

That's so true, Margaret. I always love the smell of books and the silence!