Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Putting Pizzazz in my Posts by Barbara Edwards

Finding interesting content for a regularly scheduled blog can turn into a nightmare. How do you keep your writing fresh? A blog is often the way a new reader first finds you and if your blog is boring or poorly written you can lose before you sell a book.

So what do you do?

Before you decide to blog you need to make several decisions. 

What will be your theme? I’ve seen blogs that feature travel. Some are about cooking or style. A writers we tend to go with themes about writing or writers.

On my blog, Barbara Edwards Comments, I like to have guests give interviews. It is an ever-changing  landscape of new or established writers and lots of fun.

This blog concentrates on writing or writer’s life and style. Sometimes it’s hard to find a fresh topic since the contributors are all interesting.

So after deciding on a theme you find a place to host your blog like word-press or blogger. You set up your pages and find guests if that is your focus. I’ve found guest s to be easy. Just ask on your writers loops and they will come.

So back to my question. How do you keep your post fresh?

Write about what you love. Photos of my garden are popular. those from my travels get a good response. 

No matter what you post, let your enthusiasm show.

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Leah St. James said...

Good advice, Barbara. I've never been very successful at sustaining a blog on my own, mostly for the reason you mentioned--I don't know what to blog about! I'm not a great cook, don't have any interesting hobbies, don't have little kids, am known as "death to plants" in the gardening realm...I lead a boring life! So I'm grateful for the opportunity to write twice a month on this blog. And I love your photos!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Before I was published, I wrote all about writing as if I knew it all. Wrong. The more books I put out, the more I realize I have to learn. I used to enjoy having writer guests on my blog, but I spent so much time dressing up their posts so they looked nice, I thought what a time drain. See, I have to fiddle with things. I could list my excuses, but I don't have the time. I need to write. Maybe I'll stop in at Vintage Vonnie and give it a quick lick and a promise just so folks know I'm alive.

Andrea Downing said...

The blog on my web site concentrates on western stuff, particularly items of historical interest. Elsewhere I just write about whatever hits--usually quirky stuff. I have a guest spot on a cowboy blog and that, too, is all western items--it gets REALLY difficult writing about what I know about the west without repeating myself! I try to stay away from writing about writing--I think it ends up sounding pedantic.

Diane Burton said...

I love your photos, Barb. I enjoy blogging. But as Vonnie says it can be a time suck. I'm responsible for another blogsite (Paranormal Romantics). The regular contributors put up their own posts, like we do here. It's the guests that can be royal pains. Some actually follow directions. The others? Either they can't read or rush through and I have to ask for all the things they've forgotten. We just need more regular contributors to cut down on my time. Anybody here write paranormal romance and want a regular spot?

On my own blog, my Monday Morning Musing is a hodge-podge of thoughts on everyday stuff. Having guests is a lot of fun and beneficial to both of us. They get the exposure and I get new readers (who will hopefully see my books and, gasp, even buy one). LOL I've really gotten into Weekend Writing Warriors where we write an 8-10 sentence snippet. I've gotten to know more fabulous writers and discovered some very interesting books. And I have a lot of fun rereading my older books digging for snippets.

Jannine Gallant said...

A few years ago, I started a personal blog "Food For Thought" to post recipes. That lasted a few months... Talk about a time drain. Plus, I had an average of 20 hits when I did post, so why even bother? I enjoy this group and scramble to come up with different topics twice a month. I honestly don't know how many readers we reach, but I enjoy the camaraderie here. Photos are always a big hit, so keep posting them, Barb!

Brenda Whiteside said...

I keep my blog alive with guest posts. Thursday is my day to write about the personal things happening in the RV life. I have to admit, I've been absent a lot. Mondays are about writing with guests or myself. Wicked Wednesday and Fearless Friday should follow the theme. I'm not neurotic if nothing gets posted. I do want to get a bit more consistent. It was a boon for me when we were farming. Thursdays were very popular. But when we sold the farm, there went that. Good advice on your post.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Two times a month here on Roses and once a month on my blog seem quite enough for me...except during releases. I'm happy about getting to know the Rose crowd better through the blog...that's a worthy goal. The other goal, of 'getting our name out there,' is harder to go for. Hard to be patient/efficient in this business.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Leah,
Thanks. I think your life is interesting if your posts are any example.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Vonnie,
I amglad to interact with other bloggers. it helps me to think of fresh ideas.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Andrea,
I"ll have to check out your blog. I love western stuff.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Diane,
since I'm already a contributor on Paranormal Romantics I can't volunteer again. LOL But I can encourage others to give it a try.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Jannine,
Glad you all like my pictures. Maybe I should publish more. I have thousands from our travels.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Brenda,
I like the names for each day. That's clever!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Rolynn,
That's a nice goal. I like reading everyone els, too.

Margo Hoornstra said...

I hear you, Barbara about the difficulties of coming up with fresh ideas. We/you always seem to come up with them on this blog, though. I'm another one who enjoys your pictures, keep them coming, please.

Alicia Dean said...

So true, Barbara. I do have a regular blog, but for the most part, I just feature guests. I've tried some regular posts of my own, and I enjoyed them, but it was a lot to keep up with, and as someone else mentioned, how many people even read them? Photos are always a fun thing to share!